Thursday, October 7, 2010

Spreading the Love

Saturday night Jake and Ed talked about the movie, and then Ed was back on the road spreading the Love some more.

You can see the confidence and pride that he has for this movie. Ed's come close several times for an Academy Award, and the buzz is that he and the movie, as well as Annie, are on a lot short lists. It's as if he know, this is it, this could be the one, and even if it doesn't and it was too special of a film, and he going to enjoy every single minute of it.

In Chicago

It's a very funny, very sexy, and grown up comedy."

In Philly
..."was at the Ritz Five helping J. Andrew Greenblatt get ready for next week’s Philadelphia Film Festival by showing off Love and Other Drugs in the photo you see above. "

and days before New York, Boston.

“I didn’t want to do a standard romantic comedy, something that was contrived so it was about finding the right story,” “And more than that, it was about finding the right actors.”

The impression over and over again is that LaOD is something very very special, a little lightening in a bottle.


destiny said...


I find it is always the little things that get to me the most too. Don't know why that is.

Special K said...

(((PG)))It's been a long time since I lost my mom, but even now there are still those little things like Destiny said. I cherish all the wonderful memories I have of her, no matter how bittersweet it is sometimes.

Jersey Tom said...

(((PG))) I bet you have so many good memories that will make you:-)

Seaweed said...


Our memories sustain us, even when they hurt. I can't help but echo what the others have already said about the little things that will reduce you to tears at the same time you catch yourself smiling.

More than a few years ago, a favouite Aunt of mine died of bowel cancer, and one of my last visits with her while sitting on the edge of her bed; as she spoke to me she played with the placket on my golf shirt, just above my heart. And now I catch myself doing the same thing from time to time, putting my finger into the base of the placket and playing with that bottom button and I think of her, smile and quietly shed a tear or two.

Every tear we shed is a gift of rememberance.

Special K said...

@sensitivejulian has been restricted from tweeter use. But he shall return. Sensitive as ever.

What did Julian do to put on restriction from "tweeter use"?

Is the JBra losing his supportiveness? Did his underwire break? Or did he just get it snapped one too many times?

Then again he's tweeted more about hanging with Jamie Scott than his "because you deserve it" boss oops! I mean fiancee.

Special K said...

Oops spoke too soon.

@bdavis_baker I am gonna wife you so hard. I will wife you up and wife you down. I will wife you til death do us part.

I am my best when I am with my woman. I am nothing without her. I feel stronger when my arms are wrapped around her.

Guess you call this "the cross my heart"(or is it cross my fingers?) JBra?

prairiegirl said...

**sigh** Well, what jolts me now out of that moment is thinking about the price of those 4 Dunlop tires.


What we do think of is right, Seaweed. What a bittersweet memory you have of someone so special. I have mine and I replay it in my mind.

prairiegirl said...

Sensitive Julian almost sounds a little restrained with that 'wife you up and wife you down so hard'. Geez. Sounds painful.

I'm still challenging Austin & Sophia to either come out with it or else let's have a schmoopy photo op. There were some rumblings on a thread that I saw, Are Sophin broken up? which had some fans stirred up. And what was one of the arguments? Well, Sophia was in Austin TX with him so they can't be broken up.

I'm waiting for pictorial proof that Sophia was indeed in Austin with Austin. Let's see it, Sophia. Put it up and I'll shut up with a good 'n loud Saaaaluuuute.

If not, I'll keep asking for your digital proof just like I'm still asking Ice Maiden for hers inside that courtyard in Italy instead of the consolation prize photo op on the beachfront concrete slab with the maternal audience of one.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Mm, bad mood last night. I'll try to think of a more tasteful way to rephrase that.

I've got a picture of Jingles in his autumn sweater. What a crack up. I'll have to put it up.

Thank goodness it's Friday. Looking forward to going home tonight.

Okay said...

I'm still challenging
I'm waiting for
I'll keep asking

Okay. But I don't think any of them give a fig what you're challenging, waiting for, or asking.

boobyann said...

But Austin reads this blog doesn't he...SK tracked him with SiteMeter

Special K said...

Jack talking to himself again this morning.

Special K said...

Amazing candid and great round table interview with Ed Zwick about LaOD.

Great little insight of Jake.

Definitely check out the video:
Interview with Ed Zwick 10/7/2010

Ted said...

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if we could play a little game. I'm going to put some of my favorite Blinds in order form oldest to youngest (based on who I think they are) and you correct me if I'm wrong, OK? Dashed Dingle-Dream, Toothy Tile, Judas Jack-Off, Barrington Bang-Me, Nevis Divine, Twyla Babe-Sucker, Terry Tush-Trade. Am I good or am I good? Love ya!
—BV Groupie

Dear Just a Number:
Almost nailed it.

