Thursday, June 20, 2013


Jake taking his bike out for a walk today.

And it would have to be a walk.


Because those big old Nikes will never fit into the clips on those pedals. And those narrow pedals and those clunky Nikes would make it annoying to pedal all over the city.  Now if it was Jake's hybrid/mountain bike instead of this touring style bike that would be the better match.

One question,  how long do you have to walk your bike before it does its business?

Tableside selfie of a selfie

Mama F tweeted a picture of her and Jake, and Jake had a bit of a poke at himself.  (Way to work that reflection, sounds like you are related to several directors)

  Her caption:  Who is this guy? #thursdaydinnerwithmyson

 Now she posted this on yesterday (Wed) so the question is what Thursday was it?


Just Passing By said...

So apparently Jake has a new girlfriend. I wonder how long this one will last? Privately I think Jake is a very nice person but there must be something about him that isn't boyfriend material. Whether long or short those relationships always come to an end. Now it's easy to say it's all the women fault and there maybe some truth to that. But after awhile you have to start asking yourself, "What's wrong with him?" He's gorgeous, has a great body, he's rich and he does give off the impression of having a great personality. Outwardly he's the full package. But apparently that package doesn't seem to know how to keep a woman. After all it does take TWO to make a relationship work. As I said it's very easy to put it all on the woman's shoulders, but I think Jake bares some of that responsibility himself.

Jersey Tom said...

If people haven't figured it out yet they aren't paying much attention. Jake's PR folk know this to be a fact. The fact is most aren't paying attention and don't care.

Jersey Tom said...

M K is relentless. Got to love him. Thanks for posting his post m. Will have to check the comments.

Anonymous said...
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lol said...

Sorry Paid Ones, all previous "girlfriends" were beards

8:18 anon said...

Maybe he doesn't want to get tied down right now. That's not tragic. He obviously DOES have a history of being in long-term relationships--ala Dunst and Witherspoon. Why does everyone have to be paired up? We're not in Noah's Ark.

JMO said...

I agree with 99% of your assessment. I've always thought Jake may be a complicated person. But, most, not all, but most talented people are complexed as their real(self) person. I believe Jake fits right into that catagory.
I also believe he's hiding his true self meaning I think he's gay or bi and covering it up for the most part.
Now I don't believe what the regulars here beleive of he and Austin married with children, but to each his own.
I think Jake is mostly the cause and will always have complicated relationships. Just my opinion.

Jersey Tom said...

Thanks for your insight JMO please post the same old stuff tomorrow. No one here cares.

JMO said...

Wow Tom

Talk about posting the same old stuff!

Gushing over the idea of Jake and Austin married with 6 rugrats still won't make it real/true. No matter how much you wish.

So I guess tomorrow you'll still be posting the idea of J/A's coming out party or gushing over any tabloid that calls Jake out as bearding.
Well, whatever floats your boat.

not so fast said...

Because those big old Nikes will never fit into the clips on those pedals. And those narrow pedals and those clunky Nikes would make it annoying to pedal all over the city.

Don't know about that, SK. Check out IHJ May 23rd. Same Nikes. Same bike. Same shoe clips. He seems to be getting around just fine. :-)

Jersey Tom said...

I guess all are welcome but it is a J and A blog last time I looked.
Knock yourself out though.

Special K said...

It just seems out of place for someone who takes cycling so seriously.

prairiegirl said...

Complicated my ass. Jake is a lying person, that's what he is. Plain and simple.

But in the meantime while we wait for the real truth to come out some day.....In the meantime....I'm going to just jump on the bandwagon for a bit and get behind this Jake & Alyssa train.

Never mind that there were never any smooching or even hand holding pictures of Jake and Dido. And never mind there's not even been given a reason of any kind for this tragic break up of him and Dido. Wow, I mean gee whiz, what was there, one pic from Yeah Burger? #AFewMatchesShortOfAFullBox

Never mind that People has yet to be behind these last several how many? bearding mystery PR fan fiction stories.

That's ok. It's time to endorse this one, I think. Because this time, we have reports and witnessing of canoodling, uncontrollable grabby hands, and kissing.

So I want to see it. I want to see Jake and Alyssa before the masses and I want to see them on a People cover because this is significant news.

And really, because it's just time. It's time for Jake to quit hiding behind these PRfics and put out.

And if they don't? It's not real. It's all smoke to cover his sexuality, his husband and his kids. There is absolutely no reason whatsoever to hide these swimsuit model relationships. In fact, men normally love to flaunt these ladies on their arms. But what does the public get? Side-by-Side pictures. File Photos. Nope - sorry. Doesn't work.

I am really looking forward to seeing this story come to life. Come on, PR, don't drag your feet on this one - get your boy out there and hit the People speed dial.

prairiegirl said...

And in anticipation of someone getting smart and demanding pictures of the kids and Jake & Austin making out under a tree, the point needs to be made that as I said before, there is absolutely no reason for Jake to hide Alyssa in his amorous life. (or Dido, Umpteen mystery girls, Minka, etc. for that matter)

But there is every reason for him to hide a husband and a brood of kids when it's not been made public before.

the real m said...

Married or not, two kids or six, the reason women are in and out of Jakes life in nano seconds is because he is a gay man. They are just stopping by for photo ops. And the last two could not even be bothered for that. Side by side file shots count for nothing. If they do, then we can start posting side by side shots of Austin and Jake as evidence of their relationship.