Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Ever noticed?

Someone has been reading Coco Chanel because when Julian is dressed and leaves the house he takes one accessory off.

But shirtless and home something is front and center. It's on baby!

Julian's amulet to ward off evil?
Or an actor giving a little shout out.

Just something to think about.

Tonight on the Crazy Tree

“We All Fall Down” But unfortunate for us OTH is like a weeble, it pops back up.

BrookeDavis(TM)goes to see BigBadMama at the Big House.(Ms Davis there is a dress code for visiting prison and that outfit would be a big no). Holy Stop the Shrink Ray! Julian's allowed out of the house with someone over the age of 9 and there are adult beverages too.

Feats of Clay and Bikini Quinn are bringing attention to the healthcare crisis for another week. But who shows up? "I Look Like Your Dead Wife Sarah" Krazy Kate who is back to drag that storyline out for 6 more scripts. Alex and Chase hit the links and that's not the internet but the hip and edgy world of golf. (Take that Glee!)

BrookeDavis(TM) deals with all the financial troubles at Clothes Over Bro’s, and how she can't have the wedding she deserves. Oh wait her ever supportive JBra is there to make it all better. Him and the Biltmore Estate. Because BrookeDavis' empire rivals the Vanderbilts of course. And that is the only place "The Queen for a Day" in a rent a tiara can be married and sell the pictures to People for some bucks. Julian solves it all! Nathan and The Real Housewife of Tree Hill come to the conclusion Nathan’s career is OVA! Bye Bye Basketball. Oh and Julian gets a job, and starts a new film, he's plan to finance a wedding or just to keep a safe distant of Bridezilla?

"If that show on ABC Family got picked up, I could have had the Disney Dream Wedding by David Tutera that I've always wanted"

And how about this for a TwoWheel Tuesday.


destiny said...

I just remembered another thing from the New Yorker event I meant to mention. Jake was asked what his favorite music was. After joking that it was klezmer music, he said he liked folk songs. He then told a story about recording a folk song with Maggie, and how they thought they were being so good, but then when they listened to the tape they thought it was awful.

I was surprised that he said folk music since most of the stuff he has mentioned liking in the past has not included that genre.

In answer to another question, he said the one thing he would never do in a movie is dance.

destiny said...

That two-wheeler is cool looking.

folking said...

destiny, ever hear of Mumford & Sons?

Special K said...

Thanks ROMA, and glad you had a great time. Wasn't sure if you wanted to delurk or not. Thank you for your comments and insights of the evening.

I can see Jake touching his necklace when he reflected on love and telling the one he loves for the first time. A touchstone as he thinks of him. It is in those small gestures that show a glimpse of the depth of their bond.

The two-wheeler reminds me of the canisters you use at the drive up window at the bank.

destiny said...

Of course I've heard of Mumford & Sons. But in any interviews I've read with Jake he has always talked about rap, Bruce Springsteen, Rufus, etc. Never folk music that I can recall.

Just because he likes one folk-oriented group doesn't mean it is his favorite genre of music. In fact during Brothers promo didn't he say rap was his favorite?

destiny said...

LOL to the bank canister Special. And for some reason it makes me think of hamsters and their toys too.

Jersey Tom said...

ROMA I enjoyed sitting next to you at the interview and all the interesting stories you told me about living next to the building that Jake and his parents used to live in. I am so glad you came. I didnt get to say goodbye either. I hope to see you again soon.

prairiegirl said...

Hi Roma! Glad to see you. It was a real pleasure to meet you and I will now be on a search for the recipe for those deviled eggs.

Best deviled eggs I have ever had. I think I could've eaten a whole meal of those things.

Special K said...

Can not let this day go by without saying.

Happy Monty Python Day!

Back on October 5, 1969, the first episode of the sketch comedy Monty Python's Flying Circus premiered, bringing something completely different to UK television.

Special K said...

So what is different about this tweet from Austin? ; )

AUS10NICHOLS: Donate 26 bucks to www.crowdrise.com/austinnichols to win a blackberry with personalized video and photos from OTH set. $ goes to charity
about 5 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

Special K said...

Well that this get interesting.

AUS10NICHOLS: I will be live twating in one hour about the tv show. Send in your twats.
8 minutes ago via Twitter for BlackBerry® ·

ROMA said...

Hi Everyone! I too will get on the search for the recipe PG!

Destiny is so right....I too keep forgetting to mention Jake's surprising Klezmer comment and Folk Music comments.

Jersey Tom, sorry I thought I'd see you the following morning so I felt badly as well I did not say so long for now properly. We had amazing seats for our special evening.

Til next time! (When?!?) And we all will insure a certain someone makes it here to NYC next time.

Now back to the blog!

prairiegirl said...

He's ridin' solo, Special.

