Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Full of the Devil

Jake may have a bit of devil may care attitude about the scruff lately.

And Austin's idle hands (or his thumbs?) may have been the devil's plaything. (Hello twitter?)

Now whether it's idle hands or a devil may care attitude, here's something deviled in NYC that might be better than making another deal with their people the Devil.

Deviled Eggs a la The Spotted Pig

12 large eggs
2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil, plus more for drizzling
1 tablespoon mayonnaise
1 tablespoon Dijon mustard
2 teaspoons white wine vinegar
1 teaspoon malt vinegar
Maldon sea salt
Peperoncino red chili flakes, pulsed in a spice grinder into approximate 1/16th-inch pieces.
3 tablespoons thinly sliced chives

1. Place eggs in single layer in medium saucepan. Cover with 1 1/2 quarts cold water. Place over high heat, bring to a simmer, shut off heat, and wait for at least ten minutes. Drain eggs, and peel under cool running water. With thin knife, carefully slice eggs in half.
2. Place egg yolks in bowl of food processor. Add olive oil, mayonnaise, mustard, and both vinegars and process until smooth puree forms, scraping down sides of bowl as necessary. Season to taste with salt.
3. Transfer mixture to pastry bag fitted with plain tip or to plastic zipper-lock bag with corner cut off. Select 12 best egg white halves (reserve remaining egg whites for another use), and pipe filling mixture into them by starting outside the indentation, completely filling the indentation, and overflowing the other side of it, leaving a curled “tail” at the end.
4. Sprinkle eggs with Maldon salt, Peperoncino, and chives. Drizzle with olive oil, and serve

Olive Oil Mayonnaise
1 large egg
1 tsp dry mustard
1/4 tsp ground cayenne pepper
1 tsp sugar
2 tbsp lemon juice or vinegar
1 1/4 cups olive oil

In the bowl of a food processor, blend together egg, mustard, cayenne, sugar and vinegar until very smooth. Leaving the motor running, drizzle the olive oil in very slowly, until mixture is thick and creamy. Scrape down the sides of the food processor and blend again to ensure that all ingredients have been incorporated before transferring to an airtight storage container.
This will keep for at least a week, in an airtight container, in the fridge.

Makes about 1 1/2 cups.

This recipe comes from one person's quest to replicate well loved Spotted Pig's Deviled Eggs. Check out it out over on Grub Street NYC. And special thanks to ROMA for finding this for OMG.


Yum said...

These look good - looking forward to trying the recipe. Thanks ROMA, and everyone. :)

awful truth said...

Early Oscar Watch

Anne Hathaway for Best Actress: Why not make it two years in a row? The A-list honey was nominated for Rachel Getting Married and—despite the über-disaster Bride Wars—has maintained a high-quality résumé, including her latest flick opposite Jake Gyllenhaal.

If you're thinking of dubbing Love and Other Drugs another run-of-the-mill rom-com, think again. Sure, the film has its lovey-dovey biz, but it's much more than that (and so much more than just Jakey-poo playing a playboy).

As good as Jake may be, Anne is the heart of the movie, playing a no-BS babe living with early onset Parkinson's disease. The way she balanced falling in love and coping with her disease left us crying like babies.

Not to undermine her amazing performance, but she at least deserves a nom for her bangin' bod (which, along with J.G., is on display for much of the film). The gal's acting chops aren't the only thing in top form these days.

ROMA said...

You are welcome Yum. Few can resist the charms of this recipe! For 5 years til '09 Jake's main NYC address was living with Maggie and Peter in the Far West Village. His parents were on the scene quite a lot. When he was in the neighborhood I often saw Jake eating at The Spotted Pig. I'd like to believe he is a fan of this recipe too. If you recall a photograph a few years back of him meeting Natalie Portman at a NYC restaurant with flowers? That was at The Spotted Pig. I was so happy that Destiny suggested it to PG and The Real Ms. M for Sunday brunch.

