Tuesday, October 26, 2010

One Treet Hell

It's not all tricks this week... there is at least one treat.

There is no new crazy on the Crazy Tree Tonight.

The one week you would think heart eating dogs, psycho nannies, Grease 2, stalkers, ghosts, zombies, oranges out walking amongst the living, out of body experiences and

Nick Lachey (ooooo scary!) would be the norm, the Crazy Tree sits one out and repeats on itself.

Am I really on this show?

And because you never stop at one treat. Here are a couple more treats from the past few months.

And if Julian was a piece of Halloween candy what would he be?

Mounds of course.

Almond Joy's got nuts, Mound don't.

(....then there's that whole boob thing)


prairiegirl said...

lol, boy, you have to love that there are some awfully bothered people around here and I'm not talking about OMG'ers or T2'ers who know the score.

I find it humorous that it is somehow "us" who are responsible for the state of affairs right now.

I dunno, Tom - were you the one who lined up Ice Maiden to beard for Jake?

M&M, I know, I bet it was you who fired up that idea to try and ship Jake with Rachel McAdams? Jessica Simpson?

Special - et tu? Isabel Lucas?

Last time I checked, "Jake Gyllenhaal" wasn't at the top of my paycheck. Last time I checked, my hours worked last week weren't spent in NYC or Los Angeles.

I dunno, I don't recall sending any scripts out. Don't recall making any calls to Dave Letterman trying to do any bookings. I am routing some trucks. Did Jake drive a 53' semi tractor/trailer this week or last? Gee, maybe I did screw something up if that's the case.

destiny said...

LOL Mounds Special.

And lol PG.

I know I sure wasn't the one who suggested that after being "dumped" by an older woman with children because he supposedly wasn't mature enough that he run out (I guess make that crawl, since it's been 10 months) and link himself up with a 20 year-old.

It's almost like he wanted to prove all the things Reese has been doing to make him look bad are true.

Gee, do you think maybe someone with a more neutral point of view (a manager that doesn't also represent the General) that it might have been pointed out to him?

dev said...

It's almost like he wanted to prove all the things Reese has been doing to make him look bad are true.

bs, all I see is a man who dumped a boring 30-something and is out with a pretty young girl. More like to hell with older complicated women, I am going for the fun now!

US Weekly said...

According to Us Weekly's spies, "They chatted a lot, but no kissing or hand holding or anything affectionate." But then, maybe Swifty's the sort of gal who doesn't hold hands until the second date?

Neither Swift nor Gyllenhaal have commented on the rumours.

4:20 said...

Haven't see that video from OTH in a while. lol

Jersey Tom said...

Karma said...
you telling me Destiny is one of the nicest person unfortunately does not help. Only thing I see coming out of her is loads of very bitter and mean crap. Still around I see: you are telling people to get a life? Serioulsy? LOL

Damn you have a lot of interest in what we say and do. We are not famous or anything. I definitely feel like you might start stalking us you are so obbsessed. Maybe you should start a blog or something about us. It would be cool as hell. Maybe we would get our own reality show.

Listen when I do a med hx on my patients at work I always have to ask about their meds. I want you to know there are many great drugs out there that may help you. Ask your Dr what would be good for a someone who is obbsessed with a group of people he doesnt know and are just normal everyday folk. If he doesnt have any suggestions you could ask about EST tx. Many Docs are now using this txt for people with your type of isssues. It is a lot less traumatic than it used to be. It might help.

nice try said...

all I see is a man who dumped a boring 30-something

lol, Reese wanted out early and took everyone off guard and did the dumping ahead of time and leaked it to People. Both pr groups had to send out that phony denial and Jake even referred to his "girlfriend" (for the first time) in a lame attempt at salvaging the bearding, but Reese wanted out.

Methodical Muser said...
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Methodical Muser said...

Looks like Jake's handler's have decided to perform an intervention before the slings and arrows started to eviscerate something irreparable. Like next month's box office receipts.

Let the Bleeding Stop!

People Magazine says said...

Even after this weekend's social events – which included a visit to Saturday Night Live set and a friendly brunch in Brooklyn – the two are just hanging out for now, a Gyllenhaal source agrees.

"They're cute together," says a source close to Gyllenhaal, 29. "But I don't think there's anything to it. Everyone's talking about it. They hung out. But that's it. I don't think they're a couple.

No kidding. And here I thought Jake was already designing Taylor's engagement ring.

Jersey Tom said...

Damn somebody's PR team finally did something smart. Doubt it was Jakes. That would be a change.

Methodical Muser said...

Damn somebody's PR team finally did something smart. Doubt it was Jakes.

LOL! Seriously though, neither team seem to "swift" to me, Tom.

prairiegirl said...

