Friday, June 14, 2013

Austin Pink Friday

Quentin had his  Mr. Pink

But on Austin Friday there's only one choice.

And let's see the new ones one more time.


the real m said...

I love Austin's hair in those photos. I think those are from that show he did with Lake Bell. Florida humidity brings out the curls, but I love curl in a mans hair. Oh wait, I mean wave, not full curls. Jake looks great in that pink shirt from the last post. Very flattering to his coloring.

prairiegirl said...

Well, looks like Jake's back in L.A. attending the Two Steps from Hell Live at the Disney Concert Hall in east L.A.

NWE Social ‏@NweSocial 1h
Meeting Jake Gyllenhaal at the Walt Disney Concert Hall. @ New Wave Entertainment
8:11 PM - 14 Jun 13 · Details

I wonder if there'll be video of him arriving with Mr. Hottie? Pic from the seats? #GettinExcited

prairiegirl said...

Or has Mr. Hottie had to take a backseat because Jake's had a change of preference? He seems to be in a state of quandary.

Eskimo Joe @JCash_Money

So my mom almost ran into Jake Gyllenhaal today...
Let's take a picture of his back
3:55 PM - 14 Jun 13 · Details

This was followed with:

Eskimo Joe ‏@JCash_Money 7h

And he was with Emily Didonato #Smokehow
4:05 PM - 14 Jun 13 · Details

Look at the picture in the first tweet. The pendulum has swung the other way now and someone is trying to say this is Jake with Emily Dido. Notice there are 5, count 'em - Five, physical similarities this doppelganger shares with the real Jake G.

wow. lol. I mean, this is just chaos.

Methodical Muser said...

LOL! But, only if the video does not exceed 52 seconds, PG. Otherwise, one second more and the footage just wouldn't be believable.


Jersey Tom said...

Jake is working for Disney again boys and girls. Not sure if they care if the movie is a superhero movie or a musical. Their actors are str8 even with a Gay man in charge. Very sad. Nothing has changed. Not sure who Jake was with at the Tony Awards but somebody didn't like it