I too am a true Anne Hathaway admirer. I am looking forward to seeing the film with her and with Jake. I am happy to hear all of the positive buzz for both of their performances. Been a while I have felt this anticipation for a Jake film.

Special K said...

Why I love The Soup!

They've done the Dog ate My Heart, Stay out of It Nick Lachey and now...

"One Tree Hill Possibly Written by a Tree"

Until now, One Tree Hill has been known for one thing only: one tree. But now it will be known for two things: one tree, and bad dialogue.

Read the rest at The Soup

:) :) said...

Is Daphne Zuniga in prison orange????

zero said...

Congrats to Tom's Phillies Roy Halladay!

posted at WFT said...

Babbler spotted at NY event

Second No-Hitter said...

Wow! Congrats Roy Halladay!

Special K said...

Yup BigMamaDramaDavis is rocking the prison orange - Federal style. But who can work it better her or Martha Stewart?

Wanting a Tampa Bay/Phillies World Series.

From Your Lips to the Baseball Gods' Ears said...

Wanting a Tampa Bay/Phillies World Series.

^^Oh So Am I!!!!!

stuffed sausages said...

Hahaha 10:00, that's very funny. Oh but did you see the chubby sausage fingers from our own OMGers at the NYer thing the other night? Sexxxxxx-ay!!!!

the real m said...

Bomer's character made the best dressed list. "BEST: Neal Caffrey, White Collar - His FBI colleagues make fun of Neal's loyalty to his porkpie hat, but we dig his Rat Pack vibe and heartily appreciate a man who takes the time to be as dapper on the outside as he is underneath all that fabric. Those pecs — and odds are, if you've seen the show, you've also seen his six-pack — deserve nothing but the suavest."

On the other side, Brooke Davis made the worst. "WORST: Brooke Davis, One Tree Hill - As a fashion designer, Brooke ostensibly is a best-dressed candidate, and the show certainly puts her in a lot of Diane von Furstenberg and BCBG. Unfortunately, the stylists regularly whiff the proportions just enough that Sophia Bush's considerable assets all become overemphasized — either by a too-high waist, a too-short pair of shorts, or, in the case of the first two episodes of the current season, a horrible clawlike corset that had her shapely groin in its embiggening talons. It's a bad sign when we're rooting for her character to go to jail for financial fraud simply because the prison jumpsuit would be a welcome improvement."

I'm not sure what the source is. I happened to see it posted on ONTD.

LOL!! said...

did you see the chubby sausage fingers from our own OMGers at the NYer thing the other night? Sexxxxxx-ay!!!!

LOL! I knew there was a reason why they are called couch fraus

prairiegirl said...

^^ Having a conversation with yourself, Jack? Man, and I thought our BB was entertaining when she goes into the bathroom mumbling to herself and then sometimes we can hear her in there still talking. LOL. Is that you, Jack? Do you do that too ?

Actually, my fingers are thin. Think it's from all my years of typing - they get a daily 7 hr workout. Did you really think you people were going to get a full photoshoot? What do you think, that we are - stupid, Jack?!

You're nothing short of pathetic, Jack. You must not like yourself at all, you know that? You project your self-dissatisfaction onto others and it's sad. That's all I can think of - is how stinkin' sad it is. I know God loves you - as much as he loves me or someone as seemingly near-perfect as Mother Teresa.

All I can do is ask Him to show me how to do it like I'm supposed to. God bless you today, Jack, as you go about your day.

Skinny long fingers Tom said...

What a night for Roy Halladay and the Phillies. The Phils pitching staff is sooooo good. Their three starting pitchers for the playoffs have gotten the nickname H20. Halladay, Hamels and Oswalt. These guys are gonna be tough to beat. It always seems like whenever a Philadelphia team is in the playoffs they are an underdog. This year the Phillies are the odds on Favorite. Wow I hope it happens.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
I was reading your post about Jake Gyllenhaal's new movie with Anne Hathaway, and it got me thinking. Does Anne have a Vice? She seems like such a good person. Or am I just a fool?