No, neither team is too swift. The fact that they even tried it, shows that they're all dumber than a box of rocks and totally clueless.

And now I see Austin is talking about "his woman" over on the next block and "his wo-man" is calling people names again, like pig.

Check out these brilliant quotes by SOAPY:

This lack of respect and invasion of privacy has to stop. I am heartbroken & sick to my stomach. PLEASE, anyone w/ info, send it my way.

We are people. And unless we post it on Twitter, we clearly don't want to share it with the world. Some things are sacred. #HackersAreScum about 1 hour ago via web

# I am honestly so sad right now. I feel like someone just punched me. Privacy is sacred. Our lives are not for everyone's eyes. Disgusting... about 1 hour ago via web

They are hacking emails, ichats, shutterfly, kodakgallery, etc accounts. Of MANY people. And stealing personal things. Unacceptable!!!! about 1 hour ago via web

Excuse me while I shake my head for a few minutes.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, wait! Here's another laugher:

Anyone who knows where private info is being posted, or knows the people doing the hacking, forward it to me. I'm done playing nice. 44 minutes ago via web

What we post and share with you guys is public, our at home, personal lives are NOT. What happened to respect?!? #HackersAreScum 41 minutes ago via web

Hackers are online bullies. But guess what? #LoveISLouder and you won't intimidate us. less than 20 seconds ago via web

Here's the big "PIG" line:

Whoever is hacking into my friends accounts and stealing from us, you are a pig. And we will find you. Anyone w/ info, please send my way. about 1 hour ago via web

prairiegirl said...

You know, Soapy - I'll say one thing.

What goes around? Comes around. Same goes for the BF.

You sow what you reap.

prairiegirl said...

What a drama queen.

"Our lives are not for everyone's eyes."

"Privacy is sacred."

"And unless we post it on Twitter, we clearly don't want to share it with the world."

Is she serious?

destiny said...

Drama queen says it all.

By the way, if she doesn't know where this stuff is being posted, how does she know it's being lifted? Am I missing something?

I guess 500+ mostly negative comments at ONTD and negative comments on JJ getting 50+ thumbs up (never seen that before) convinced Jake, Taylor and their people that it was only going to get worse if they took it another step. But there's no doubt that they intended it to be a first step to something more, even if it is was just a short fling and not a full-out Reeke.

lol said...
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lol said...


Special K said...

After an evening of crafting for the fair and catching the Celtics hand Lebron his first loss as they Beat the Heat, (yessss!) came back to find that things are looking a bit different.

prairiegirl said...
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Aus10 said...

Hey hackers, you better look over your shoulder right now. I may be right behind you with a sword. You mess with my woman, you mess with me.

37 minutes ago via web

"My woman" LOL!!

prairiegirl said...

Special, please take down that comment at 21:26. That's not mine.

Sorry, Jack, you're not getting a rise out of me.

I laugh at you instead.


prairiegirl said...

Last comment on my curfew-extended evening.

I agree, Destiny. The cat's out of the bag. Even if Swaal is called off, the point is they were going to do it.

Jake's going to beard again. May not have happened with Taylor Swift, but it'll be with somebody else.

Austin will continue to fake it with Soapy and after OTH bites the dust, it'll be somebody else. Maybe he’ll just retread that Clare Great Danes.

And the entire family will just live happily ever after surrounded by a moat, tinted windows, bodyguards and rod iron fences. Oh boy!!!!

lol. Giminy's.

I'm so glad I'm not them. What a stressful, dark life. You know, on Sunday and yesterday, it was unbelievable to watch all of that unfold. And Austin may have started the ball rolling with all of his snake in the grass shenanigans.

But it was ugly in the sense that Jake's people were trolling this site. And they were downright ugly about it. And the fact that both of these guys will sell their soul to portray this image that no one is buying anyway except for a few teenage girls on OTH - the only word I can think of to describe it is dark. I mean, that is a scary place to be.

You just feel kind of helpless watching it. Because I don't think there's anything that's going to change the course they appear to be on. And all I can think of is that Austin & Jake will never make it.

Their partnership and little family that they have lovingly created will not survive a life like that. You can have all the great intentions, all the little getaway weekends that $$ can buy, and all the determination in the world but a happy home life cannot be built on a foundation of hiding and lying.

Its too late Jake said...

They have been dating for a couple of weeks and went apple picking, so the stories are still coming.

While I dont't think Jake is gay, this was not a smart choice but I do think Taylor leaked the stories to press. That's who she is, a 20 year immature brat who is still smarting over Joe Jonas and John Mayer dumping her. Look guys I did better than you Jakey G. I also think he tried to keep it quiet out of embarassment. I do think Jake would use people including a 20 year old. I think he wants to dabble in music especially with all he musicians he's been hanging out with lately or maybe a music project.

