Monday, June 10, 2013

Dud(e) to Stud

In 24 hours Jake went from


to  Debonair

He ditched the robe and sandals for a midnight blue impeccably tailored Tom Ford tuxedo with satin lapels, cuffs and trim.

Saturday he paid homage to the iconic Dude from the cult movie The Big Lebowski as he presented the “Original Dude Award” award to Jeff Bridges at the Spike TV Guy's Choice Award.
Anyone notice his chain is back too?

Out of the dudewear at Guy's Choice
On Sunday he was the perfect gentleman helping the great Cicely Tyson to the microphone as she accepted her first Tony.

Jake presented the Tony Award for Leading Actress for both Play and Musical to Cicely Tyson for "A Trip To Bountiful" and Patina Miller for the revival of  Pippin, respectively.

Interestingly enough he presented by himself while most awards were presented by co-presenters.

While he didn't have The Dude's signature White Russian with him at the Tony's he did have one accessory for both awards show

His pinky ring


Swoon said...

That tux is an abolute killer. He lookes great.

Jake at the Tonys said...

The Tonys... Silence. No more snarky lame comments on the D-listed shows he attends?
Oh, wait: Jake attended the prestigious A-listed Tony Awards. He was one of the rare stars slated to present by himself, not just 1 but 2 of the most important awards: Leading Actress for both drama and musical.
Jake was exquisitely elegant, poised, gracious. And The Tonys treated him like a true star: CBS kept advertising "Next, Jake Gyllenhaal" every 10 minutes on every commercial break, for more than 2 hours.

(But please, tell us again about the D-list award show where, btw, Jake paid tribute to Oscar-winner Jeff Bridges for his cult role in Coen Brothers dark comedy "Big Lebowski".)

I will be happy to repeat said...

Since I was the one who mentioned about the Guys Choice Awards being a third rate awards show, I'll repeat again that it is. The fact that Jake appeared on the Tonys the following night (which we've known about since early June) does not detract or diminish from that direct statement.

As I wrote the other day, the "Guys" vanity gathering reminds me of the kind of "prizes" created to market mass appeal product. Jock awards if you will. Just another fan driven, rigged affair where agencies send their "talent" pat each other on the back and try to pretend that half the men in the room aren't gay.

Now, it is true that all awards show are, to a certain degree, vapid exercises, but this particular Viacom cable offering is one that's off the scale in its cloddish commerciality.

And, now that you mentioned it, you can see how agencies have a firm grip on these awards shows. Even A-List ones like the Tony Awards. Why? Because it made no sense for Jake Gyllenhaal to present the leading actress awards in both the drama and musical categories. Jake has never even been on Broadway, nevermind excelled in musical theatre. He was there because WME and/or Disney made sure he was high profile at the Tonys as a result of his upcoming movie role in Stephen Sondheim's, Into The Woods. Believe me, no one on the selection panel sat there and said, "Oh, if only we could get Jake Gyllenhaal the entire evening will be a success."

agree said...

Ralphie Aversa ‏@ralphieaversa 31m

Lastly, almost literally ran in to Jake Gyllenhaal. He was about to answer my question, but his publicist yanked him away. #TonyAwards
7:07 PM - 9 Jun 13 · Details

Michael Tammero ‏@FOXlightMichael 10m

Just barely catching a glimpse of Jake Gyllenhaal as arrives last and rushes in before show time…
7:25 PM - 9 Jun 13 · Details

What is it with Jake these days? He arrives to events last, rushes in, is protected by bodyguards and his publicists. And he leaves events immediately afterwards. You would almost think he's hiding something, wouldn't you? ;-)

btw: I agree about the Guys' Choice Awards comments up there. All kinds of tacky with a huge dash of testosterone driven posturing and pandering.

Just another fan driven, rigged affair where agencies send their "talent" pat each other on the back and try to pretend that half the men in the room aren't gay.

Bull's eye!!! Maybe that poster should be given some golden antlers too because that observation is a direct hit.

I will be happy to repeat said...

I don's know why I need to do this, but I am not a woman. And, why would it matter if I were? Can't women have an informed opinion without you trying to suggest that their input is not valued? This blog has some truly bizarre posters who have some fairly prehistoric views about human beings.

prairiegirl said...

Well, I couldn't say it any better than I Will Be Happy to Repeat and Agree.

But I will also chime in because I also spoke up as well about the Guys' Choice and my opinion still stands. I could care less that he handed those antlers to Jeff Bridges. And btw, antlers? Really? And where do you reckon Jeff Bridges is going to display that thing in his house?

And I'm not sure where 14:05 was when I said this on Sunday night:

Looking forward to the Tony's and seeing Jake all spiffed up - probably one of those really nice suits or what do they wear to these Tony's anyway? I don't think I've ever watched them before. I bet he'll have a great time.

I'm not going to know what in the heck is going on tho, that's for sure, lol. Will definitely need a program.

June 9, 2013 at 6:46 PM

What in the hell does that sound like? Like I was looking forward to him bombing at the Tony's?

No one on here has to address anything because you snap your fingers. I'll say what I want about who I want, when I want and no one is ever going to prompt me to comment about anything just because they want to see it.

What you don't even know, 14:05, is that I did comment plenty about the Tony's on Sunday night as well as on Monday. You know where? On the phone and via email and if I don't want to say something on this blog, I very well do not have to. How lame to believe that everything we think is said here on this blog anyway.

Don't ever come here again, crying and snarking about what you're not seeing. You have absolutely, not one single idea what you're talking about.

If there is said...

"He was there because WME and/or Disney made sure he was high profile at the Tonys as a result of his upcoming movie role in Stephen Sondheim's, Into The Woods".

He was there because this season has made a of Broadway hit, acclaimed by critics and audiences, and for which he received two prestigious nominations

Pinky Ring? said...

I don't get the significance of the pinky ring. Is it supposed to have something to do with Austin? If so, what does it mean when he doesn't wear it?

the real m said...

Many of us saw the play. Jake was the best thing about it. He was good, sure. But it was Off Broadway. There were a hell of a lot of talented people that performed at the Tonys. Sang, danced, acted. I like Jake and think he's a good actor, but he is not the best actor or the most talented actor of all the actors. And never under estimate the impact of politics and who you know on making things happen.

prairiegirl said...

I'll tell you what, here's hoping that Special will be able to post the latest pictures from San Patricio's Facebook album of Austin. I don't know if that's possible since they're from FB.

They will knock you flat on your back. I don't think Austin has ever looked sexier - and that's the word, can't think of anything more aptly fit.

For those who don't know, his movie San Patricio has a facebook page and they've been posting quite a few pictures from their filming. Austin's been in a good amount of them and these last 2 are incredible.

It's too bad that we can't see these two guys together on the red carpet because there wouldn't be any other couple more stunning.