Friday, October 15, 2010

Putting on the Dog

Overheard one weekend.

10. Do NOT say anything about the ears.

9. Why the suit?
'nuff said.

8. That's the last time I talk about doing Charlie Brown in my pajamas in an interview.

7. Don't know if scratching my belly makes my leg goes thump thump thump? ; )

6. If Mark makes me sing "Puppy Love" that's it I'm walking.

5. This is what I'm thinking for the half marathon, and Sophia in a black and white wig and a big coat chasing me.

4. Who wants a Beggin' Strip?

3. Bow-wow-wow-yippie-yo-yippie-yeah
Nothin' but the dog in me

2. Hey .... throw me a bone. ; )

and number one

So, I'm thinking maybe you could teach me some new tricks.

Happy Austin Friday.


AUS10 said...

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Special K said...

This is from a blog called Chef's Widow - the post called The Well Dressed Man

As the Chef opened the door to one of my favorite pizzeria’s in Brooklyn I noticed the man behind me. He was well dressed, tall, and sporting a beard like the Chef. We all walked into Franny’s together and I soon realized that the well dressed man who had walked in with our group was in fact, Jake Gyllenhaal. He was accompanied by Anne Hathaway and soon both of our groups would be stuffing our faces with delicious pizza and Lambrusco next to one another.

....When Donnie Darko walked past us I (and the rest of the women and men in Franny’s) couldn’t help but notice how darn attractive he was. Tall & brooding, part of that attraction was absolutely due to the way he was dressed. He looked like a movie star. Navy sweater paired with a brown overcoat and knitted scarf. Dress shoes and jeans. Mr. Brokeback looked stunning.

destiny said...

A dog suit? Sigh, whose bad idea was that. How about a Chippendale's dancer instead.

Oh well, it inspired a very funny post Special.

Florida Tom said...

Neil and david are Daddies. Yeah!

Congrats to Neil and David. A boy and a girl.

Florida Tom said...

I say the beard comes off before Jake hits the LAOD promo trail. I sure hope so.

destiny said...

Congrats to Neil and David, I didn't realize they were due this soon.

prairiegirl said...

Congratulations to Neil and David. What a joyous day for them, a boy and a girl. I'm so happy for them both and wish them all the best. NPH must be beside himself - first time father!

Congratulations to NPH!

Florida Tom said...

Wow I will be sitting right behind the Phillies dugout tomorrow night Game 1 NLCS. Phils vs Giants.
What a lucky man.

prairiegirl said...

I say the beard comes off before Jake hits the LAOD promo trail.

You know it will. He will miraculously scrub clean all of a sudden like he was dipped in Mr. Bubble and he'll be beaming like a moonbeam.

In the meantime, we get to see Oscar the Grouch. I reckon I don't have to look at his pictures. Why should I when it looks like he hates having his picture taken and just vants to be left alone. I can oblige, very easily.

And then we have his hubby who has chosen this day of all days, the first year after my dad's passing to poke fun at funerals and use some of the most vulgar, foul language and one of his offending sentences directed at a twitter name in the name of cancer, the terminal disease my dad had.

Classy, Austin, real classy. That's just what in the heck I needed to see to feel good about you guys.

Let's just screw over that great find from last Sunday at Leadville. I'm trying to remember why I felt so happy that day.

I'm taking a break from these guys.

Special K said...

Who put Austin in the dog suit? OTH. And well in way Sophia, she had to sign off the look of the costume as the director of next week's episode. It's OTH doing Halloween. Oooooo... spooky!

Congrats NPH and David on the birth of their twins.

Special K said...

Jake looked good.The jacket, dark jeans and boots all worked. The beard is tamed and looking better. The one thing missing was that beautiful smile.

Special K said...

((PG)) thinking of you on a tough day.

people said...

Jake Star Tracks

Special K said...

Austin's costume might be bad but think someone on OTH has beat.

I'd start to wonder about if the wardrobe & art depts liked me anymore.

destiny said...