Dear Hell Hath No Vice:
Besides acting chops so good they should be criminal, nope! The babe is clean as a whistle—well, maybe I wouldn't go that far, but she hasn't earned a spot in the Vice vault just yet. Anne is the type to let all her sexy naughtiness out on the big screen, which I guess is good for us too?

Dear Ted:
I've recently found your site and am loving Blind Vices. Could you tell me if Chad Michael Murray has ever been a B.V. subject? I never forgave him for what he did to Sophia Bush, and I wouldn't be surprised if the story became the subject of one of your columns. Possibly costarring Sophia?
—Lisa Marie

Dear Over the One Tree Hill:
Miss Bush—despite multiple moments where should could be monikered—doesn't have a Vice. If that clears anything up for you.

Bitch Back

destiny said...

Poetic justice on the best/worst dressed list. I agree, Sophia's outfits have been hideous lately, especially this season. I really liked it when she wore the simpler, more classic looking clothes.

And Bomer, well, what can I say. :-D

Special K said...

The Best/Worst dressed list is from the Fug Girls over at New York Magazine.

The Fug Girls Pick the Best and Worst Dressed Characters on TV

And the Girls love her so much they named a Fashion Week Award after her back in 2009:

This prestigious award is presented to the celebrity most egregiously overbooked each Fashion Week. Ironically, the starlet for whom it is named did not appear once. We missed her. Thank God we had Kelly Rowland to keep us warm at nearly every show we attended.

Fug Girls Wrap up the Best, Worst and New Sophia Bush of Fashion Week

prairiegirl said...

LOL Tom!! **snicker**, you cracked me up. Hey, how 'bout those Royals?!!!! LOL.

The Chieeeeeefffs!!! 3-0, buddy! Only undefeated team in the NFL or so my big buddy says. I didn't even know they had a bye last weekend, that's how out of the loop I am.

prairiegirl said...

Sweet Caroline is playing on my internet station right now, Special! - their oldies station. Oh, it's over now. Now a little Domino by Van Morrison.

I went over to see my mom & her 2 sisters but they must have been out running around. So then I stopped by the local tire place because that's where I've always gotten my tires. I want a new set before winter sets in and the guy asked how my dad was doing. Oops. I said well, he's gone and he asked, "When? You're kidding?" And it'll be a year next Friday. Can you believe that? It's almost been a year. Anyway, the waterworks came out of nowhere once I got back to my car.

It's funny how that just hits you at times. My dad used to go scout out my tires there for me all the time and he'd even come get my car while I was at work here and I'd come out when work was over and voila! My dad was great that way. And I told the guy since my dad always used to come there, that's why I was still coming. So he gave me a quote and said what a good man Dad was. I felt awful he didn't know.

prairiegirl said...

These deviled eggs were THE BEST. They are so good, they are worthy of capping.

Deviled eggs worth capping, yessiree. lol.

They were THE best deviled eggs I have ever had my entire LIFE!!!!!! That's how strongly I feel about them. LOL.

Gosh, I loved those things. I could've eaten my whole meal of Spotted Pig deviled eggs. What a cute place, too. In Greenwich Village, right, Dest? I had to take a picture of the outside with its little pig. It was so cute. I took so many pictures this weekend, it was not funny. Not funny. It bears repeating.

Well, tonight I will run over to another dog person's and meet little Kirby!! He's crazy Maizie's new little brother. I'll be watching them next weekend and that is my last gig for awhile. I have nothing else on the ol' calendar until New Year's. And that's tentative. Phew.

Ahhhh, People by Barbara Streisand. No one plays that anymore, do they? Gotta go, gotta go!

Methodical Muser said...

And it'll be a year next Friday. Can you believe that? It's almost been a year. Anyway, the waterworks came out of nowhere once I got back to my car.