Monday, June 3, 2013

A little song and dance

So Jake was pictured at LAX.

With less time in front of the paps, the pictures that come out get a closer look.

Jake looks like he got a little sun, no need for the tinted moisturizer this time

 Now it's been a while being inside LAX, but why is Jake in the departures area when the papers said he arrived in  LA?

Notice  the security check point?

And the lady with her ticket out and in her hand?

Then he's at the main gate

And if Jake is living in New York now, wouldn't that mean the major of his possession would be there, including clothes, which would make him need to bring more clothes with him than just a backpackful?

But the biggest headscratcher is why would Jake be arriving in LA,  when he is going to be on the Tony Awards as a presenter this Sunday?

He will have to do at least one rehearsal for Sunday night's Superbowl of Fabulous.

Wouldn't it make more sense for him to leave LA?

But then that would mean he was in LA, and that he could have gone to Universal.....

Yup Jake is presenting at the Tony's this Sunday night and showtune lovers hearts may go aflutter.  Who doesn't love Jake in a tux!

 Jake loves Broadway.  He loves Broadway musicals.

Will he be able to restrain himself from belting out a tune?

Sing out Louise!


prairiegirl said...


This just kills me in the second picture. He even goes through the whole pretense of the obligatory 'Leave me alone' stiff-handing of the paps.


Security check point. LOL. It is funny how he's in an arrival area. And where is the luggage? If he moved lock, stock and barrel to NYC, he sure wouldn't have any clothes waiting already in L.A.

It is just too funny. Too funny. I am going to retire to bed on this one.

the real m said...

Yeah, that picture could have been taken anytime. He needs to start holding up the days newspaper, like they used to show in old movies to depict that a kidnapping was real and the kidnapped person alive.

As for questions from people who dont have a name, as far as I'm concerned their questions and comments are worthless. A quick read, but if you cant stand by a consistent point of view by taking a name, I cant take you seriously.

Frequent flyer said...

Do you not travel frequently any of you? He came out the arrivals area because 1) the arrivals gate is on that level, 2) he had no luggage therefore no need to go downstairs to the luggage carousels, and 3) easier for his transportation to pick him up on the upper level.

prairiegirl said...

Why does he not have even one carry on? So everything is in that one backpack? IPad, toiletries, changes of clothes, chargers.

Wonder what was so urgent for a 1-2 night stay in LA then since he has to be in NYC at the end of the week.


I'll tell you what was so urgent for him to be seen.

It was that tweet on Friday the 31st, the one that placed him in L.A. already.

prairiegirl said...

BTW, there's a darn nice picture of Austin floating out there on Instagram of Austin hanging out with friend Dan Keyes in L.A.

Very nice.

On the Pool Steps

MGM said...

Wonder what was so urgent for a 1-2 night stay in LA then since he has to be in NYC at the end of the week.

mmm Work? Studios?like last time in L.A. when Jake went twice in the studios of MGM

You know He is a movie star ;)

prairiegirl said...

If it's that simple, 08:23, it's pretty funny how he has been flushed out the last couple of times he's been in L.A.

Only after he's been spotted in a tweet or via Facebook, has he suddenly appeared in photos online.

All of a sudden, it's become a big secret when he goes to L.A. Gee, I wonder if that has anything to do with a tall, striking Texan being based in L.A.

the Problem is: said...

Again, PG's here to stir and suggest everytime Jake travels, everytime Jake moves around is to fool her and OMGers. PR is just adamant about fooling her and destroying "her" life.

It's very obvious some her know nothing about traveling and don't travel anywhere near the amount that celebritys travel.   Jake and these celebritys know whtat to do like clockwork. And besides, only the celeb truly know what's going on at that time and why. But, PG still rants about Why, Why Why as if everyone lives and thinks like her. Do things the way she does things. They DON'T!

The bottom line is, she continues to try to connect Jake's every move with secret meetings with (husband?) Austin, meeting with hidden children (secretly hidden around the US??).
She is relentless as if she has something to prove.
What a life.

Then complains if Jake decides that a pap in his face is enough and he speaks out about it. WTF

So now Jake should act the way she feels he should act?
Not realiziing how much she rants, bitches, complains and screams demands to people who Don't agree with her agenda and ideas.

Wow What a "do as I say, not as "I" do attitude. "Live the way "I" want you to live".. Really PG

Special K said...

I don't know how many people saw this about the former Navy SEAL who has come out as transgender.

[Kristin]Beck comes out publicly as transgender in her new memoir, Warrior Princess: A U.S. Navy SEAL's Journey to Coming out Transgender, which hit stores June 1. The book describes Beck's life as Chris, a Christian boy who grew up on a farm in the middle of nowhere and became a Navy SEAL. It describes someone who everyone viewed as "a hero, a warrior, a man" but who knew deep down she was transgender.

