Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Playing for the other team?

Austin's on set and possibily switching sides!

Day 1 of my new movie. Me and my brother. SAN PATRICIOS - AUS10

So now we know that Austin is up to  and  have an idea what the movie is about:

The St. Patrick's Battalion - known in Spanish as el Batallón de los San Patricios - was a Mexican army unit comprised primarily of Irish Catholics who had defected from the invading US army during the Mexican-American War. The St. Patrick's Battalion was an elite artillery unit which inflicted great damage on the Americans during the battles of Buena Vista and Churubusco. The unit was led by Irish defector John Riley. After the Battle of Churubusco, most members of the battalion were killed or captured: most of those taken prisoner were hanged and the majority of the others were branded and whipped. After the war, the unit lasted for a short time before being disbanded.

It looks like Austin might be playing half a pair of Texas brothers who switch sides and fight for Mexico against the Texans.   Careful Austin you might have to give up your Big Ass (Texas) Star for that.

And if Austin playing for the other team isn't enough of a spin, how about  he's a dad.

  Check out his tweet.

Day 2 of new film SAN PATRICIOS. This little beauty plays my daughter. - AUS10
 Wow! What big blue eyes and great big grin.  

And wearing some big ol' boots. 

Austy sounds like you're a perfect pair there.


Who's his brother said...

Alexandra (@AlexDaigle_AD)
6/5/13, 17:19

@AUS10NICHOLS Wait, is that Patrick Flueger? You both look fantastic nonetheless!

Kika Banana (@kika_n)
6/5/13, 18:33

@AUS10NICHOLS Oh my Patrick Flueger, love him too much. I always thought there was a resemblance between u & him. #excited

there she is said...

Wow! What big blue eyes and great big grin.  

Oh I bet that's his and Jake's daughter. Hide her in plain site.

prairiegirl said...

There's a couple more pictures from the set out there on Tumbler but I don't know where she got them so I'm not going to post them. Plus I'm on my IPad and yeah, being lazy, lol. But this tumbler fan site says that Beau Bridges and Kris Kristofferson are in the film as well.

That Patrick fellow is pretty darn attractive and I could see the 2 guys playing brothers.

Pretty neat stuff - kind of out of the blue. Ironic the timing of Austin's filming, right during Jake's break.

Special K said...

Austin must be beside himself working with Kris Kristofferson.

It looks like this movie is not about the actual Mexican American war, but must have something to do with it, or something about a family who did.

tweet said...

You threw my kid away?! RT @AUS10NICHOLS: Day 2 of new film SAN PATRICIOS. This little beauty plays my daughter.
6:09 PM - 6 Jun 13 · Details

Special K said...

It was Pride Night at Fenway tonight. And who threw out the first pitch?

Former Celtic Jason Collins.

Proceeds from tonight's game are going to be donated to Boston Pride.