Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Spin Art or Art of the Spin?

Is Jake spinning more than his wheels with SoulCycle?

As the "exclusive story" in US Weekly goes, that's making the rounds, Jake   got more than a workout from SoulCycle "allegedly" he got himself a Sport Illustrated girlfriend.

But as soon as it popped up Gossip Cop knock it down.

Is that a part of the spin too?

It's enough to make people dizzy....or is that distracted? 


fantasy island said...

Why must ever angle insinuate that Jake and Austin's faux family (wink) and invisible ((child)) or "children" is the meaning. Goodness......


prairiegirl said...
Uh, because it does.

humm, in your fantasy world PG, only in your world. Talk to me later, maybe 15 years from now when you come to your sense and find out there were never any babytiles or brood of Jake and Austin rugrats.

the real m said...

It boggles my mind that two handsome single men are seldom if ever seen in the company of women, and even then it turns out they are both in the same picture, yet people dont believe that they are gay. Get real already. Hetero men pursue women. Gay men pursue men. Pretty obvious that Jake and Austin are gay. And i have no doubt that in 15 years they will have come out. Look how rapidly things are changing. I just saw a Kindle commercial where a man and a woman are talking and it turns out they both have a husband. And last night a news anchor (male) started telling a story on air about his husband. It seemed like it took forever for progress, but now acceptance is progressing at a rapid rate.

Florida Tom said...

Sure is sweet m. Sure is sweet. I truly love what I see. The haters out there dont know what the hell hit em. People can never give back the freedom all of us have found. Well except for leading men and male sports stars:-)

prairiegirl said...

Well pointed out, m. Things are changing incredibly, it is wonderful. Too bad Jake and Austin are trying so hard to set back time, isn't it? They and the "brain trust" of companies like WME who will stoop to anything to distance themselves from "the rumors".

Even if it means buying Twitter accounts to disaffiliate Jake from his role as Jack Twist.

Special, you make an excellent observance. It does seem to be WME's tactic. This is how they're doing it. It's like the $3-5 cheap car wash. "Come on, Jake, it's going to be quick. You don't need to worry about the extended extras, ie the shiny wheel attention, undercarriage treatment, etc. No more splashy 'Jake Moves In!', no commitment to more than one photo op with the girl, no, no, you just sit there and take the quickie dunk and it'll be over before you know it." Gay washed away!!

Pair Jake up with some obscure "nursing student" or now it's a swimsuit model, get Twitter to flap away and then "Oh no!! Pfshaw, no, no, it's not true. Nothing to see here, folks, nothing to see. Totally false!"

Then Jakey just shakes a few drops of water off and whistles a happy tune as he pulls out of the car wash, continuing along on his merry way.

See how that goes?

It didn't take long at all for me to see. It's all in how the non-story was tweeted. Jake's name plastered in full, well minus the Benjamin, dating........a Sports Illustrated swimsuit model". She was lucky if her name got included in the tweet headline. But Jake's name was front and center alongside a 'swimsuit model'.

Yup, now that will carry him for awhile like a magic carpet ride high above any affiliation with being gay. Until the expiration date wears off and it's time for the next "This tweet is for all the lovely ladies out there".

No harm, no foul, right Jake? Right, Austin? Look Ma, clean hands! Look kids! Hands? Still clean.

prairiegirl said...

On a more positive note, I do take some enjoyment in seeing the signs that Jake and Austin have been having a getaway week with their family in sunny California.

ghost of boo said...

More on Boo: his last appearence in public was in in aug. 2006 according to the pics on ihj. Jake is seen walking him along with Atticus in L.A.

I dont think that boo in the pics in Texas . That dog looks smaller and the coloring is different. Jake appears with Atticus sans boo in Oct. 2006. With Maggie and Peter

Special K said...

There was a story that ran on AP about the Kindle ad and the sift in ads coming out of the closet and into the mainstream.

Here it is, courtesy of

Ads out of closet, into mainstream with gay themes

for the record said...

There are several stories in 2007 talking about Boo and Jake. And, the dog in Texas is Boo. In fact, the last time the dog was mentioned was in July/August 2007. TIFF was when Jake mumbled something about no longer having him. That would have been September 2007.

Florida Tom said...

Cool ad.

ghost of boo said...