Notice, too, that uh....she's not quite as gung ho. I also didn't see any tweets from Soapy about her arm rest.

OMG said...

Jake's surprising Klezmer comment and Folk Music comments.

I love that he said that! :*

prairiegirl said...

LOL - yeah, I bet he'd like to see filming in Brazil. Austin'll ditch the crew and go off in search of Brazilian men! lol.

And **sigh**. And a twitter mention of Robert-o. What I would have given for that 2 years ago! What can I do with that now?!!! A big fat nothing! lol.

Well, what did I get from ol' Jinglemania today when I got home from work? A little half-pretzel twist logroll in the spare room, nice and fresh. Aaaaaaand, their 1/3 full bag of dogfood lying on its side in the kitchen, a big ol' hole torn in the corner and a few pieces of dogfood on the floor. I don't think they really got into it too much because they ate like they were starving and no one has been sick. So I need to find a place to hide that torn bag of dog food. That darn Jingles!

OMG said...

Oh no. :)

more from new yorker festival said...

Jake Gyllenhaal: Kissing on Camera Is "Awkward" and "Uncomfortable"

Jake Gyllenhaal was one to kiss and tell this weekend, dishing on his on-screen lip locks with Hollywood's A-List celebs.

The hunky actor, perched in a director's chair at the SVA Theater in Chelsea Saturday night, dished on his discomfort when it came to silver screen smooches during the New Yorker Festival.

"It's inevitably uncomfortable," Gyllenhall said. "It's inevitably awkward. And everybody's in on it. No matter how intimate it is, everybody's in on it. Occasionally, I've been into it. I won't talk about with whom."

Gyllenhaal, joined on stage by film critic David Denby and director of his latest film "Love & Other Drugs" Ed Zwick, said it's hard to get hot and heavy when there's a crew watching.

"There's this weird sense of being watched," he confessed. "If you've ever made out with anybody and you know you're being watched, you can't help but watch yourself. And that just takes the sexiness right out of it."

He also spoke openly about his infamous on-screen kiss with Heath Ledger in the 2005 Oscar-nominated "Brokeback Mountain."

"This has been hard for me to explain for years," he said. "It was about more than just kissing. We had very little to do with that scene being as powerful as it was."

He quipped, "So we just basically went up and slammed our mouths together. We were the instruments for something that was much bigger than both of us."


the real m said...

good recall on the folk music. And I don't think it was Mumford & Sons type music he was referencing. He was a bit shy and hesitant, almost embarrassed to mention folk music. He also implied that he had been singing folk music for a long time, not just recently.

As bits and pieces of his interview surface on the web, I am sure we will remember much more.

ROMA, it was great meeting you. I hope we see you here all the time in months to come.

the real m said...

The BBM reunion kiss generates a lot of discussion. Rightly so for its significance in the movie. But its the kiss in the 2nd night in the tent that knocks me out. Now that was a kiss.

Special K said...

Here's something that came up about Jake's chat on Saturday night from TribecaFilm.com

He’d be unrecognizable but for those enormous blue eyes. In fact, when Jake Gyllenhaal walked out on stage at the SVA Theater in Chelsea on Saturday night, a full bushy beard covering what seemed like all of his face, film critic David Denby didn’t even introduce him by name. “I don’t know who this guy is,” Denby joked. “He looked a little lost, so we invited him in.”

...read the rest here

Special K said...

Did anyone check out Austin's tw..well you know .... from his hour online during the show.

Some of them:

RT juliedemdam @AUS10NICHOLS why are you stalking nathan...with a camera no less. Creepy julian

Because he looks so good sweaty.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT 4tothefloorFar @AUS10NICHOLS Do u look like your One Tree Hill character in real life?
about 3 hours ago via ÜberTwitter in reply to AUS10NICHOLS

No I wear a prosthetic nose and ears, wig and lips.
about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT SeriouslyNLuv @AUS10NICHOLS where was this scene filmed i know its in ashville, NC but whats the building called? about 3 hours ago via web Retweeted by AUS10NICHOLS

The Biltmore Estate. Who says Amerika aint got no kultur? about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@aus10nichols will be singing the theme song next week. about 3 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

RT KylieJai21 @AUS10NICHOLS -are you that sweet and amazing off camera?! Haha about 2 hours ago via Echofon Retweeted by AUS10NICHOLS

Way more!!
about 2 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

the real m said...

One of the great things about going in a group was that each person notices something the other may miss. Like stroking a ring finger or a neck chain. There was just so much to take in.

I did not like the way Jake's intro was botched. First the ad running, then Denbys comment. I loved that ad and had seen it shortly after it first came out. Schwartzman was a hoot in it. Ironically, I had tried to find it to show my husband since he is considering getting an IPAD, but gave up when I could not find it in one or two tries. And then there it was overshadowing Jake.

