Thursday, June 13, 2013

Think Pink Part 2

 Austin isn't the only one who has been in the pink. And were not talking pinky ring or Pinkberry,

Jake's been wrapped up in it.

Sipped some down

And sneaked a peek or was that dropped a hint?
Very briefly during the production of PoP in 2008, a pink stone popped up on the Prince but not seen for the rest of the film.  Was this a hint of something (or one)on the way?

One more Pink, this time in stripes.

Thanks PG for the suggestion.


old. news said...

Jake tool Chris yo the AA in 2006 . There are pics of Chris with Jake's parents and you see him in the audience with a few PA' s sitting between them. He also took his friend David to the Baftas and he is sitting right next to him im the audience

I think the videos are still on IHJ

prairiegirl said...

Freudian slip there at 0612? lol

That's a great point. Jake has taken Chris and Dallas David to high profile events. Would be interesting to see if those generated an identically intense reaction back then, wouldn't it. Chris did cause a lot of speculation.

But you didn't have Twitter back then and Jake has publicly backed away from Chris long since. This roll-out on Sunday night was carried out for Jaustin followers. It's the latest in a string of attempts to pose Jake with someone else, and cast doubt into the minds of anyone who believes in the Toothy saga.

Jersey Tom said...

Little baby steps. No kidding we all know Jake is Gay Amerika:-)

Seaweed said...


I'd still give Jake a damn good tongue bathing if given half a chance. Would even do a toofer if Austy was up for it as well.


okay then said...

This roll-out on Sunday night was carried out for Jaustin followers. It's the latest in a string of attempts to pose Jake with someone else, and cast doubt into the minds of anyone who believes in the Toothy saga.

Wow, that's some kre8tive spinning right there in the way it makes the sort of sense that doesn't.

Jake and Austin Forever said...

Seems like Jake can be with other guys, but his people just don't want him with Austin after all these years. The Day After Tomorrow was a long time ago.

Austin=Children. Austin=Marriage/Long-Term Relationship.
Austin=Toothy & Goose

^^ lmAo WOW

I see, to keep the narrative of Jake and Austin married with 6 children going, in your eyes there is no way in hell Jake could be interested in another guy let alone dating another man?

As soon as you 3 people (PG/M&M/Tom) get over this fantasy of the Ted based Jake married with children fable you may be able to see clearer. PG has taken this fantasy to the far reaches of the uninverse to whoever will listen as she continues to write slash based on this J/A fantasy.

There are NO children, there is NO marriage, but possibly just occassional hook-ups with he and Austin. So YES, he can take another bloke to the awards show. Austin's doing what he wants to do. And don't worry about what the kids think, because they don't exist. Trust!

You 3 will be here a long time waiting for annoucements or validaton of J/A marriage + children. Jake's gonna come out maybe in 5 to 10 years but no children, no Austin. Then you'll be saying the bad ole PR told them to put the kids up for adoption. You'll still be spinning the stories 10 years from now. What was it (2006?) when the marrigae swirling man juice together started? Guess what, it's 2013.....

prairiegirl said...

as she continues to write slash based on this J/A fantasy.

You stop it right there, bucko.

I have never, ever written one single solitary word of J&A slash.

Ever. I write BBM slash and there will never be writing of J&A slash.

Don't you dare come here proclaiming a blatant lie like that.

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

As soon as you 3 people (PG/M&M/Tom) get over this fantasy of the Ted based Jake married with children fable

What fantasy are you talking about? What fantasy thoughts are you reading here, old timer?

If you could learn to read, you would see that there is no fantasy in this.

Here you come with the same old, same old crap that you spit out every time you come here. And when do you come? When there is mention of children. That's when you come around.

You hate the idea of Jake being married to Austin; furthermore, the idea of them deciding to raise a family together is even more intolerable.

Well, too bad. We're not stopping the content of our comments here. That's not for you come here and censor.

Go find another blog. You will not be allowed to try and steer, then take over the wheel.

Truth said...

^^ Quite the Contrary PG

If Jake and Austin were married and has children, 1 or 6 I would be happy for them. However I would not support any jerks who would bring children into the world and hide them for selfish reassons such as looking str8 in HW. You can, I will not!

I don't believe they are married and I don't believe they have any children. I've said it before.
You don't know if they are married and have children. You think they do, and that's the truth!
Then by thinking you proclaim it as the truth and this is where I have the problem. You have no evidence of any of your theories but this don't stop you from spouting off as if it's true.