That dog may have been boo in Sept. 2006 in texas but somwthing obviously happened in the fall of 2006, that was the last time he was seen no matter how many times he was mentioned in 2007.

ghost of boo said...

Boo was long gone by 2007. Methinks that as he got older he became difficult and no longer the cute puggle. Probably didn't get along with Atticus. One had to go and Jake had him longer

Snausage said...

I think it was pointed out on this blog though that Jake had Boo for 2 years. It would seem if there was a compatibility issue between Boo and Atticus, the separation would have occurred before 2 whole years had elapsed.

ghost of boo said...

Not so sure about that. I would assume Jake became attached yo boo and it was probably hard to part with him. I bet he did a proper search to make sure boo found a good home. If I recall there are pap pics of Jake in NY late 2005 and it looks like he just just got boo. He was with his Mom, Maggie and Chris. If. Boo disappeared after September 2006 that woild make it one year not two.

Methodical Muser said...

You can tell by the pictures of Atticus with Boo that they got along just fine. Atticus is probably the most mellow dog I've ever seen and Boo seemed quite comfortable with him on public their outings. Boo did not disappear after one year. In fact,it was well into 2007 and there was even an article about how happy Jake's doggies made him in March 2007. If Jake and Austin had a baby in October 2007, the first trimester of viability would have been April. That's when Jake would have begun realizing the he could not handle a second "baby" with all the distractions of his upcoming bearding contract with Reesey and the stork arriving in the Fall. There obviously was no canine compatibility issue. Boo and Atti were buds from the start.

Methodical Muser said...

Here's the link to the article:

Article about Jake and Boo from March 2007

Daddy Jake said...

Boo was long gone by 2007

LOL! I guess Boo wasn't long gone by 2007, huh? It's so obvious what's going on here. Jake and babies are off limits. Maybe Jake should have thought of that before he starting pumping them out.

Unknown said...

Sorry I can not remember were I read about Boo. It has been awhile. Lots of great point about little Boo. One day we shall know. Maybe.

Just a thought. If Jake and Austin are a couple, Who would tell first? I know the haven't said anything but one of them is about to burst someday. So, Who?

Methodical Muser said...

I would think they would have to come out as a couple and a family at the same time.

prairiegirl said...

They'll come out together. They have to.

Atticus and Boo said...

I'm going to chime in with first hand knowledge of Atticus and Boo. I saw Jake at a park near Silver Lake back in late 2006 and those dogs got along very well. I even said to my boyfriend that I wished our dogs got along like those two. I also remember there was a Mississippi Animal Rescue fund raiser back in October 2006 where Jake donated a paw print of Atticus and Boo on a dog bone and he even autographed it too. So there definitely was no signs of trouble in paradise at the end of 2006.

prairiegirl said...

Oh hey, M&M, you posted while I was catching up, lol.

destiny said...

I love that Kindle ad, I've seen it a number of times on TV.

Yes, things are changing rapidly, that's why the whole reeke episode is doubly sad. And probably all for a movie that stalled his career and sent him back to Indies.

prairiegirl said...

Thanks, 19:45, nothing like a firsthand witness.

And now let's have a Powerpoint, shall we? Glad I was able to help out PR this morning with how to tweet about their boy when they're setting out to push their agenda. We'll see how much they retain next time around. And there will be a next time. Sure as rain.

So this is how the tweets went yesterday, when PR wanted to roll this little US "exclusive". Dates and times are not posted due to time/space issues, but you can do a copy/paste with the link and that will take you to the site. They were all yesterday, right out of the starting gate.

3/6/13, 22:45

Jake Gyllenhaal dating swimsuit model he met at gym

Jake Gyllenhaal dating Sports Illustrated beauty - San Francisco Chronicle (blog)

Jake Gyllenhaal dating Sports Illustrated model: Jake Gyllenhaal met his new girlfriend in the gym.The End of...

Gyllenhaal dating swimsuit model:Is Jake Gyllenhaal dating Sports Illustrated model?

You can't miss this - Jake Gyllenhaal Has a Gorgeous New Girlfriend! And Her Name Is...

Jake Gyllenhaal's got a new girl . . . and she's a Sports Illustrated model!

^^^ Notice the last one is US Magazine's twitter account and they're the "exclusive" source, so you can tell who wrote them the check by whose name they focused on.

