Friday, June 7, 2013

It's all fun and games until...

...someone get punched in the eye.

It's not the first time

or the second time

yup Austin's getting punched in the eye again. This time in San Patricio.  And no Nick Lachey in sight.

 Wonder if his on screen brother is responsible for this one?

In the chair where the magic scars happen

Yup it's Austin Bad Ass Friday

and for a little more  Bad Ass Texan Kris Kristofferson on the set of San Patricio.


PHL said...

Seaweed said...
Oh Special...

I'm watching the hockey game as well and cheering for the opposition! They don't call them the Broad Street Bullies for nothing! lol.

Um yeah. The Broad Street Bullies is the nickname for the Philadelphia Flyers. Are you sure you're Canadian? LOL

Jersey Tom said...

There will only ever be one team known as the Broad St. Bullies:-)
Only the Lord saves more than Bernie Parent:-)

Austin said...

Special K said...

Thanks for sharing the short Austin and Hilarie made. The True Love Tale of Boyfriend and Girlfriend.

If anyone hasn't gotten a chance to see it, it looks like you've got your chance.

prairiegirl said...

Here's an opportunity for a pre-Tony's glimpse at Mr. Gyllenhaal, although a replay of this event won't be on the air until the 12th, I think, but I bet there'll be some picture leaks.

Is it a pre-Tony's gala? One might think, but alas no, there's something going on that is way more career-enhancing and important.

Man of Steel Cast to Receive Special Honor at Guys' Choice Awards

June 12 will be a big day for the Man of Steel cast.

That is the date that Spike TV's Guys' Choice Awards airs, and Superman fans will get to watch stars Henry Cavill, Amy Adams and Russell Crowe, along with director Zack Snyder, accept the "Most Manticipated" award in honor of the action figure's 75th anniversary.

Other major presenters just announced include Jake Gyllenhaal, Jessica Alba and Snoop Lion.

Previously announced presenters and attendees include Jennifer Aniston, Mark Wahlberg, Seth MacFarlane, Vin Diesel and Chrissy Teigen.

06/05/2013 at 02:00 PM EDT

He Be Hangin' with the other Antlers Tonight

prairiegirl said...

And so what are these Guys' Choice Awards? Let's have a looksee.

From Wikipedia:

The Spike Guys' Choice Awards is an awards show produced[1] by the Viacom cable channel Spike and held since 2007. It is patterned after Viacom's MTV Movie Awards. The winners are chosen based on voting by fans and viewers of the channel.

The trophy for the award is a golden pair of antlers on a wooden pedestal, which is to symbolize the stag which is often associated with masculinity.

Categories vary from year to year. Examples of categories awarded more than twice include: "Jean-Claude G*** D**", "Biggest Ass Kicker", "Decade of Hotness", "Funniest M.F.", "Guy Movie Hall of Fame", "Guy Movie of the Year", and "Most Unstoppable Jock".

What else have they had in the past, let's see:

Holy Grail of Hot - Emilia Clarke 2013 winner

Our New Girlfriend: Katherine Webb vs Chrissy Teigen 2013

Brass Balls - Adam Sandler 2012

Ballsiest Band - Metallica 2009

Big Men on Campus - Florida Gators 2009

Hot 'n Fresh - Marisa Miller 2008

Alpha Male Award - Hugh Hefner 2008

lol. Wow. Now that's an important event that Jake "had" to be in L.A. for, isn't it?

Bwah! Here's the key to this thing.

Note when it was announced. Wednesday, the 6th. So it took PR a couple of days to recoup from that LA flushing out of Jake.

They may have tried a pre-emptive strike with old reliable April bale-out Marcus Mumford & Carey Mulligan on Just Jared on Monday the 3rd but with only 5 comments on that post, well they weren't much help.

Think, think, think, think.

Oh yeah. Well look here, look at what else is going on. "Reschedule that flight back to NYC for Sunday, we've found just the ideal reason for our boy to be in L.A."

Methodical Muser said...

Jake doesn't attend the Academy Awards any longer. He didn't go to the Golden Globes. He hasn't gone to the SAG Awards in several years. But, he suddenly has time to fly over to LA (with 28 photos posted on IHJ to "announce" his arrival...just in case we didn't know he was there) to attend a tacky, third-rate "awards" show. I wonder which of the five best friend police officers he will bring as his "companion" for the evening? After all, the show is all about the cool guys who get the hot girls so Jake could maximize his street cred if he showed up with one of LAs finest. Or, better yet a perfect evening to roll out old Emily! Sorry, Austie, your equipment is in all the wrong places. Although you do have better curves. ;-)

prairiegirl said...

Plain and Simple.

This was a bad one. Jake got caught. And Jake's Team has had the cart before the horse ever since, i.e. they've been seeing the red tail lights and are huffing and puffing to catch up but all they're doing is compounding the obvious.

I mean, wasn't it the Oscars this year where Jake was seen in L.A. up until about the day before the Oscars and then he flew to NYC? How odd was that?

But yet he is tweeted in L.A. on the 31st with the mention of a 'niece' but come on. We know it wasn't Ramona. We know who it was.

And now we're to believe that he's in LA to attend these tacky Guys' Choice Awards.

