Thursday, October 28, 2010

Screen Treats

Both Jake and Austin have made their own movie treats for Halloween.
So turn out the porch light, get the popcorn and keep all that candy for yourself and watch.

Austin did his odd and creepy in a remake of Edgar Allan Poe's Fall of the House of Usher.
And Jake took his odd and dark turn in Donnie Darko. While the movies are very different they did have a few similarities and shared one thing.

You know Austin looks like he's wearing an IMF Viewer. What pictures would he want to look at in those?

And what did the two movies share?

Beth Grant

And with almost the same hairdo.


Special K said...

Hmmm how do you answer this one?

SidewaysV3:@AUS10NICHOLS I know you're good friends with Jake Gyllenhaal... Is there any way you can confirm or deny if he's dating @taylorswift13?? :) about 1 hour ago via ƜberTwitter

Florida Tom said...

That is a good one Spesh.

$10.00 said...

He ain't touching that

Florida Tom said...

Ted was not saying Jake was Bi in the letter. I didnt hear that at all. I think he is laughing at that idea and might be saying he is committed.

swiffer said...

Just hanging out

The anonymous Swift source even hinted at the possibility that roaming New York with Gyllenhaal was just for the press coverage.

ROMA said...

For a man who is incredibly private, or claims that he is, hanging around with Taylor "my life is an open book re: men" Swift must be giving him the willies! A more indiscreet (albeit talented) person there isn't.

I give Swyll another couple of weeks and then some story about how their careers are keeping them apart. When is the LOVE& premiere? Count down from premiere date.

AUS10 said...

We are being inundated by hate everywhere. C'mon people. Let's move beyond this.
about 2 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Instead of crumbling, let's unite around a common goal. Like unicycles or laffy taffy. That would be more useful than hating one another.
about 2 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Amazing how a message of love can be misinterpreted and hate can come back. Cmon everybody. Let's make sweet lovin time!!!!
about 1 hour ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Special K said...

Donnie Darko is on, after Jake's comments from the New Yorker Festival, it provides a new perspective in watching it.

the real m said...

Thanks for the reminder Special. I've been meaning to watch DD again ever since the interview. Maybe I will pull out the DVD this weekend.

prairiegirl said...

Good observation, Roma, on the privacy angle. I never realized how world renowned this TayTay was known for writing all about her "men". Jake's prime fodder for her next cd.

Excellent post, Special. However on earth you spot this stuff is beyond me. Unreal.

prairiegirl said...

I swear I saw the Milky Way this morning. I wish I had had my Google Sky Maps with me. I've seen it only one other time and that was in September when I was down in Table Rock. It gave me the chills to see it - just an absolute Wonder of Creation.

prairiegirl said...

Well, there is no carnage left from Jake's PR people having tried to ground attack both OMG and T2. We got it on Sunday & Monday and boy, WFT2 withstood an unbelievably hostile attack for practically two days. My hat is off to them over there.

No casual troll is going to attack like those people were attacking for an entire day. His people have an entirely different pattern and they repeat the same personally attacking hate-filled garbage every time.

I personally would like to thank the guys for signing the paychecks that pay these hostile clowns for using tactics like slandering some of us. Accusing Joe Q Public people of being mentally unstable and needing professional help is probably about as low and barrel bottom scraping as you can get.

And to even talk about spreading love while the other hand allows this kind of hate tactic is laughable at best.

Anyway, you see how well it worked.

We're all still here.


puhleeeze said...

Do you have any clue at all PG? The mind boggles.

ihj said...

Jake back in LA
Jake at LAX

PR is watching a bunch of patheic people what 3 of you, Yeah you are that important said...

Jake back in LA.

So is Taylor.

Stubborn TB said...

The posters who are over here badgering people are Jack and some very persistent fangirl.

Jack is the one that can't spell for the life of him when he gets aggreviated and who is strangely pre-occupied with the female anatomy.
For all his talk about wanting to protect various women from our evil clutches, he sure seems to think that accusing someone of having boobs or a vagina is the biggest insult you could possibly hurl.

The other poster, who is usually a little more subtle in her stabs, is a fangirl from one of the blogs that would never visit "those two blogs" (aka OMG and WFT2).
I'm assuming it's Prophecy Girl, since her return to the blogosphere (hey, she has a book to sell afterall!) coincides interestingly with the appearance of said poster here on OMG.
That, plus the fact that despite claiming to be American, she spells words the British way.

Jake or his PR wouldn't need to send those two over here to do anything, since they're happily doing it for free.
So I don't think it's fair to pin their craziness and obsessive postings on OMG on Jake.

PR is watching...... said...

Nope its someone else who thinks you're nuts. I think the people at WDW are a little too overly in love in Jake, they are the opposite of you all. I think you all border the line between love and hate for the man. I find you amusing.

Oh yeah, Jake is smiling on the cell phone, must be Taylor he's speaking with giving her directions to his home in LA.

Maybe Austin and Sophia will join them for the weekend.

Special K said...

Ms Swift taped an appearance on Ellen yesterday afternoon. (Ellen tapes in the afternoon) - It will air on Monday. More than likely she flew to LA on Wed to have Thursday to prepare for the show. And likely she flew by private jet to meet her schedule needs.

Jake made it obvious he didn't come back to LA with her. It was later yesterday and it was a commercial flight.

Special K said...

Oh yeah, Jake is smiling on the cell phone, must be Taylor he's speaking with giving her directions to his home in LA.


If you look at the past pictures of Jake the only time he gets that grin is because of one special guy - Austin.

funny said...

I see "pathiec" troll is on here as well as WFT.

JB said...

And likely she flew by private jet to meet her schedule needs.

LOL. It's interesting you're not keeping tabs on the competition - TS gave a free concert at JFK T5 Jet Blue terminal followed by a gig on a JFK -> LAX bound Jet Blue flight. Wednesday afternoon. Soooooooooo, not really a private charter.

Special K said...

Well you just told me that they didn't fly together. And that's good enough for me.

lol said...

LOL. Squinty Swifty is not competition, she's a beard.

PR said said...

Special K even Ted is calling them a couple now. Real or not, they are a couple dating, probably not seriously. Do you really think Austin would think so little of himself as to just stand by and watch another little ms. perfect (although a bit fatal attraction vibe going there)make a fool out of him?

Austin is not gay or bi, Jake is not gay or bi. There is no baby tile that belongs to them, if toothy exists then its someone else. Ted has been caught in so many lies even he can't keep up. Tayor and Jake are dating for real like Jake and Reese, like Jake and Kiki like Jake and Jenny like Jake and Dianna like Jake and the daughter of the guy from CSi.

Can you really picture Jake going to strip joints to be pick up girls like Ted stated Toothy did? Really Jake? I believe the apple picking story way more.

Stop hanging on to something that has completely blasted your sense of reality. Ted C does not give a damn about you or Jakey, he has screwed with your sense of reality. How long has this blog been waiting for Jake to "come out" to meet baby tile? You wasting your life on a lie by someone who makes his living by telling lies.

ultimate irony said...

^You wasting your time on a blog telling people they are wasting their time on a blog.