Dear Ted:
I'm so happy to hear Anne Hathaway is not a B.V.! I love her. I'm so surprised she and Jake G. have never dated. I think she would be perfect for him.

Dear Hathenhaal:
All the chemistry between this twosome is left on the big screen. Jakey-poo definitely isn't Anne's type of guy—not that there's anything wrong with that, mind you. Not exactly Vice versa though; Anne has that edgy, good-girl vice J.G. digs in a chick.

Bitch Back

Special K said...

Clever how Ted capitalize the V of Vice versa, he is really saying Anne is not a blind vice but Jake is.

And the "not that there's anything wrong with that" - is from Seinfeld, when the NYU student newspaper reporter thought Jerry was gay.

the real m said...

Problems with Firefox kept me off the site last night. Frustrating because I wanted to talk. I saw this recap form the New Yorker interview on WDW. "On Donnie Darko: 'It really marks, more than any other movie I've ever done, figuratively a time in my life. And that movie -- before we started shooting, I had been having a rough time figuring out what was up, what end was up.... It really matched somehow somewhere where I was in my life. I remember it premiered at Sundance and my mother, father and sister came up to me afterwards crying and realizing that I had been saying something to them with that movie -- how lost I was. How did I do it? I don't know something about talking to that rabbit. It just seemed to comfort me at that time." Its funny, I remember him talking about Donnie being close to his real life, but not the part about his family crying after they saw the movie. It does fit though with the delicate vulnerability and fragileness he displays and how his family seems to circle the wagons around him. Right after BBM, I watched all the versions of Donnie on DVD including the commentary. Jake's efforts to entertain the cast and crew struck me as a frantic effort to be liked.

the real m said...

That recap also reminded me of something else I meant to bring up when we each did our summary. At one point, I think in the audience Q&A, Jake answered a question but included a remark to the effect of, if you really knew me you would not like me. That sentiment is one he brings up repeatedly in interviews.

the real m said...

Yes, Special, I caught those references from Ted too. So far Ted has mentioned Jake or Toothy every day but one since Adams infamous comment. I wonder how much longer Ted will do so. Not that I am complaining. A Toothy or Jake tidbit daily works great for me.

okay said...

But Austin reads this blog doesn't he...

I know you're being sarcastic, but I wouldn't find it surprising if Austin did read this blog. I think a lot of celebrities lurk at blogs about themselves. I just think that if he does, he would be bemused that someone he doesn't know and has no relationship with thinks they are in a position to challenge him to anything.

Special K said...

LaOD is going to be a part of the CMJ Film Festival - October 19-23rd in NYC.

CMJ Film Festival 2010 announces its full line-up including LOVE & OTHER DRUGS featuring Jake Gyllenhaal and Anne Hathaway, SON OF MORNING featuring Heather Graham, Danny Glover, THE PROMISE, MUSIC, IMOGEN HEAP, CIRCUS MAXIMUS, INSIDE OUT and THE RESCUE from the non-profit organization featured this year, Invisible Children.
The line-up includes the following major feature films:

* LOVE & OTHER DRUGS: Anne Hathaway portrays Maggie, an alluring free spirit who won't let anyone - or anything - tie her down. But she meets her match in Jamie (Jake Gyllenhaal), whose relentless and nearly infallible charm serve him well with the ladies and in the cutthroat world of pharmaceutical sales. Maggie and Jamie's evolving relationship takes them both by surprise, as they find themselves under the influence of the ultimate drug: love.

All CMJ Film Festival screenings will take place at Clearview Cinemas, NYU Cantor Film Center, Norwood Private Club and the Florence Gould Hall. Q&A's with cast, directors, producers, composers and artists will follow many of the films.
For full programming visit

One documentary Jake might want to catch is "The Promise: Darkness on the Edge of Town". Which goes in the studio with Bruce Springsteen and E Street Band, from 1976-1978. We know that Jake is a fan of The Boss.

on demand said...

Or, he could watch it on HBO.

prairiegirl said...

1. I don't give a fig what anyone else thinks about what I write. If he doesn't care, why do you?

2. Oh, and I have my reasons for saying what I did but I chose to take it down because some of it was pretty snarky. I was in a funk yesterday.

3. And listen & look at the pot calling the kettle black, Jack. Who constantly challenges OMG'ers to produce evidence of what we say? Huh, huh, huh? So are you giving us permission to brush you off like dandruff? Not that we don't alot of the time anyway, but since you're pointing it out...

Uh, yeeeeaaaaaah. Now ask me again, if I give one grain of orzo what you think about what I write?

prairiegirl said...

Next time you want to peer over the hedge and butt in on a conversation that wasn't involving you, Mr Jack Crabbits, you might want to check. That neighbor will have probably moved already.

See ya.