Special K said...

Julian had more time with other adults tonight on OTH, including Nathan and Haley.

And he was behind the camera. Wonder if it was the Red One?

Found that Julian has distinct opinions about lilies, and snapdragons. And he wanted to make sure they knew he picked out the flowers for Quinn.

Brooke is liquidating all of her personal wealth and assets so she can pay back all her investors.

Is this setting it up that Julian's mama is going to pay for the whole she-bang of a wedding and that Brooke might have to go through with the Grease 2 wedding of Julian dreams? HA! Oh come on BrookeDavis(TM) will get what she deserves, how many times has that been driven home in the script.

prairiegirl said...

Because he looks so good sweaty???!!!

WOW! Now that's a hot statement.

No one else has caught that one? How did I miss that?

I forgot OTH was on last night but I was looking at his twitters and somehow I missed that one.

Attaboy, Austin.

I've got to go. Great comments, m. Wish I could comment further but I've got to go. Was about 15 min late yesterday for work because of my sleeping snafu, lol. Geez. Much more clearheaded today. That airplane ride had my head all jacked up for some reason.

LOL - you should see this little fall sweater Jingles has had on. It's orange with these little orange/brown plaid cut-outs of a big dog paw on the back. I've got to take a picture of it. It's a big crack up.

ted said...

Dear Ted:
In light of your latest chapter on Toothy, I think I am now almost as confused about what Toothy is up to as Toothy is of his own sexuality! If Tooth is choosing to secretly hook up with chicks away from prying eyes, I struggle to understand how this will bolster the faux public hetero image pushed by his handlers. What makes you so certain that this is "fake babe-nailing" and that T2 does not genuinely have the hots for both boys and girls à la Nevis Divine? And I guess your comment on Grey Goose being "over it" means that sadly, the love story between T.T. and G.G. is on the outs. So who gets Baby Tile?

Dear Tile-Phile:
Whew! So many queries, hon-pie. In order you mentioned: You are not alone. It won't. Because I know. Not yet. TBD.

Dear Ted:
Regarding your remark to Sophia Bush about getting naked for PETA. I hereby start an online petition to have you, Ted Casablanca, drop trou. It's for the animals.

Dear Petitioner:
Two things, sweetheart: First, thank you. Second, you'd better start this campaign before I stop smoking, 'cause, once I do, no Reese's Peanut Butter Cup will be safe.

Bitch Back

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

I thought another one of Jake's interesting comments on Saturday night was in regard to his outlook on his own work behavior/ethic. And it was made in the early part of the session and Jake made a statement about his own need to be prepared when filming and that directors are needing him to come through for them. Jake made the comment about realizing that no one was going to be holding his hand anymore.

I thought that was a pretty humble statement to make. It takes a big person to admit something like that. Too bad others in Hollywood can't come to that realization.

And I'm not sure in what areas Jake was referring to, he didn't divulge that. This would have been a great opportunity for that interviewer guy to probe him and ask him for some examples. grrrr!!!! That interviewer could have been so much better - it's really frustrating now to see where he didn't pursue where he should have.

But no way I was getting up and going to that mike. LOLLLLL!!! No way!!!

David Fincher said...

Jake made a statement about his own need to be prepared when filming and that directors are needing him to come through for them. Jake made the comment about realizing that no one was going to be holding his hand anymore.
And I'm not sure in what areas Jake was referring to

Sounds like he's talking about Fincher and Zodiac and that interview he gave about working with Fincher that got a lot of attention. Fincher is a very well-respected director so it's smart for Jake to own up to that.

the real m said...

Ted's questions and answers are a bit difficult to follow, but he does reconfirm that the boys are still together when he says "not yet". Also, he affirms that Toothy is gay, not bi."Because I know".

the writing is on the wall said...

I'm waiting to see the spin when Ted finally says they are kaput. He's leading up to it bit by bit.

Special K said...

Austin was quick to make a tweet out of nowhere about opposites attract, when people were interpreting that Ted was saying last week that they were done.

And from what it sounds like, the only time Jake touched his necklace was when he was talking about love, as a way connecting and thinking of that person.

So I don't take those as actions of people broken up with each other.

All relationships have ups and downs and bumpy roads, and stressors and they are not immune. It may be that they have things that they need to work on, but who doesn't.

destiny said...

Exactly. And there would be no need for Ted to lie about it not being over. The focus has always been on Toothy, and whatever happens, he'll still be writing about him.

Special K said...

I do have to chuckle at Mr. C, he is a clever clever fellow talking about Ms. Bush and Reese's cups.

...every minute said...

Austin is following the TT saga on AT now? Really?

destiny said...

Slaps forehead.

Didn't think about the Reese-Sophia connection in that answer.

Atticus said...

It's for the animals.