Kristin Beck, Transgender Navy SEAL, Comes Out In New Book

Methodical Muser said...

Except Jake probably has been in LA since mid-May (The Abbey and Silver Lake sightings, then the "with his niece" tweet). All three times he was recreating, not working. Yet, somehow there never was an airport sighting until late Sunday, AFTER OMGer's discussion about the little girl with him. It's all about the timing and the regular concealment of many of Jake's travels to LA.

Therefore, the better question that no one is asking is why did Jake do an obviously staged, high profile Sunday photo op at LAX (with hardly anyone around) and then make sure to have all the pathetic photos posted on IHJ AFTER our conversation? Prior to that, no one had seen him arriving at the airport, even though there were sightings of him in LA long before that.

If it were just a matter of him being private and secretive about his whereabouts, you wouldn't have the oversharing of sightings and Instagrams, or the planted "dating" stories on the Internet whenever Jake is in New York. The truth is that the recent IHJ post is ridiculous because up until now there was no official confirmation that he was in LA (even though he obviously was).

One could argue, quite persuasively, that Jake often flies in under the radar when he travels to Los Angeles because he doesn't want people to know he's there. But, if he's just working, why not be out in the open from the very beginning? No, it's pretty apparent, after all this time that he uses New York as his staging ground for his "new swinging bachelor, Soho serial dater lifestyle and regularly sneaks off to LA to actually be with his real family. That's why there are so many times, we have sightings of him in LA, but not one photo of him at the airport, or one tweet from a fellow passenger, sitting next to him. This time, was particularly absurd because, out of the clear blue, we get 28 photos, including a close up of those teal-colored shoes again, I guess because we know how much paps are hankering to get that money shot of Jake's footwear. I almost can't believe his PR team get paid for these kind of amateurish efforts over and over again.

Methodical Muser said...

I wasn't really wondering how the child/ren would address them, more how they could keep the child from addressing them in public in a way that would identify them as a father.I just don't see how it's logistically possible

Oh, I think it is logistically possible and, even more importantly, achievable with a little resourcefulness and forethought on the part of Jake and Austin. Over the past several years, for instance, Jake has begun to suddenly exhibit a renewed interest in his Jewish heritage, instead of just his Swedish origins (e.g. his Shalom Sesame Afikoman appearance in December 2010 the Yom Kippur stroll with “family” in October 2011, Passover seder meal preparation in April 2012, Austin suddenly visiting Israel in December 2011, etc.). The developmental shift is distinctly noticeable, particularly since Naomi is on the record as having raised both Jake and Maggie with social liberalism as her guiding principle. In fact, she even has admitted that the main reason for her parental approach was that she had little exposure to Judaism as a child.

Over the past several years, however, Jake has openly self-identified as Jewish in interviews. Almost like a late twenties rebirth which stands in contrast to his younger days when he was much more laid back and casual about being half Jewish. In fact, up through the Reeke years, his more secular upbringing was far more prominent in his every day activities and social observances.

Being that there is a natural tendency to want to reconnect with one’s religious heritage/traditions when becoming a parent, if nothing more than to help provide a moral and cultural foundation to the nurturing process, it is definitely not beyond the realm of possibility that Jake is doing exactly that with his offspring now. Consequently, I wouldn’t be surprised if Jake sends his children to a private school that both emphasizes the study of the Hebrew language, along with the writings of the Torah and the prophets while also stressing a child-centered, non-competitive learning environment, where the little ones are encouraged to pursue knowledge and to think independently. The more hipster sensibility, if you will.

With this in mind, I could see Jake teaching his children to refer to him with some esoteric Hebrew term. Maybe the word might translate to mean daddy, but maybe something else. I know when I was growing up, friends who came from the Old World often used their native tongue when referring to their parents, and other relatives like aunts, uncles and grandparents . Hence the terms mutti, tía or avó . It would not surprise me if Jake has done the same with his children. He probably would avoid a common term like Abba, but maybe a variation of Avie, or even something else that is far both intimate and uniquely special, while still guarding Jake’s true relationship to the child. He might even fallback on his Swedish heritage by tapping into a term like Farsa. They may not use the more popular terms for father, but colloquial variations would be very easy to create and personalize.

destiny said...

I fly a lot, and I can't recall ever being at an airport where you could exit in the same place as the entrance/security. They usually force you to go down a level, and if you really wanted to get back on the upper level, you'd have to head back up near the entrance of the building, or somewhere in the middle of the concourses that are open to the general public. And if you're doing that, why would you head all the way back to security if you're leaving the airport.

blastobutter said...
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El ay said...

I fly a lot, and I can't recall ever being at an airport where you could exit in the same place as the entrance/security.

Looks like he's following behind airport personnel in those pics. I imagine celebrities are accorded certain privileges that regular travelers are not. That being said, I've exited out of the terminals upstairs in LAX to meet car service.