So this is what his Team has done. They've kept him in LA and he's going to be taking either a red-eye flight on Sat night or else he's going to fly out on Sunday. He might want to pick up a bottle of Visine at the airport gift shop because he's going to lose 3 hours on the way back to NYC and then going to show up at the prestigious Tony's a tired boy.

Just so that he can grunt with the other antlers tonight. PR is cutting off their nose to spite their face. What are you doing to your client, folks? This is so not in the best interest of Jake but boy, nothing's going to get in your way, is it.

Methodical Muser said...

On a side note about "The True-Love Tale of Boyfriend & Girlfriend", (with Austin in the lead role of "Girlfriend"), and which has been discussed many times at OMG since 2009, Austin has an interesting line about tying the knot with his true love:

"They started a family together. And finally one day boyfriend and girlfriend were married... in their own way of course".

Simple and Plain said...

^^ Stop rolling your eyes and fuming M&M / PG. Don't like the book you're reading turn the page or, get another book.

No need to whine on a daily basis because there are no Jake and Austin wedding photos posted on the net. Now what city did they hide their children in this time? Ya know Austin busy on set, Jake flying out to Cali.

prairiegirl said...

Jake didn't do anything wrong. He tried to have some private time with one of the children. Unfortunately, it got out. That's the risk you take with social media now.

But ever since, he's just been letting his people lead him here and lead him there. Do this, then do that.

I wish these guys would start thinking for themselves when these things happen and for gosh sakes, stop overreacting as though the world was coming to an end because something has slipped out and made it online.

His people should have just left the whole thing alone and continued with their original plan. Egos are getting in the way and they're forgetting that their main concern is supposed to be Jake. Well, here's a news flash. They're only hurting their client, not us.

We know the truth so.....hate to tell 'em.

Methodical Muser said...

First off, we are not on OMG on a daily basis. So it's sad that you can't even get the most rudimentary of facts correct. That pretty much sums up the veracity of the rest of your statement, by the way.

I take your last comment to mean you will be leaving us soon? Don't let the door hit you on the way out. Buh-bye.

Observation said...

"They started a family together. And finally one day boyfriend and girlfriend were married... in their own way of course".

I just watched the video for the first time. That phrase is curious. So is the fact that the couple starts a family first then gets married in their own way. That would support the idea of Jake and Austin having a child first and then maybe marrying before Prop 8 ended the right for sex same couples to marry in California.

lol said...

He tried to have some private time with one of the children


What about the other 4 BTz? Are they trotted out but once a year? Is that how it works?

You can start with that "rudimentary fact", MM ;)

Methodical Muser said...

Heh, I'm just impressed you can spell rudimentary. Or, did you just copy and paste it?

Special K said...

Jack sounds like you need a nap. Bye-bye

Seaweed said...

PHL said...

Um yeah. The Broad Street Bullies is the nickname for the Philadelphia Flyers. Are you sure you're Canadian? LOL

Seaweed responds...

Mea culpa.

I have the papers to prove the citizenship, but they might be revoked by the culture police for my fox paw (*deliberate attempt at humour*). You are right and I was wrong in calling Boston that other nickname.

In my defence, I will continue to think the current Prince of Wales Champs are bullies.

I hope Sid and the boys get decent tee-off times starting tomorrow.

fact checking said...

They may have tried a pre-emptive strike with old reliable April bale-out Marcus Mumford & Carey Mulligan on Just Jared on Monday the 3rd but with only 5 comments on that post, well they weren't much help.

Bryn Athaisce ‏@BrynChroi

((Just had dinner across from Jake Gyllanhaal and Carrey Mulligan..yes, SALLY SPARROW. I blinked.
8:43 PM - 7 June

Jake & Carey

prairiegirl said...

pity said...

OMG could be quite enjoyable if it weren't for MM/PG. They suck all the air out of the room.

lol. Like we were the ones with the 'brilliant' idea to line Jake up with the testosterone-choked Guys' Choice Awards.

13:59, it's all reaction. It's all reaction.

Marcus and Carey are go-to bail outs for Jake. Nope, not surprised at all with that. LOL.

This is awesome.

prairiegirl said...

If you're going to re-quote someone, either kindly italicize it or hit the parenthesis keys. It's not that hard.

Jake's people have had to work overtime on this one. Love it. Hey, I'm just enjoying the show. Think I'm going to have to go dig out my captain's chair avatar for this.

Jersey Tom said...

Oh Seaweed you just are so grateful to Crybaby because he won the Gold medal for Oh Canada:-)

bachmann said...
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Seaweed said...


Don't tell me you're trying to start an international incident!

Sid the Kid has not only had a big part in winning Gold for Canada, but he's been at the forefront of hockey since he was just a kid. He's put up with enough shite and had more kicks and crap thrown at him then any other professional player of recent vintage.

Yeah.... he looks good, even in spite of the broken jaw, and remains a force to be reckoned with and will continue to prove himself as the years tally up. Any lesser player would not have come back from the concussions let alone from the broken jaw.

For now, I'll let Boston revel in their win and we'll see what comes next as they face either Chicago or LA.

We'll talk soon in case you need an attitude adjustment. LOL.