Monday, October 18, 2010

Bring Us a Shrubbery

It's a process, but it looks like it's


but will it be gone? (by November)

Why knock it down in stages?

It's like pruning shrubbery. You just don't hack at it because you end up trying to even one side with the other, and it get a bit hole where you don't want it.

First pass. Just gets the crazy brush out of the way.

Second pass. Getting the shape back into it.

Third pass. Finer detailing work. Putting down the electric clippers and get the shears.

Or it could be that badger of a beard had to be deconstructed for the safety of the clippers. How many clippers do think he burned out? : )

And we're walking, we're walking.
Jake has that confident determined walk with a carry-on down pat. You know he didn't even slow down when he walked on that 3 by 3 foot square of red carpet that American Airline throws down for their special frequent fliers.
Red Carpet .. over it.


prairiegirl said...

Missed out on the crockpot pot roast my aunts had cooking yesterday.

That's alright. I had the leftover George Foreman grilled hot dog and from the new batch of homemade applesauce, I got first dibs! LOL.

Mom chastised me for it, too.

prairiegirl said...

And I neglected to thank you, Destiny & Roma, for you guys' excellent review on LAOD.

That was very professional and quite thorough, forthright and pretty darn fair sounding.

Not exactly what I wanted to hear but I'm still going. Who would pass this opportunity up?


the real m said...

Looks like Jake is reluctant to let the beard go - the real one that is. When you are hiding something it is natural to want to cover up your body too.

As for trolls, they keep things colorful, even when being annoying. Their statements are so nonsensical and ineffective, it is somewhat amusing to watch them waste their time.

Re the crush on Ryan. Jake sparked when talking about Ryan at the Denby interview. More than just admiration.

Horny gays said...

"Re the crush on Ryan. Jake sparked when talking about Ryan at the Denby interview. More than just admiration."

So true M. Good catch. Just like it was so obvious that Austin was salivating over Gosling's one-eyed trouser snake.

destiny said...

Jake is so beautiful without the beard, it really is a shame that he is always covering up his face. It almost does seem like some kind of security blanket or cover, as if he feels too exposed without it.

Methodical Muser said...

Hey, Tom. Congrats on the Phillies win yesterday. Sigh. I'm really a Tim Lincecum fan because the Giants are just too...let's see what's the word? Oh yeah,"TORTUROUS" for my baseball sensibilities. Man, those guys aren't hitting to save their souls (except for Cody Ross, of course). But, "The Freak" is something to behold. Did you notice how the fans were whistling at Timmy on Saturday night. He said he didn't know what they were doing, at first, and then he realized they were whistling at his long, brown hair. I loved his sense of humor in the postgame show when he smiled and said he thought they were admiring his butt! LOL! That a boy.

Methodical Muser said...

Missed out on the crockpot pot roast my aunts had cooking yesterday.

I made some Portuguese Soupa yesterday because it's finally starting to get chilly over here. As usual I ate too much, but I savored every mouthful. Yummy! I even still use fresh mint from a plant my family has harvested for thirty years. Nothing better.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, the Phillies won?

Hey, congrats, Tom! I'm sorry, M&M.


Methodical Muser said...

Oh, the Phillies won? Hey, congrats, Tom! I'm sorry, M&M. Lol.

Was that sarcasm I heard? If only, Lincecum could pitch every night the Giants might have a chance!

prairiegirl said...

I'm sorry, m, but I'm not sure about that RG claim. Or at least I really disagree.

I had to use my new Bushness compact binoculars to even see Jake's face up close. There's no way I would've been able to tell if he was glowing without them. He sounded no different to me.

No biggie, though. We all see things differently.

HEY, how about those Royals?!!!


Ignorance said...

Jake sparked when talking about Ryan at the Denby interview.

LOL. Funny how no one mentioned this "spark" right after the event. I guess you just remembered it when Austin posted the BV link, huh? So let me get your theory straight. Austin, being his "hubby" and all, knows Jake has a "crush" on Ryan so he posts the link and then sends it Jake as a kind of gift? So they can both, what? Laugh over it? Get off on it? Is it your intention to insult and ridicule gay men or is it simple ignorance?

prairiegirl said...

Lincum. Now I know about the guy.

He's got a face you never forget. He's very unique.

prairiegirl said...

M&M, what is soupa?

Methodical Muser said...

[Lincecum] is very unique.

I'm hoping that's a compliment, PG! Sometimes the use of the word "unique" is like saying something or someone is "interesting." Come to think of it, he does have a singular quality about him, though.

Methodical Muser said...

M&M, what is soupa?

Like many ethnic groups, the Portuguese have a variety of religious festas celebrating different traditions and Soupa is one of the standard meals served at these gatherings. Soupa has different regional variations, but its meat base is a rump roast and then various spices are added (cloves, allspice, marjoram, cumin, etc.) and combined with potatoes, red wine, Worcestershire sauce, etc. Everything is slow cooked for 3-5 hours and then poured over day old French Bread (I prefer Sourdough). Typical peasant food and out of this world delicious.

destiny said...

