Monday, October 11, 2010

Back to Back

Lately Jake has been seen alot lately all over NYC. And it looks like he has a constant companion, on the train, on the street, and even to the ballet. And who is it this constant in his life? His backpack of course. If you dress up in a tux and take it to opening night, it's something special indeed. Something so important must be so for a lot of reasons, so for that is the

Top Ten Reasons for Jake and his backpack.

10. It's my emergency badger beard maintenance kit.

9. Thought maybe I could get a student discount at clubs.

8. From the back no one knows it's me!

7. Airport lost my Strawberry Shortcake rolling carry on, but secretly think Michael K nicked it.

6. We flipped for it, Ed got the talk shows, I got handing out the promotional samples for LaOD.

5. Got have something for Cheerios, Goldfish crackers and juice boxes.

4. Tired of Austin getting all the backpack posts on OMG.

3. Just like Dora, my backpack is a magic satchel. "Yum yum yum yum yum, ¡delicioso!"

2. Ev's list of no's said Man Bags or European Carry All's, nothing about backpacks.

and the number 1 reason

Backpacks are morefunthangossip

(Jake and 'packie in 2007)

To those in the U.S. today is Columbus Day.

While we remember Columbus' discovery of the New World, let us also remember the Indigenous peoples that were here, their culture and contributions that helped shape and define the New World as well.

To Seaweed and all our friends in the Great White North
Happy Thanksgiving

And today is Coming Out Day.

We applaud those who have come out and the GLBT community. And we encourage those who are thinking of coming out.

It is a journey no one can take for you, but there are so many people who will be there to support you all along your way.


Florida Tom said...

Jake looks so lonely when Austin is away at work. Must make the time together like in Colorado so special.

The Eagle said...

Awww, great post. :) Lots of good things to consider today.

7. Airport lost my Strawberry Shortcake rolling carry on, but secretly think Michael K nicked it. Ha!

The Eagle said...

Awww, great post. :) Lots of good things to consider today.

7. Airport lost my Strawberry Shortcake rolling carry on, but secretly think Michael K nicked it. Ha!

The Eagle said...

Oops, sorry for the double post! :)

Florida Tom said...

I loved when MK was talking about the rumors of Jake moving in with reese and said he was bringing in his Strawberry Shortcake luggage. I am glad a lot of people didn't let Jake get away with reeke. He looked so bad during that time.. I hope he never does it again. There was nothing about him during that time that was appealing.

prairiegirl said...

Funny post, Special. And cute song, too! I like that one.

Okay, now I'll take some heat for this one....

but I was just watching this video on YouTube (LOLLLL, Special, I hope this one wasn't in another one of your posts, too! LOLLLLL!!!). ahem, inside joke!...let's see, where was I? Oh

I was watching this video on YouTube of Julian proposing to BrookeDavis (oh, it's two words, you say? sorry! I thought it was one.) and I have to's rather romantic.

I know! I know! lol! I can't help it. Man, Austin looks so darn good in that thing. So many great shots of his smile. And I never watched that episode either. When he goes down on one knee, it's weird to watch. I don't like it with Brooke, but it is just a show, I guess.

What's funny about that scene where he gets down on one knee in the snow (and wow! the long, dark pants/jeans against the white of the snow? That's an unbelievable shot.) Anyway, where was I. Oh yeah, the scene where he gets down on one knee, he has a ring in his hand, but LOL I'm more distracted by the HUGE ring on his right hand. Isn't that his own personal ring? It's like the camera almost focuses on his boulder instead of hers first! What in the heck was that all about?!

Anyway, I really like that video. Even though...oh well. Everyone likes a proposal, don't they?

the real m said...

Oh man, I love this one too. "Airport lost my Strawberry Shortcake rolling carry on, but secretly think Michael K nicked it." Every time Michael mentions Jake and his Strawberry Shortcake luggage I laugh my head off. It just seems so like him. Jake I mean. The rest are good too but that one is my favorite.

Destiny there is a picture of Bomer on his (dlisted's) site today - its Bomers birthday. In a cop uniform and looking hot.

destiny said...

Woo hoo. I knew it was Bomer's birthday, but I didn't know he's Dlisted's Birthday slut. Thanks M.

Love that photo of him in a cop uniform, it's hot enough to set my laptop on fire.

lol said...

lyonekwok: Sophia bush and Austin Nichols on the same flight as me...
about 3 hours ago


AUS10 said...

Get fatter than we already are, watch American football and fall asleep on the couch. Hip Hip Hooray!!
2 hours via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Big Rehearsal today for Thanksgiving episode. For people in OTHer countries, Thanksgiving is where we eat disgusting amounts of food...
2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

I just want to say hello to everyone in Indonesia. I will be there in April. Let's all meet up and kick it!!!
about 7 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Farewell Los Angeles. Back to work in North Carolina. The pilot said I could come into the cockpit and honk his horn. Very worried.
about 8 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Special K said...

The fog lifts a bit from the cold medicine cloud I have been in since Sunday.

Yes PG that is Austin's big gold ring he was wearing in the show. Remember last season they weren't sure the future of OTH and it could have been the series finale, and think he wanted make sure that ring got seen.
You think there's a special reason?

destiny said...

I just went to breakfast with a good friend who is in town on business who is the husband of someone I went to college with.

By LOL's logic I guess that means we're having an affair.

frumpalump said...
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