Tuesday, June 4, 2013

The Old Homestead, Hollywood Style

Jake and his family lived in several homes around LA while he was growing up, but this house hidden in the Hollywood Hills, was that last home they all shared as a family.

The home is mid-century modern, built in 1953, boasting an angular roof, open floor plan and floor-to-ceiling windows.  It has five bedrooms, three bathrooms, a pool and grounds tailor-made for entertaining. 

The house was recently purchased by singer Katy Perry's, who paid $11.2 million for three adjoining parcels of land, including the one on which the $3-million dollar former G's house sits.   But Katy isn't the first musician to own the house,  drummer and member of the E-Street band, Max Weinberg purchased the home after the G's put it on the market several year ago.


from Facebook said...

Buddy Mear

OMG! It's Pride Week here in Boston. Am I proud? I guess. But proud of what? Proud that I'm gay? Well I had nothing to do with that. I'm gay because somehow I won the gay gene pool lottery. And I didn't even have to pay for the ticket. And, god knows there are a few other winners in my family. My father's uncle E(edit). Mear was gay. I like to think of him attending the first Pride event when he sat on the shoulders of his father, my great grandfather's shoulders, to watch (attention Lewis Gannett) the the funeral train of Abraham Lincoln pass in what was also the first use of slo-mo in live news coverage of the stately progress that carried the president's mortal remains back to Illinois. (I foretell many parenthetical additions to this posting. And here is the second. My friend L. G. (edit) of whom I do not see enough, and who, as a fellow gay widow, gave me support in my time of grief, has painted a fairly convincing portrait of our 16th president's long term and fully committed same sex relationship mostly hidden behind the somewhat grotesque beard of the short but wide Mary Todd.) Back to E. Mear. Uncle E. was not closeted. All in the village of Skaneateles (which was also my birth place) knew E. was gay. The open minded and tolerant village has not changed the 150 years since Lincoln's funeral cort├Ęge passed by. And, that i like to think, is why our 42nd president, William Jefferson Clinton, chose Skaneateles, twice, as an ideal spot to spend summer holidays with his family. And his spouse who just might be our 45th president accompanied him. The Mear gene pool has not been diluted and has spread both vertically and horizontally. I have twin second cousins descended from the same great grandfather who still grace Skaneateles with their charms. Somehow I have not actually met them, but my mother who knew them, says they are about the handsomest two men she has ever seen. Are these two men gay? I do not know. But one grooms dogs and the other is a florist. (I don't jump to any conclusions here, but hello?) Another Mear who shares the same name as my grandfather (attention J. Mear) a FB connection of mine, lives in the UK in the village of my father's ancestors.) J. and I have not been able to confirm our blood relationship, but Mear is not a common name, and our shared geographic background suggests a genetic link. Now let me cast aspersions upon my father. (My brother, P. Mear will not be pleased.) When I showed my mother photographs from the book At Ease, a book that celebrates the intimacy of sailors during the Second Word War (you know WWII? It was in all the papers) my mother pointed out that many of the photos were taken aboard the USS Albemarle. This is the ship my father commanded during said WWII. Calm down girls. I am not saying that my father ran the war version of those gay cruises I see advertised in Out Magazine. But my mother said "You know dear, I often thought your father was gay." So I began to remember that there were certain Brokeback Mountain moments in my father's life. His best friend and college roommate, the man my father performed with for a season two with T. Shawn (attention Robert Robinson) the man who joined the Navy with my father, my father's best man when he wed my mother, and the man with whom my father hunted in the deep woods of Maine for one week every winter evokes to me the kind of relationship that existed between Jake Gyllenhaal and Heath Ledger in the movie. Does this mean anything more than a long and remarkable friendship? I don't know.


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My mother brings reinforcement to Mear gene pool. She had two handsome unwed uncles who never enjoyed the pleasures (well I have been told it is pleasureable) of heterosexual intimacy. These uncles led a life removed from their parents and their seven siblings. The separation from the family is unusual in that particular clan. All the rest of the family were extremely close tied together as they were by hatred, greed, jealousy, crime and lies. A family really, like any other. It may have been the monumental dysfunction that repelled them, or it may have their sexuality. I don't know. No one in my family knows where or how they lived, nor how and when they died. And just last week in a dramatic phone call to the my sister, M. Mear's husband, his son from a previous marriage came out. Isn't puzzling and dramatic, (and so like the laws of nature which are in fact lawless,) that the gene pool that is in my blood can jump to another lineage that has no blood connection whatsoever to me? And this isn't the first time I have experienced this miracle of science. My own step son, the adopted son of my husband, A. Dean, is gay. Go figure. So to finally wind up this narrative: am I proud to be gay? No. But I am proud of my great uncle E., I am proud of my second cousins, I am proud of my distant English cousin, I am proud (sort of) my sister's step son, and I am proud of my father and most of all I am proud of my son A. Dean who survives in a world that is bewildering, difficult and cruel. He is a hero, and was so loved by my husband and also loved by me.

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jenn-e-fur ‏@witheyesshut
I need a nice, obviously gay but pretending he isn't, man who just wants to watch Grease and eat chocolate. JAKE GYLLENHAAL I WILL WAIT 4 U

11:21 PM - 4 Jun 13

Jersey Tom said...

Sure have been a busy man since i got home from Florida. My house is up for Sale and I have done some work that had to be done. Plus sorting out over 20 years of collecting stuff. My condo is smaller in Florida plus ii is already furnished so I can take very little.. Been following everyday. Not sure who the little girl was with Jake but I doubt very much it was Ramona. Plus Jake coming out of an arrival area in an airport. Just kind of weird at any airport. Same old same old though. Still not expecting much to change Jake and austin have made their choices. If they want to work in HW they have little choice.

Special K said...

Tom what exciting changes for you. But the packing and downsizing of stuff - ugh! Tough job.