Friday, October 8, 2010

Light Reading Book Club

Austin loves to read while on the plane.
(Just check out today's TwitPics - Very Buoyant people and That baby is naked )

Nothing heavy, just a little reading.

It looks like he's a bit of visual learner. So with the help of artist Matthew Vescovo's Instrucoart and others here are some more reading picks that might come in handy.

Like how to root for his favorite team. (Unfortunately a Texas appendix is not available for how to do hook'em horns. Must find group of Longhorn fans by playing the Eyes of Texas on your Iphone and copy them.)

How to get down to down with his bad self.

Somewhere to look

instead of under the stall.

And one to leave on the bathroom mirror as a suggestion.
With his fav looked circled.


Special K said...

Earlier today (in the comments in the last post) linked to LaOD at the CMJ Music & Film Festival (Oct 19-23). It looks like it's a NYC premiere of LaOD, and then in November it will be opening the AFI Festival.

In the round table interview with Ed Zwick, he talked about how everyone took a quarter of their pay to do the movie, and how the schedule was tight to bring it in at 30million for production costs.

There is something about LaOD morning that reminds me of some of Jake's earlier projects, there's a sense of intimacy and closeness.

Film festival said...

Why didn't they premiere LAOD in Toronto or Venice or even Telluride? Those are the BIG film festivals, particularly Toronto. I don't get why they're showing LAOD at these little film festival.

Even NYFF is better than CMJ which is tiny.

Special K said...

Do you think that at the big festivals it would have gotten lost in the shuffle and just labeled a romcom and got the next? Maybe they thought smaller stuff they would be able to stand out on their own more. I know one reason that it is opening the AFI Festival is because Zwick is an AFI Alum.

faux pas de deux said...

Ah, the New York City Ballet gala, one of the most anticipated arts events of the year. The usual suspects were there: SJP, Natalie Portman, Fe Fendi...Jake Gyllenhaal? Strange things happening in New York last night...=

The New York City Ballet Fall Gala

Where: Lincoln Center

Who Was There: Natalie Portman (looking, for the first time ever perhaps, kind of a mess), Candace Bushnell, Sarah Jessica Parker, Matthew Settle, Fe Fendi, Francesco Clemente, Jake Gyllenhaal

Other Details: Sarah Jessica Parker has been a longtime supporter of the New York City Ballet, and has gone to their events in the past. This year she was elected board member. She showed up in Halston. Natalie Portman was there with her super-hot choreographer boyfriend, Benjamin Millepied. Jake Gyllenhaal was there too, weirdly, briefly, and with a backpack. He refused to take pictures, and his presence was surprising to everyone--we know he's friendly with Natalie, so maybe something to do with her? But, really, the most important question: what was he doing with a backpack at a black tie gala?

backpack butch said...

Maybe Jake wanted to look like a straight, i.e. rugged/bad dresser at the ballet. Maybe he also wore a lumberjack plaid flannel shirt, chewed on a toothpick, cracked his knuckles, burped and farted and fell asleep during the performance.

Special K said...

The NY Times has a mention about Jake at the NYC Ballet too.

"the actor Jake Gyllenhaal, who paired his tuxedo with the gent’s accessory du jour, a backpack (albeit one from the North Face);"

A tux and a backpack? Seriously?
If it was Austin he would be wearing it with the chest strap secured.

NY Times Plainspoken

casual formal said...

Well it was a shock when an actor (Idk who) wore tennis shoes with his tux/suit at an awards show way back when. Maybe Jake is a trendsetter??!

Hunchback said...

LOL I hope he wore it over the jacket and not under it.

quasijake-o said...

Hunchback said...

LOL I hope he wore it over the jacket and not under it.

Sanctuary .... Sanctuary

it's pronounced "eye-gor" said...

Dr. Frederick Frankenstein: You know, I'm a rather brilliant surgeon. Perhaps I can help you with that hump.

Igor: What hump? [It's a backpack.]

twitter said...

SheraLynn123: Standing next to my celeb crush Jake Gyllenhaal at The Ettes. He looks like he needs me to rub sunscreen on him ...
about 13 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

The Ettes Fri, Oct 8
Austin City Limits Music Festival at Zilker Park Austin TX

prairiegirl said...

Clever, clever post, Special. I really liked it. Actually, it's hilarious. Wherever did you find those cards on Raising the Roof, the Wave, etc. LOLLLLL! Those are a scream! Team Arrival. LOL - I love the "no reading a book"! No knitting. No cellphone talking. LOLLLL!! Lookit that girl who's doing the wave, spilling her drink.

