Monday, June 24, 2013

To market, to market

But it's no tale. Check out that great big smile Jake had for Round Swamp farms in East Hampton today.

This is the kind of farm to table we love! 

Hoping for seconds (and thirds!) of that smile.

Home again, home again, jiggety-jig.

Just one question. That cap is looking a little blue there Jakey.  Hmmm perhaps a Sox cap you turned around?  


luvalyssamiller said...

Oh look, Alyssa was also at Round Swamp farms...jiggety-jig

Jersey Tom said...

Maybe Jake has finally found the perfect woman to father his children. Don't hold your breath. This shit doesn't bother me at all anymore. It makes me laugh. How cowardly and sad for Jake.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Kismet said...

OMG doesn't allow anonymous comments.

Of course this is a show. Alyssa Miller actually has a real boyfriend, a gorgeous photographer. They were extremely serious but their online trail of association stopped abruptly about 3 weeks ago. This arrangement with Jake is just that - a short-term arrangement that will go down in Jake's dating history as 'official' rather than 'rumored' which should buy him another 3 years of assumed heterosexuality.

Andy said...

Lol, I wish you all were correct in your assumptions becasue i prefer Jake to be gay because it fulfils a sick fantasy of mind and the fact that I am so depressed that I can't have him.

Jake is a great actor but that smile is real although I don't trust her, I think she is in it for the publicity as she got turned down by Leo Dicaprio at the Gatsby party. And Jake is her second choice, they met at a Gatsby party back in early May so no 6 weeks is not too early for a trip to Martha's Vineyard when ALyssa is on the fast track to being more famous. I don't trust her.

Jill said...

Well I don't think anyone can doubt Jake is dating Alyssa. And if you want to know where Jake is just follow Alyssa on Instagram or Twitter, she puts everything she does from a day at the beach in Boston and pictures of her (their) breakfast on social media.

You can pretty much figure out their weekend by her instagram log. So Jake you can't get angry now that you have joined social media by association, mother, sister and now girlfriend.

lol. And he does look so happy, it's wonderful.

Andy said...

it really looks like Alyssa and Jake met at this shadow boxing class. She is a big fan of the tutor and has posted several items about it. it's Michael Olajide's Aerospace gym

Kismet said...

^ Did y'all end up on the wrong blog? Google it - it's called Gyllenbabble.

covering for 9:33 said...

Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just can not help but to wonder if this is all a big show. I mean she put a picture of a Yankee hat in Instagram 2 times. Also the news articles about them, and what they are dating for a week. Plus if you want to know what jake did this weekend go on her twitter and Instagram account. I mean does he know what is going on. Either she is a good lay because he seems so happy or he thinks he found the perfect "girlfriend" to hind his true secrets. I just do not understand.

June 25, 2013 at 9:33 AM

covering for 9:39 said...

Anonymous said...

I also want to mention one more thing. Ten bucks this weekend in the hamptons gets to be a story in a magazine. I mean if you date someone for about a week and they were gone to a foreign country, is it not strange to go on a weekend to the hamptons when you barely know each other? I sorry I will get off my soap box. It is so frustrating to see this. Also you guys seem a lot nicer over here on this blog than the other blogs about Jake.

June 25, 2013 at 9:39 AM

covering for 9:54 said...

Anonymous said...

One more thing and I promise to leave you guys alone. Did you see the picture of them on June 14 where all you see is there backs and how convient that twitter picture makes it on the Internet in a news article. If you look at the picture the picture looks like it was professionally done. And then the next day on Facebook he is eating lunch with another girl. But do you see those pictures on the Internet news article NO. I believe something is not right. I think all of this is coming from because of who he took to the Tony's, and who he was sitting. Ok I am done. Sorry if I went on and on. But it gets me upset when I see this and when a person "reads between the lines". And no I could care less if he has a girlfriend or boyfriend. I mean what is wrong with being honest about yourself, and stop looking like a fool.

June 25, 2013 at 9:54 AM

Special K said...

To the Anon that posted this morning.

Welcome. Glad to see you.

And Kismet is correct OMG does keep anon comments. You get a free pass for this morning : ) and we covered your comments. We ask that you use a name for your comments it makes it easier to comment back and forth and it gives a sense of community here. You can change your name each time you comment or come on or establish a more permanent one.

Special K said...

To those who want to talk about Jake and his "gf's" OMG probably isn't the fit for you. There are many other sites that discuss JIS and you might be much happier there.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Oh look, Alyssa was also at Round Swamp farms...jiggety-jig

Oh, I love it, actually. If you think we're going to get hacked, LOL, you've got another thing coming.

This is just what I want to see, as a matter of fact. Because then, I can poke a big hole in it like this:

Look at how she can't even take a picture with her boyfriend Jake Gyllenhaal:

Well I see the string bean and the asparagus but where's the Cucumber?