These are just a few samples. Imagine these being tweeted and retweeted over. And over. And over. And over. And over again. All day and all night long.

Major fail said...

Never mind the whole Taylor Swift fiasco. That was disgusting too. I'm pretty sure that cartoonish apple picking, ice cream licking showmance didn't help his career either. I mean, how could you even take him seriously after those two bearding travesties? Also, if Jake did go ahead and have a family with Austin Nichols, I would think that made the big wigs in Hollywood all kinds of mad. I certainly wouldn't invest in any film with him in it. Too risky.

Atticus and Boo said...

Thanks, 19:45, nothing like a firsthand witness.

You're welcome! :-)

prairiegirl said...

And that's not to say that there weren't any which didn't mention Emily DiRoboto's name. But not near as many as were like those copied above. Clearly, she was second billing. Now you don't have to be a rocket scientist to see how Marketing works.

Now today? lol. Here's how they're going today.

Katelyn Rotondaro ‏@krotondaro
Oh my god @emilydidonato1 on E! news?! Jake Gyllenhaal? Is it true?

Nothing ‏@niallscabbage
Crazy how Emily D and Jake Gyllenhaal are dating I'll never forget how I gave her a tampon my freshman year u welcome

Sienna Clayton ‏@SiennaSigil
Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5 Things to Know

Shele & Michael ‏@sexmyths
Model Emily DiDonato Dating Jake Gyllenhaal After Meeting At SoulCycle

Celebrity Gossip ‏@Celebrity_Gossp
#Gossip #CelebrityNews Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5... #InstantFollowBack CGFNews ‏@headlines_nl
Jake Gyllenhaal datet met Emily Didonato … #showbizz #mediaencultuur #headlines

Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5 Things to Know: Just when we thought Jake Gyllenhaal preferred blondes, he...

phxalfie ‏@phxalfie
Model Emily DiDonato Dating Jake Gyllenhaal After Meeting At SoulCycle: The 32-year-old actor has been dating ...

Onye Akpala ‏@datingscene
Model Emily DiDonato Dating Jake Gyllenhaal After Meeting At SoulCycle

Vanessa Taylor ‏@CelebLoveTalk

#JakeGyllenhaal Met New Woman @emilydidonato1 at Gym -- Is This a Good Way to Meet "The One?" #pgcb

Nice little fix-it this morning, PR. That's all right. Can't undo what was done yesterday, though.

Special K said...

Great to hear Atti and Boo - thanks again.

I notice how the discussion started about the dogs again this morning, and I wondered if people that was to get the discussion off the art of the spin. Just a thought.

And I agree I think when they come out it will come out together as a family.

Methodical Muser said...

Exactly, PG. There were a number of twitter sightings of Jake in LA for several days, starting with the weekend, when his people were trying to place him in NY and Atlanta so it was only a matter of time for some high profile clean up detail. I love how Gossip Cop continues their pattern of immediately discounting all these Jake with women pairings by going to Jake's reps directly, yet gossip/entertainment sites and mags continue to push the false story for weeks and weeks. The twitterverse then continues to perpetuate the fauxmance with both real and hired hands recirculating the lie on an endless loop. Jake is definitely predictable.

prairiegirl said...

And is there ever any more visible evidence that twitter accounts are bought and paid for? Look at this interesting little pattern I just found as I was doing a little scrolling. Whatever on earth brought these Obama fan twitter accounts on board, all aflutter about Jake and E.D.? Look at this, all clustered in a row.

Obama, The Leader ‏@ObamaTheLeader
Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5 Things to Know

Barack Obama Lovers ‏@BarackObamaLove
Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5 Things to Know

The President, Again ‏@PresidentAgain
Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5 Things to Know

Sweet Heart ‏@eagleneverflock
Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5 Things to Know

^^^ that one has Obama avatar

Leader Forever ‏@LeaderForever2
Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5 Things to Know

Barack Obama Again ‏@NeedObamaAgain
Jake Gyllenhaal's Rumored New Girlfriend Emily DiDonato: 5 Things to Know

I just thought that was intriguing. All Obama avatars, all about All about Jake and EmmyD.

Hmm. Jem. Eake. Jonato. Jemily. Dake. Donatohaal. lol

prairiegirl said...