It's when I hear about things like soupa that I'm kind of sorry I don't eat beef. I have no real desire to eat beef, but you just can't make something like a vegetarian soupa. Now you've gone and made me hungry too, it sounds soooo good. Love foods like this.

prairiegirl said...

That does sound pretty good. Can't beat a crockpot for cooking either. Dump it all in there and let it cook.

Oh!And I always like a roasted rump.

LOLLLLL!! I'm sorry.

Meaty said...

Oh!And I always like a roasted rump.

LOL. I bet Austin liked Gosling's beef rack in that video

destiny said...

Oh!And I always like a roasted rump.

LOL. I bet Austin liked Gosling's beef rack in that video


Methodical Muser said...

Oh! And I always like a roasted rump.

LOL. I bet Austin liked Gosling's beef rack in that video

Ha! I was hoping someone might catch my "drift". I threw out the slider with Lincecum's "butt" joke then I decided to add rump roast to the recipe when you actually can use a variety of cuts. Glad your minds are where they should be.

Now, I'm thinking about Jake's gorgeous tush that day, back in May, when he was photographed existing his hotel on the way to tape the David Letterman show. A true work of art.

Jake’s Assets #1

Jake’s Assets #2

Florida Tom said...

Destiny said.

Honestly, I doubt I would have noticed the bulge if not for seeing that comment before I watched the clip.

I saw that baby right away. I sure didn't need to read any comments and didn't.

Tim Lincecum looks like a 14 yo little league kid. He is truly amazing. I also had no clue at first what the whistling was about at the game on Saturday. It was so loud and sounded so funny. The crowd keep also chanting Timmy Timmy. None of this seemed to phase him at all. Actually I had the feeling he was having some fun with it. Besides Tim's such young looks and physique I think he is part Phillipino which also gives him a distinct look. The kid can pitch and I don't think he was even at his best as wasn't the Phillies pitcher Roy Halladay. Oh my two homeruns to Cody Ross.

By the way if anybody wants to see a real good looker check out Cole Hamels tomorrow night. WOW!

destiny said...

Jake's tush looks great in LAOD.

Methodical Muser said...

Jake's tush looks great in LAOD.

And, well worth the price of admission, I suspect. Thanks so much for the thorough overview of LaOD, Destiny. And, for ROMA's excellent insights as well. My friend, who saw one of the first screenings last year, also observed that Jake's performance was terrific, definitely possessing an ensorcelling quality (my entry in Aus10's tendollarwords challenge over on his Twitter account) that was not only a joy to watch, but survived several corny scenes. She had hoped those would be edited out but, alas, these "comedic" interludes evidently remained a distracting part of the film. She did mention that the story was uneven, but hoped some tight editing might help, because she enjoyed the chemistry between Jake and Anne so much. As you say, maybe the problem is with Zwick's inability (unlike Ang Lee) to capture complex emotions in a gut wrenching way. I also do remember she mentioned Jake's brother as being completely unbelievable and out of place. But, she enjoyed the lead performances very much. I will definitely go see this one, if for nothing more than to see Jake's many talents on full display.

prairiegirl said...

Do you reckon, M&M, that so many movies today are such cookie cutters? For whichever type of movie they are, they seem to need to have these same token characters.

The goofy, fun, unlucky in love but oh-so-faithful girlfriend of the lead actress role. The snarky, funny, gross, eccentric, outlandish best buddy or roommate of the male lead.

And maybe the directors/producers just force them into the movie whether they fit or not.

No one does anything original anymore. TV & movies alike - all they keep doing is remaking. And they're remaking classic, original, cannot be duplicated or should not be duplicated productions.

They should have never redone Pink Panther. I'm sorry - there's only one and that was Peter Sellers.

These people can't think up anything on their own. It's pathetic.

Hawaii 5-O. Charlie's Angels. Mod Squad. And to re-do Gilligan's Island?!! That's an absolute travesty.

prairiegirl said...

The kind of corny, innocent slapstick humor that made Gilligan's Island cannot be redone today. Gilligan's Island was original - a once in a blue moon cornball comedy that worked. And there can never be another Bob Denver or Alan Hale, Jr. or certainly not another Professor or Jim Backus. Or Natalie Shaffer. Or Dawn Wells. Even ol' Ginger, what was her name? Tina Louise.

Russell Johnson!! That's the Professor's name. LOL.

You could get an actor to do a great imitation of one of them. But you cannot put a new spin on those people. It's just cheap imitation.

Some things should just be left alone. Leave them in the vault and for gosh sakes, go sit in a plexiglass room and come up with an idea of your own. It's what you get paid to do.

grrrrrrr. This is a real sore spot with me. Don't get me started.

Gilligan remake. It's blasphemy, I tell you!

prairiegirl said...

This has been one of THE most awful days. Ever. Nothing tragic or horrendous, but just one of those gosh awful, makes you want to kick a curb kind of days.

I overslept. And I'm not talking just some minor oversleep. I'm talking I was 1 1/2 hrs late. When I woke up and saw daylight, I knew right away I was done for. I threw on my clothes, no shower, no teeth brushing, heck, I didn't even comb my stinkin' hair. I thought I had a brush in my purse but I forgot I had thrown it away! So I had to use my fingers.