And here's her tweet:

Alyssa Miller ‏@luvalyssamiller 24 Jun
Round Swamp Farm = HEAVEN
11:27 AM - 24 Jun 13 · Details

Oh look. First Jake lets it be known he's at the Swamp Farm, now his girlfriend Alyssa lets the world know. They both take pictures of said GPS claim.

But whaaaa....Jake is standing with the store employees and his new girlfriend is taking pictures of.....the vegetables?

Come on, WME! Come on, Jake! What kind of cop out is that? Because that's what that is. A big ol', Grade A chicken-hearted cop out.

Oh no. This isn't going to work at all. When you have bragging of smoochin' and grabby, uncontrollable hands, there's no teasing like this.

You've got to come through with the goods.

prairiegirl said...

Well darn. I deleted my first trial because I thought my hyperlink was bogus again (M&M would kill me if I didn't use her handy dandy template) but you know what? That instagram is no longer there. Now what is up with that? That was a nice picture of the taters and asparagus and looked to be peaches.

Why did she take down her picture? Maybe she's going to replace it with one of her and Jake. Gosh, I hope so. I can't wait.

Because then that will mean maybe a People cover. At least an US Weekly cover, huh? That's what I would love to see. And I just know Jake and Austin would love to see that, too.

prairiegirl said...

Oh look, now he's at the NYC premiere of White House Down. This would be a great opportunity for a stepping out with Alyssa.

alex wollman ‏@aewollman
20 feet from jake gyllenhaal life is good @JanineCDoherty @AnnaHyatt #whitehousedown

6:13 PM - 25 Jun 13 from Manhattan, NY · Details

the real m said...

Here lies another beard who will be gone before the ink can dry on her contract. Shall we start counting the days. The Disney contracts must come with prequalified beards, ready to rent as needed.

The real Skippy said...

Special K said...
To those who want to talk about Jake and his "gf's" OMG probably isn't the fit for you. There are many other sites that discuss JIS and you might be much happier there. "

I agree but it would help if people who post here did not copy and paste from gyllenbabble. You have been had, someone is trying to stir up trouble between the JIG and JIS. Probably a WTFer.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, I hope not, m. This one needs to blossom and grow. It's time.
And there is plenty of time between now and the release of Into The Woods. There's time for lots of dating, eventually evolving into ring and wedding talk. Coffee runs, gym outings, bike riding, fuzzy restaurant pics. Mets games, Knicks in 2014 or tennis spectating. #GettinExcitedAgain

prairiegirl said...

You have been had,

No, there is no 'been had'.

Who around here is going to Gyllenbabble and would know that? As you can see, a non-regular has had to come here and point that out.

There is no one regular here who copy and pasted anything.

There will be no taking over of OMG like has happened to WFT2. That is not happening; Special won't let it happen.

And I won't let it happen.

I think I can also safely say there are a few others who also are not ever going to let that happen.

There may be some crap get through for awhile but it's not going to last long.

prairiegirl said...

And speaking of girlfriends, I think it's time Austin Nichols shows up for a premiere or promotional outing with a girlfriend. You know, one of the girls he's always hitting on via his Twitter.

How come Austin has never been seen face to the camera with a female date since the days of Sophia? When was that they broke up anyway? Geez, been awhile. After all, Sophia has 'recovered' and has her Google bf that she's seen with so I think Austin ought to show that he's in demand. Pretty good looking guy that he is and all.

This Ray Donovan promoting would be a great opportunity for Austin to show us all who he is seeing.
I think that would be awesome because you know, tweets just are so unsatisfying due to the lack of that visual factor.

the real m said...

There is nothing to stir up between JIS and JIG. We know he is gay. End of story. There is a website that buys the PR hype and they try to convince themselves he is not, but they are young and gullible. Not to mention most who go there are relatively new to the Jake story. So they don't have the history of information that we have witnessed, back from the days when he was not trying so hard to hide the real Jake. Too much history to rehash, but we've been around a lot longer and saw it all.

prairiegirl said...

I mean what is wrong with being honest about yourself, and stop looking like a fool.

Welcome to you, 09:54 - quite well said that last sentence of yours.

I'm glad you had the courage to speak up; don't hesitate to come and visit again (just remember to make up a name to use).

Special K said...

Home Again Home Again Jiggity Jig

We've seen hints and mentions of it over the past couple of years buy it looks more and more likely they have a place near or in the Hamptons.

prairiegirl said...

Speaking of face to face, lol......

So it looks like possibly the Jakester may have escorted his GF Alyssa to his sister's NYC premiere but....seems the girl couldn't quite turn it around for the camera. Darn that shyness.

Come on, WME, I'm counting on a Just Jared post. Full facial.

It's like squeezing blood out of a turnip.

Ok well, too much excitement for me. Can't take it so I'm off to slumberland.