Saturday, June 22, 2013

More Gathering Into the Woods

The cast list grows for "Into the Woods" with the addition of Jack(as in Beanstalk) and Cinderella.

Deadline is reporting that Daniel Huttlestone, who starred as Gavroche in the recent film of "Les Misérables," is in talks to join the cast of the "Into the Woods" as Jack.

And Cinderella? Anna Kendrick.

Not a far fetch choice. Anna has the singing chops for the musical. For her role as "Dinah" in "High Society" on Broadway, she was nominated for a Tony Award (second youngest ever), a Drama Desk Award, and a Fany Award (best actress featured in a musical). She recently show off her singing in the movie Pitch Perfect and has had a hit on the Billboard and Itunes charts with the song Cups.

And of course it would make it easy if Cinderella already knew that Prince in real life really wasn't looking for a pretty pretty Princess but more of a Prince of a guy.

Or as Cinderella from the Real Housewives of Disney put it.

"Here's some good advice, never marry a guy who's really into shoes."

"Into the Woods" is filling up an all-star cast with Previous asting reports indicate that Emily Blunt may play the Baker's Wife, with Tony Award winner James Corden (One Man, Two Guvnors)as the Baker. Meryl Streep will play the Witch, Johnny Depp is the Wolf . Tracey Ullman was recently reported to be in talks to play Jack's Mother. Chris Pine, is Jake's brother and fellow prince and Tony Award winner Christine Baranski is also in negotiations  possibly as Prince Jake's future mother in law. She was part of a reading of the screenplay adaptation last fall, where she played Cinderella's Stepmother.

"Into the Woods" starts production in London in September with Opening Day being Christmas Day 2014.

And it will be a very musical Christmas in 2014, because not only is "Into The Woods" scheduled to open, but the collaboration of Jay-Z and Will Smith's remake of the musical Annie will open that day too.


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Ted Casablanca (@Ted_Casablanca)
6/21/13, 14:55

picking on sad stars is really low, y aren't u talking about big gay stars' addictions 2 beards?

Special K said...

A picture of what helped Jason Collins decide to come out

Jason and his old college roommate Joe Kennedy walking in the Boston Pride Parade

And yup that's Barney Frank and his husband with them.