I notice how the discussion started about the dogs again this morning, and I wondered if people that was to get the discussion off the art of the spin. Just a thought.

A good, probably very accurate thought, Special.

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe the folks at the Obama accounts needed a break from heady discussions about sequestration, an unregulated banking industry that is too big to fail, and Rand Paul's 13-hour filibuster over drone strikes. ***Just kidding***

Great point, PG.

prairiegirl said...

Also, if Jake did go ahead and have a family with Austin Nichols, I would think that made the big wigs in Hollywood all kinds of mad. I certainly wouldn't invest in any film with him in it. Too risky.

They're both a huge risk.

Yeah, did you see that, M&M? Isn't that something.

Oh, and look, someone's still trying the student angle.

Abbie Conlon ‏@AyyyCon
“@eonline: Meet Jake Gyllenhaal's rumored girlfriend the swimsuit model: ” LIES. His GF is actually a student at WC.
6:45 p.m. - Mar 7, 2013 ·

lol. Geez Abbie, calm down.

It's amazing what you see on Twitter, the predictable patterns, the constant mentions in account profiles of "Marketing", "public relations", "media", "journalist", "Communications". Oh, and with Jake? Yes, I think this was brought up the other day. A very frequent "fashion" affiliation.

sticking together said...

Did you guys notice how Reese's friend Chelsea Handler is trying to help Swift out by suggesting that she never can stay with these guys because she's a virgin? Not that they're gay, which she very well knows, but because Swift just won't give it up. Yeah right. That's why she made sure to have paps outside her hotel in NY to take HD quality photos of Harry Styles coming and going.

prairiegirl said...

I saw a headline somewhere about that, sticking together, but I didn't read it. It said something about 'Chelsea Handler thinks Taylor Swift is a virgin'. lol

It'll be really interesting to see if Taylor beards again. She has really built herself quite the reputation. She's scary. I told someone yesterday it wouldn't surprise me at all if she has voodoo dolls in her bed.

The Stir said...

Eye Roll
Jake Gyllenhaal is Dating Someone Way Out His League

Somewhat ironically, it was right around the time he was being lauded for his turn as a "gay cowboy" that I became totally infatuated with Jake Gyllenhaal. But perhaps also ironically, his failed relationships with other A-list ladies over the years have been something of a turnoff. Dating Taylor Swift was by far the last straw! The guy's 32 -- she was, what, 16?! Okay, more like he was 30, and she was 21. But still, what the heck is he thinking?! Also, does he fancy himself in the same league as lifelong, too suave-to-marry celeb bachelors George Clooney and Leonardo DiCaprio? Not seeing it!
At any rate, he's been single since a brief relationship with Minka Kelly last summer. But new reports say he's been dating a new flame! Who's the lucky lady?!

Drumroll please ...

It's ... Emily DiDonato. Never heard of her? Neither had I. Turns out, she's a model based in NYC who was "featured" in Sports Illustrated's 2013 swimsuit edition. (Which basically translates to good job you're a hottie, but you're no Kate Upton!)

Emily and Jakey have been dating "for a month or two," according to an insider. And where did the happy couple meet? The posh spinning studio SoulCycle in Manhattan. They likely bonded over their shared passions ... fitness, staying in shape, looking hot, smiling. The usual.

Yes, I'm pouring on the sarcasm thick because I just don't get what the dude's doing. Maybe he's closeted, and Emily is his latest beard. Maybe he's straight but a commitaphobe? Or an egomaniac. (The source did say of Jake's visits to SoulCycle, "He'll hop on the instructor bike. He loves the attention from the girls!" Uh-huh. Hmm ... What about the boys?!)

Anyway, it's disappointing, because if he is straight, it would be much more satisfying to see him with someone equally famous and successful -- like Katie Holmes! What happened there?! Even if that was never gonna pan out, it's not like there's a shortage of gorgeous, smart, wife-worthy women his own age (or older!) he'd probably have a greater chance of getting serious with.

But for now, guess he just wants to (screw around) spin with a barely legal SI sweetie. Good luck with that, Jake! Hey, at least she's not a singer-songwriter who's gonna bash you in a top 40 hit down the road!

She sounds a bit skeptical

Florida Tom said...

Guess this is what Jake has settled for instead of reeke.I think he would only ever put himself through that again if the payday was very very high.