It's totally wrong for anyone to have a theory then scream out loudly across the blog/net universe that their theory is the absolute truth.
It's insane at best.
Have your theory, but telling this lie about marriage and 5+ children that you have no evidence of then yell it's the truth.
It's Wrong

Truth said...

Hell, we can only speculate that Jake is gay. We can believe it and I do, or bi, but you have not been in his bedroom with whoever he has had intimate times with. I have not either.

^^ Equals Speculation

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

And another thing.

Speaking of saying stuff 100 times before. I am not PG to you.

I'm not arguing with you. You will not take over this thread and you're going to talk to yourself, if be allowed to continue at all.

We have presented so many clues on this blog that point towards marriage and children, it's not funny. I don't base my statements on some pipe dream.

That's all I owe.

You're stuck back in 2006 and guess it's unfortunate for you that OMG clearly no longer fits the kind of environment that you're looking for but that is not our problem. It's yours.

I'm not changing. I'm going to continue speaking my beliefs and you can rant a million times and it's not going to stop me. And if you'll notice, the daily posts have continued with a frequent & similar trend that also goes against every grain that you're criticizing here today.


destiny said...

This may just be a small blog, but people sure seem threatened by it.

Jersey Tom said...

I know why is it so important to people that we prove anything we discuss here.

Jersey Tom said...

After all it is just a little blog with 5 or 6 people:-)

Special K said...

What always amazes me is how OMG has never sought people to come here. We don't proselytize Jake and Austin on other sites. We don't have links all over the place to here. There is no tumblr, twitter or facebook for OMG. It's just one little place.

But somehow, people find us here. And even more surprising people who disagree with Jake and Austin being together, keep coming back here.

Pretty telling if you ask me.

confused said...

How is it telling? What is it telling of?

prairiegirl said...

Oh cut it out, you're not confused.

What I love is how people bitch & moan about what we're saying here, acting like this is a breeding ground for a new population of little Chucky's and yet they just can't stay away. They've got to hang around and keep looking at and reading the very things they proclaim are outrageous and horrifying.

Actions speak far louder than words.

prairiegirl said...

The reason I am using Puddy's avatar tonight is because I received very sad news today that my boy Puddy passed away a short while ago. I was accepting a future sitting gig from his daddy and he told me of Puddy's passing on the last day of April.

Puddy came to have a paralyzed larynx and something probably happened because of that - when his daddy came home from work, Puddy had passed sometime during the day. Lucky the lab loved to wrestle with him and I know dogs love to wrestle. But when Puddy got his paralyzed larynx, I didn't let them play for too long because Puddy would just gasp and breathe so loud and I was afraid something would happen.

Puddy was a rescue dog and an Australian Shepherd with one very weird looking eye - it was all white'd out. I don't know if he could see out of that eye but he was very loving, very enthusiastic and he loved going for walks. He had a very fat, short stubby tail that cracked me up and he was a big baby, cried a lot for no reason, lol. He loved his daddy.

He had a lot of thick fur and I'll miss hugging his big ol' head one more time. I will miss my Puddy greeting me at the door. Anyway, this is the sad part about dogsitting and getting attached to these dogs - it's very sad to lose them.

But there is a new one to the mix, another rescue named Peterman. I bet he's named after J Peterman as the guy is a big Seinfeld fan. lol. That's a great name isn't it? Peterman.

Bye bye, Puddy.

Jersey Tom said...

:-( Puddy

prairiegirl said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
prairiegirl said...

Awww Puddy!!! What a name, huh? He was funny - now he's over the rainbow bridge and reunited with Nikki. : )

Hey, now listen to this. So there's new photos back on the Facebook site for Austin's movie, San Quentin, I mean San Patricio.

And I told you that they had taken down the two coral/salmon pictures, right? So Austin is back in a couple of pictures and guess what he has on?

Drab, dishwater dirty putty!!! BWAH!!!

Tom & Seaweed - I blame you two!!!! After your pawing and panting, I think they had second thoughts about that electrified coral. LOLLLL!!

No, I'm just kidding. Who knows why they changed. Interesting though. Why did they take down those 2 pictures?

prairiegirl said...

I had to change my comment, I had said caring bridge instead of rainbow bridge.

You know, cowboys and ranchers do wear very colorful shirts, though. It's not that unreasonable. Not sure what might be so scary about color.