Thursday, June 6, 2013

Luck of the (Texas) Irish

 Some more pictures of Austin and Co. on the set of San Patricios.

It definitely looks more modern day and a story of two Irish brothers Tommy and Sean.

They did an awesome job casting Patrick Flueger and Austin as brothers.

Both brothers are married.

Tommy (Austin) is married to Margaret played by Julianna Guill and their daughter Emily played by Farrah Sinclair Mackenzie.

Sean is married to Claudia played by Daniella Alonso

Also starring in the movie Kris Kristofferson and Beau Bridges. Not sure if they are brothers too or not.  Stay tuned.   

No doubt Austin will love getting a chance to work with both of them.  Talk about Texas bad ass... that's Kristofferson.  Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Director, Producer.  Kristofferson wrote Me and Bobby McGee which was made famous by his one girlfriend Janis Joplin, sang with Waylon, Willie and Johnny as Highwaymen,  went toe to toe with Barbra in Star in Born, and made two movies with one of Austin's favorite directors Sam Peckinpah in Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid  and Bring Me the Head of Alfredo Garcia just to name a few things on his long resume. 

 Beau is part of an acting dynasty and has a long career starting with working with his dad and brother.  He and Austin have a couple of things in common a not only played characters named Baker (Fabulous Baker Boys) but have both worked with Beth Grant. Austin in House of Usher, and Beau in the hilarious black comedy Sordid Lives.  


Jersey Tom said...

Raining cats and dogs in the Northeast. This could be a bad year for storms.

What a match between my two hotties today. Nadal vs Djokovic. Nadal prevailed . Vamos Rafa!

Special K said...

Rain Rain Rain.

Best way to beat this yucky weather. Grabbing some snacks and watching the Bruins Penguins game. GO BRUINS!!

the real m said...

Cool. I was crazy about Kristofferson back in the day. He was so laid back. Austin was hush hush about the movie at first, but now seems to be OK talking about it. Once it was cast, I suppose.
Super busy last couple of days so barely had time to visit, but I am happy to see him getting such ineresting roles.

Seaweed said...

Oh Special...

I'm watching the hockey game as well and cheering for the opposition! They don't call them the Broad Street Bullies for nothing! lol.

I'd love to trip that smart-assed Marchand and deliver a body rattling check on him into the boards.

Would love to see the Penguins deliver some humble pie to the Bruins tonight...... sorry SK.


Special K said...

Well Seaweed, tell me how you really feel. LOL

You might think Marchand is a smart-ass while I think Crosby is a cry-baby.

But you have to give props to Campbell who finished the last game even when his leg was broken. That's what makes hockey, hockey!

Seaweed said...

Well, both boys are Nova Scotia natives and yet cut from different cloth. Syd is the more polished and well-rounded player who has fought back from the concussions and the broken jaw, where lesser players would have been long-gone. Can't take anything away from Marchand as a player, but I just don't like his "goon boy" approach.

No question in my mind who the more notable and respected player is, Crosby takes it hands down! It's very much a team game and so far in this series the Pen's have been forced back by the Bruins.

In any case, it's all over for Pittsburgh for this season. Congrats to the Bruins for a 4 game sweep. *snif*

Seaweed said...

Loving that third picture of Patrick Flueger with Austin, might be the seats or something but Patrick just dwarfs Austin.

Looks like a great effort, so will be looking forward to it.

Gotta love my Austin Friday!