Not sure I understand what it is that Austin said about funerals that is inappropriate. I thought he was just genuinely saying that he likes what these people in the photo were doing. I don't know anything about the Scottish tradition, but the Irish often have big wakes, which in some ways are parties, and the point is to celebrate someone's life.

Plus it came after all his tweets about supporting cancer.

Am I wrong in how I see it because it is late and I'm tired? Am I missing something?

Special K said...

Amy Sedaris is on Letterman about her new craft book Simple Times, and she has a chapter called Crafting for Jesus, and its her in a beard, and she said "it looks like Jake Gyllenhaal, I saw him on the street". And then Letterman shows a picture of Jake at the New Yorker Festival for comparison.

Special K said...

I didn't think Austin was making fun of the Irish wake/Scottish Funeral/wake tradition. It is friends gathering together to tell stories, toast their friend/family, sing and laugh together. When Rose Kennedy passed the family and friends gathered together to sing and share and sip. And every hour as the wake went on they would stop and have a prayer.

prairiegirl said...

I'm probably the one who missed it, Destiny. Sorry, it just hit me all wrong tonight. Maybe it was that mf word along with the vulgarity of those last two entire sentences.

Funerals are celebrations of life and I am happy because those people aren't suffering anymore, like my dad and now my special friend Roy who has now also died of cancer. My Dad, I didn't get a chance to say goodbye to or like Roy, I should have gone to see him so much sooner while he was still alive. Been dealing with some bouts of real guilt today.

Combined with the word "cancer" in that person's Re-Tweet name and the shock of the gangsta talk and mf word and talking about 'my bitches', that was all just too much on this day and it just hit me really bad - I had been real good since this morning.

Some day you'll understand. I don't think anyone can understand until you experience it. Sorry to have been a downpour; probably tomorrow the funeral tweet would've made me laugh. lol, guess it is tomorrow now.

twitter said...

First NYC celeb sighting: Definitely saw Jake Gyllenhaal at dinner, and he saw me staring at him. And yes, he's just as gorgeous in person.
about 4 hours ago via web


tweet said...

@AUS10NICHOLS THANK YOU Austin! about 1 hour ago via web in reply to AUS10NICHOLS beatcancer

tweet said...

Majora celebrity sighting on Union Square: Jake Gyllenhaal!
about 12 hours ago ricardobairos

Methodical Muser said...

I'm thinking Destiny is right, (((PG))). It seemed to me that Austin's tweet was merely meant to express an appreciation for those in the picture who had gathered together to celebrate someone's life in the grand Celtic tradition.

I remember how, back in January, 2006, Craig Ferguson used his TV monologue as an opportunity to pay tribute to his father who had just died a few days before. I think many might find his affectionate, funny and emotional memories a true celebration of a life well-lived. A tremendously touching Celtic eulogy filled with warmth and poignant memories:

A Scottish Tribute from a Loving Son

Methodical Muser said...

Now, on the other hand, Austin’s Gangsta Rapper hiccups can easily inspire a good old-fashion forceful thump on the old noggin’. Seems like that tall Texan is wistfully bored, once again. Most times he has a reflective mind and a wicked sense of fun, but sometimes he just astounds with his saucy maledictions.

Methodical Muser said...

And, here I thought this rare animal was an endangered species!

Smiling Jake

Florida Tom said...

I am so excited about the game tonight. What a great pitching match up. Yanks are looking good SK how sweet it would be if the Phillies get past the Giants and knock them off. Gonna have to wrap up tonight sounds like it will be in the 40's before the game is over.

I had a nice conversation with Seaweeed last night. He has been really busy but was thrilled to see PG's great discovery at the Leadville 100 and said he loved the NYC post and all our thoughts about the interview. He was very impressed with how SK put it all together.

Hang in there PG. Sounds like you are really going through some tough times. Just a phone call away buddy. Being from an Irish family I had to endure several of the old fashion wakes as a kid. No fun for me at all. Darn things were 3 days long and the body was in the living room of my Aunt's house. Oh my Lord.