But Jake you have done it now, this will not end well. I do believe the girl has reality problems when it comes to adult men.

TWOP said...

did anyone hear that someone stole Bethany Joy Galeotti's sonogram of her baby and posted it online. Sophia ranted on twitter about it.someone is hacking into their accounts stealing photos of the cast on set and stuff.

This is sick and I heard Mark, crew and the cast are not playing around this time. Leaking out BJGs baby photos was the last straw. I read Mark is not doing anymore things with the fans like he was planning on to with the wedding like first dance song etc. It is done.


Stubborn TB said...

If the one that was hacked is Joy, then she's the one who got messed with.
Does that mean Joy is now Austins woman? And there I thought she was married, go figure.

prairiegirl said...

I couldn't even believe Mr. Schwann (sp?) was even letting the fans believe they were going to have a hand in picking out the wedding dance, etc. anyway.

I cannot feel sorry for that whole lot. Who shares their sonograms over all of those mediums that Soapy listed? People I know share personal photos via email or they show them in person at work, over a meal, in their living rooms, etc.

A cast that is sharing a workplace, why in the heck are they twittering, I-Chatting, facebooking at each other anyway? You see each other every stinkin' day anyway!

The cast of OTH uses their fans when they want to publicize themselves by "leaking" personal photos. Soapy is the prime example of this. And then she cries and stomps her feet when it's used against her.

It's called The Boy Who Cried Wolf, Soap. It's called What Goes Around, Comes Around.

prairiegirl said...

LOLLL! Jim Cantore is in Minnesota. This morning he was talking about Minot, ND. And he pronounced it the way I thought it was pronounced.

Yesterday, my big buddy called it Mi-not with a long "o", as in dough. LOLLLL!! I said, 'What is it, a wine, Big Buddy?!"

Wait til I tell him. Gosh, he killed me with that one. We have fun with names. It's a stupid way of keeping one's sanity in times like we're having, lol.

Well, I best be running along! Can't wait to skip to work, you know!!

destiny said...

a happy home life cannot be built on a foundation of hiding and lying.

Word PG.

Hacking is wrong, and if people do it and are caught there should be consequences. However, but it is a fact of life when it comes to the internet. If people value their privacy and don't want things to leak out, then they shouldn't post them places that people can gain access to. And it's not just hackers, its' advertisers and marketers who have ways of "scraping" even seemingly private places for information.

I know nothing about Joy and her fandom. But looking at Soapy, the little games they play imo encourages fans to go out there and try to find pictures, etc. If you play with fire you're in danger of getting burned.

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
First Rihanna was just planning Katy P.'s hen night, then she's one of her bridesmaids, then she's her maid of honor? I highly doubt she's her maid of honor. Katy has a sister! Any other celeb guests invited to the Perry-Russell Brand wedding? What about Taylor Swift who Katy is "so close" with?

Dear RSVP Swiftly:
Just because you're fam doesn't mean you lock in the top bridal party honor. Anyway, Ri-Ri couldn't make it either way, so a maid of honor was in need. But no, T.Swift was not in the running. She's way too busy these days pimping out her album and possibly getting cozy with Jake Gyllenhaal.

Dear Ted;
Can you confirm if Toothy has a new beard?

Dear Tile Phile:

Bitch Back

Dlisted on the Apple Picking Story said...

Since Taylor Swift lives her life like she's a damn Strawberry Shortcake character, she went apple picking with Jakey Gyllenhaal on Saturday afternoon at a farm in Hopewell Junction, New York. And no, apple picking is not some kind of sex act involving eating several rolls of Saran Wrap and eating apple slices out of a....forget it. What I'm getting at is that they actually picked apples! I swear, skipping and giggling, these two.

A source tells UsWeekly that before their stroll through Park Slope on Sunday, Jakey and Taylor twirled through the Fishkill Farms. The source went on to say this mess, "They were walking through the trees, having fun together. They looked happy. Some of the customers tried to take a photo of them, but they were hiding from them in the trees. They drove through the orchard and bought the apples on the way out."

Hiding in the trees?! Fuck Tom Sawyer and Becky Thatcher. They're more like the Fox and the Hound. The song about this shit is practically writing itself.... "The apple in the tree... Why couldn't you let it be? You picked at my heart.... You tore it apart. I thought you were my white knight, Jake and now I'm falling back into the field of heartache..."

And I bet for their next date they are going to go antiquing followed by a tea tasting under a weeping willow tree. Taylor's publicist (or whoever paired these two together), you crazy for this one!