Saturday, June 15, 2013

Dad Duty

It's a juggling act some days

Brushing teeth

Dr.'s appointments

 Getting the kids off to daycare and school

 Can't forget playtime

 Or dinner

 And then getting them ready for bed.

 Now sitting around in underwear and black socks watching the news.  How more dad is that?

 Happy Father's Day!


Seaweed said...

Wishing all of you a Happy Father's Day as we celebrate those fine men who partnered to give us life, and those Dad's who grew into their role by fate.

I'm fortunate enough to still have my Dad around so feel very privileged and understand the loving pause that settles on those who have special memories of Dad's who are now gone.

Seaweed said...

I can't imagine that it's just a coincidence that both Jake and Austin are so comfortable with kids as in these images. Neither one came from a large family, so it's not as if they've had any great deal of experience handling little ones.

It's only my speculation, but I hope these two are enjoying their own Father's day in many special ways.

Jersey Tom said...

Can't wish J or A a happy Fathers Day. Until I see their family and see that they are proud and want to share it with the world.

Jersey Tom said...

My Dad died in 1980 at 79 yo. He was a hard worker and a good man. He had the weirdest sense of humor. I get them from him:-) One of the funniest weirdest things he did was make me a huge pancake for me on the morning of my birthday. Instead if putting candles on it he would put match sticks. It was so funny and I will always remember that. Plus I loved the smell of his cherry pipe tobacco.

Jersey Tom said...

My Dad also loved Baseball, Boxing and Horse racing. I love Baseball and Horse Racing. Not so much boxing after the heavy weight division went so down hill. No more Ali, Frazier or Foreman.

Special K said...

Lovely memories Tom. It is the little things that connect us to them.

I am lucky too Seaweed, that I still have my dad here. Although last August we weren't so sure he would pull though a coma from an infection that went through his bloodstream. It was two weeks in ICU, 12 of them in a coma and 40 days between the hospital and rehab. I am so grateful that he is with us celebrating Father's Day with my brother and his family today.

Seaweed said...

Great to hear from you guys on your own memories of your Fathers, past and present.

I'm heading back to Ontario on Tuesday by train to finish up the packing for Mom and Dad on their move home to Nova Scotia. Will enjoy more time with them once they are settled into their new home here in seaside Nova Scotia.

Hoping God and fate will provide them with reasonable health, and comfort here with my sister and I. We'll try providing them with some care and allowing for their independence for a while yet.

Jersey Tom said...

SK so glad ur Dad is better.

So nice that you are helping ur parents out Seaweed.

I know all of all whose Fathers aren't here anymore have good memories. All you can ask for.

Special K said...

What happens when a little girl goes up against Westboro Baptist Church?

Read and find out.
Huffington Post

Seaweed said...
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Seaweed said...

Thanks for sharing that one Special, what a precious little person. Can't imagine what sewage is in the heads of these people at Westboro Baptist Church.

Such inspiring actions from a child!

prairiegirl said...

Oh Specialllllll!! Yoohoooo!

lol. Hope you're okay, I was just talking to you not that many hours ago..........

Yesterday was sort of a bad day as I couldn't work at home like I had planned and had to lug all my stuff back into the office and work there. I was hacked. Then I lost my Bluetooth. And that was probably the worst thing, lol.

Nothing like spending hours in the office and other co workers being there, what is the matter with you people?

I still want to share a bit about my dad but will have to wait til tonight as I have to go get in my steps. I am not doing this Global Challenge next year, Lord willing I'm around next year, though. Not doing it! It rules your day.