LOLLL and lookit that guy with the foam finger. Gosh, that thing is a SCREAM. lol.

And the bullseye target in the urinal. LOLLL! Reminds me of my story and Jack's bathroom at the Twist compound.

Speaking of which....a little drabble just went up. I would've had that thing up last night but man, I have just about so had it with LJ. I don't know what they have done to it, but I'm so close to moving my story somewhere else.

1619 words and LJ said it was too big. Heck, my chapters are 3700 or so words all the time. I can't be splitting these things up all the time. They lose their flow. And I'm not cutting out my pictures either.

Then I went over to BB Slash to cross post it and my links wouldn't work. I've done that now a hundred times and for some reason today, they wouldn't work. **sigh**.

lol. Man, I just had a realization. Those weren't Jake's calves sticking out from under that urinal, are they?

prairiegirl said...

Because doesn't Jake wear anklet socks like that sometimes?

Just pondering...don't have a conniption.

prairiegirl said...

Is that quote from Young Frankenstein?

I used to have a co-worker who could recite lines from that movie. She loved that movie. Remember the candle and the moving wall? lol

prairiegirl said...

This is awesome.

The guys who play Mitchell and Cameron on Modern Family have a PSA for teenage bullying that Just Jared has posted from YouTube. His link is bad, though; it keeps timing out and it's annoying.

But it's great because Jesse Tyler Ferguson(the guy who plays Mitchell) talks about being bullied for being "different", but then he goes into bragging about now he's on Oprah, he gets to be shown in bed with George Clooney, and then he says, "Who's the bitch now, bitches?!"

LOLLLL. That's awesome.

Aw. Then "Cameron" says "Differences should be celebrated. There's no other you."

again. That's awesome.

Special K said...

Austin's love of airplane safety cards had me going on quest. Had fun with that.

Because doesn't Jake wear anklet socks like that sometimes?
Now that would be really funny.

Eye-gore is definitely Young Frankenstein. So.. so many good lines in that movie. I love that movie.

yet another movie blog said...

Oscar Watch. Pt.11

Love and Other Drugs
Directed by Edward Zwick
Starring Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal

Why It’ll Win: While the name will surely generate controversy, the film itself is a introspective movie about a drug salesman, Jaime, (Gyllenhaal) and his love interest, Maggie, (Hathaway) who also has Parkinson’s. The dramedy should finally be a movie that helps Gyllenhaal’s career because, let’s be honest, the guy was heading down the Nic Cage rode in acting (aka awful movies that are awful.). Love and Other Drugs should net Hathaway her second nomination for Best Actress. I wouldn’t be surprised if she won that award either, as there is a murky actress field filled with Hollywood outsiders and first timers. Also, the content of the film should snag some Oscar talk, as it takes a look in on the pharmaceutical industry. The director, Ed Zwick, was also part of critically acclaimed films such as Blood Diamond, Traffic, and Shakespeare in Love. It should be interesting to see how he whips Love and Other Drugs up!
Why It’ll Fizzle: Well, besides the director and two star actors, nothing really stands out. Also, the Best Picture field is getting pretty crowded. However, I don’t have a lot of negative reviews (or any reviews for that matter), so I’ll have to withhold judgement for now. I doubt Gyllenhaal’s performance will be “good enough” to go toe-to-toe with early favorites, such as Colin Firth and James Franco. That being said, Hathaway is a very talented young actress, and this could be the film were she finally gets recognized for her work by being given the funky golden statue.
Release Date: November 24, 2010

prairiegirl said...

Yeah, he does. Here's some grey ones and I'm pretty sure I've seen him in black ones before but I happened to find these pretty quick:

Jake's shoe matching grey socklets

Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...

I thought the same damn thing PG but didn't wanna say it.

m The Phils held up their end last night but ur hubby's Giants need to pick it up if we want that Philles vs. Giants matchup.

I think Jake and Austin are a little more together than we know.

Is this sick or what? What if Ramona were BT???? I know crazy.

What? said...

Is this sick or what? What if Ramona were BT???? I know crazy.

I thought Ted was the definitive word. Ted said BT had never been papped. Ramona has been papped lots of times. (Aside from the fact that she looks exactly like her father Peter). a loon said...

The fact that you thought about that enough to type it out should be answer enough for you, Tom.

prairiegirl said...

Hey, you never know things. Don't worry, Tom. I've had all kinds of theories, ideas, brainbursts, etc.

But never fear.

For TODAY is going to be an even GREATER day than some of us ever imagined. It might be going good. But it's going to get even better.