Friday, June 21, 2013

As a tree grows....

Climbing, hanging, vacationing, and even doing shows with tree in the title. Lumberjack can be far off, wait, he's already done that.. or was that lumberJake?

I'm a little maple, oh so small,
In years ahead, I'll grow so tall!
With a lot of water, sun, and air,
I will soon be way up there!
Deep inside the soil my roots are found,
Drinking the water underground.
Water from the roots my trunk receives,
Then my trunk starts making leaves.
As I start to climb in altitude,
Leaves on my branches will make food.
Soon my trunk and branches will grow wide,
And I'll grow more bark outside!
I will be a maple very tall,
Losing my leaves when it is fall.
But when it is spring, new leaves will show.
How do trees grow? Now you know!---
Meish Goldish

Happy Austin Friday!


Special K said...

Here we go again Seaweed. Are you ready?

Go Bruins!!

Seaweed said...


Just got back to my folks place to watch the end of the game with two of my brothers. I won't say much, but it looked like a really good game, another in an incredible series.

Will look forward to seeing how things go in Boston Monday night. By then I'll be on my way back to NS so hope to catch the game wherever I am that night, somewhere in Quebec or northern New Brunswick.

Thanks for thinking of me. Cheers!

Seaweed said...

Love me some Austin up in the trees. That man really gives me goosebumps..... lol.

the real m said...

So I am catching up on some Craig Ferguson's and Maggie was his guest. She mentioned that Naomi got herself a tattoo! Recently divorced and now with a tattoo. She would not say where it was. I can't imagine her with a tramp stamp, but why else keep it a secret.