I didn't even go to the bathroom!! LOL! I did everything at work. And traffic was the pits - I had to take another route and I felt scuzzy all stinkin' day. Most embarrassing thing ever. I fed the dogs and let them out and then I had to fly. Poor things. I left the house in a real mess and when I got back, they were home!!

LOLLLL!! My worst nightmare! They were back a day early and I had crap everywhere!! Their shower backs up so I had bought some Liquid Foam Plumber - never got to use it - it sat on the dining table. Dirty socks on the chair, dirty cereal bowl at the sink, bed unmade, stuff absolutely everywhere. Piece of popcorn on the floor under the dining room table. Open bottle of Sobe Lifewater on the table - Fuji Apple Pear.

It must have looked like Animal House!! It was awful. But she wasn't fazed a bit. They love for me to watch their dogs - they say they feel so good when they're with me.

Man. I still feel all disoriented. I sat down at my desk and just started to work. I worked through lunch and had to stay one more 1/2 hr to make up my time. My super said she wasn't mad - she was just worried because I never do anything like that. She called me on my cell phone. It was just awful. I am setting two alarms tonight.

peeeyewww said...

I threw on my clothes, no shower, no teeth brushing, heck, I didn't even comb my stinkin' hair.

I bet StinkyReesy even brushed her teeth on those days she didn't shower. StinkyPeeGee!

destiny said...

didn't even go to the bathroom!! LOL!

that alone is enough to make it a bad day!

Special K said...

Here are some of my ten dollar words for Austin


and of course with all the talk of the day about Jake and a word to describe Austin as well:


prairiegirl said...

LOL - I didn't. I pretty much forgot. Then when I got to work and finished one of my early tasks, then I went. LOLLLL!!

Thank goodness I had taken down the trash, recyclables, & 2 yard waste bags down the bottom of the driveway last night or it really would have been bad.

Tonight starts my first night of self-imposed disciplinary actions. I must be in my room by 10pm. That way, I'm assured of lights out by 11. I have 20 minutes to hop to it and get my butt in my room.

We'll see how long it lasts. lol.

Okay, well, gotta cut it off! I get to walk in the morning so really looking forward to that.

prairiegirl said...

I know loquacious, Special!! lol. And persnickity.

Okay, slap on the wrist! Gotta go.

prairiegirl said...

14 minutes. LOL!!

Austin's twitter:

Fundraising, Flights, Shoot Tv Show, Fed Ex shit, Go to Spain, Fly back, Work, Ride Bike, Not Car, Shoot more show. Clean the Planet. 2 minutes ago via web

LOL - Fedex sh_ _. What in the heck is he sending Fedex? Austin, send those airbills to me! I do that stuff every day!!! I can even do customs paperwork. Piece of cake, buddy.

lol. That would be one headache taken care of.

11 minutes.

the real m said...

PG, there must be something in the air. I overslept this AM too. Started reading an old slash - something with paper moon in the title - and could not put it down. Then I slept right through my alarm. Allocated a few minutes to OMG then rushed to work. Had 2 near miss almost accidents on the way to work. Good thing I am a defensive driver and avoided them.

Anyway, re the Ryan thing. I picked something up during the interview because I filed it away in my memory banks. It may have been from Jake's tone of voice or inflection. I have a very sensitive ear, especially for voices. My opinion of course.

FYI, I've got some business travel starting Wednesday which will keep me tied up the rest of the week and with limited access to a computer. I may have a nervous breakdown with no internet. Also lots of Jake news to catch up on when I get home. If you guys don't see any comments from me for a few days, that's why.

anne said...

When Anne Hathaway reunites with her Brokeback Mountain costar Jake Gyllenhaal for Love & Other Drugs (in theaters November 24), the actress hopes audiences aren't scared away by the film's raunchy sex scenes.

"This movie certainly has a lot of nerve," Hathaway, 27, tells the November issue of Vogue.

In the film, Hathaway plays a free-spirit named Maggie who hooks up with a Viagra salesman named Jamie (Gyllenhaal) -- roles that required both actors to strip for the cameras.

"These are people who have no trouble taking their clothes off -- in a way, their bodies are their currency," she explains. "But they're terrified of exposing their vulnerability, of becoming emotionally naked."

But Hathaway admits that unlike her character, she didn't feel nearly as comfortable exposing herself emotionally and sexually.

"I was a wreck from start to finish. I think I cried every single day," she says. "I had to lean so much more heavily on everyone around me than I'm used to. I’m used to pulling my own weight. But I totally fell apart."

I have a very sensitive nose said...

I have a very sensitive ear, especially for voices.

lol, you can give it up now, no one is buying it.

Methodical Muser said...

Do you reckon, M&M, that so many movies today are such cookie cutters? For whichever type of movie they are, they seem to need to have these same token characters.

Yes, I do, PG. Too many test audiences. Too much emphasis on trying to please everyone, especially the film industry's most important demographics - teenagers and young adults. Imagination (sans special effects) and taking risks are key components of the fine arts, but with big business/investors determining so much product (particularly with big studio films), the desire or ability to venture outside a perceived "safe zone" is rarely attempted.