Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Actor now know as Prince

The Hollywood Reporter has an exclusive that Tracey Ullman is in negotiations to join the growing cast of Into the Woods, as the mother of Jack the Giant Killer.

What does that have to with Jake?  It's someone else on the negotiation list? Well according to the article it seems like there are no more negotiations for Jake.  It looks like he is a done deal.  He  has been crowned a (Disney) prince.

"Streep is playing a witch and Depp is taking on a variation of the fairy tale wolf. Gyllenhaal and Pine play princes to Cinderella and Rapunzel."


Knows the suit can make the man

Cuts a dashing figure

Been a Prince for Disney before

And had practice escorting a princess who broke out in song.

Cinderella huh.

It might be a house divided some might be very excited in a small way, but one might prefer it has been Tink in a big way.

Then again if the shoe fits.  


prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

Interesting that the San Patricio Facebook page has taken down both of the Coral Austin pictures. I think they may have taken down some more, not sure; it was a quick glance through that I did.

But the two coral/salmon/pink pictures are gone.

Must have been a bit too colorful, perhaps?

Jersey Tom said...

Why in the heck would they take them down. Makes no sense. He looked so darn good.

Jersey Tom said...

I wonder if Jake is Gay?

Methodical Muser said...

Curious said...

Does anyone know who Jake's new boy is? The one he took with him to the Tony's?

June 11, 2013 at 11:14 PM

Interesting you did not ask this question over at WFT2, since that is the blog that pushes Jake with any man who's breathing (other than Austin). But, then again, Data Lounge participants weren't interested in the topic either even though there was an official Red Carpet Tony Awards thread in real time.

Hmmm, now that I think about it, there was a very similar question from one person who was wondering about the "hot" guy with Jake over at Data Lounge too. Who is Jake's date? Please, I must know!!

Seems to me that's the kind of "coincidence" that I find curious.

prairiegirl said...

If you went by past history, usually this kind of taunting would not have waited 2 days to arrive at OMG. Oh no, the taunting would have come at us on Monday morning. Heck, even on Sunday night because this ‘story’ should have been too good to withhold for 48 hours. After the April Mumford glut, someone was quite prompt to bring that taunting over to us, weren't they. But this one? Oh nooo..this one, for some reason, warranted a wait-and-see-if-they’re-going-to-say-something grace period.

For those who didn’t watch the Tony’s and/or are not active online, there was quite the production Sunday night off-stage as well as on. And it needs to be detailed because these guys and WME need to know something.

And that is, that it was all for naught.

prairiegirl said...

So they wasted an evening of numerous fake tweets. They wasted a planted blogger's time. Most of all, they wasted Mr. Hottie's time for that cameo appearance.

Or wait a minute. Or will there be recurring guest appearances? Gee, I hope so because this is all kinds of entertaining. I would LOVE to see Jake and Mr. Hottie maybe take in an NBA game, courtside? The Miami Heat/Spurs championship is still going on, maybe they could get WME to spring for some tickets so that we can get some great Jumbo-Tron kiss cam pics.

Now that would be awesome.

Jersey Tom said...

Well they might have decided a male beard is better than a female beard because no one now believes Jake is str8. I think they have given up on that. For crying out loud even the trolls have given up JIS.

Jersey Tom said...

Disney destroyed JIS with the reeke joke.

Methodical Muser said...

For those who are not in the know, Jake played the role of a lifetime beginning on Thursday night at the Chateau Marmont where his little pinkie ring made a drum roll appearance. This foreshadowing of what was to come on June 8 (The Guys Choice Awards) and June 9 (The Tonys) is critical to understanding what tale WME wanted to tell this past weekend. One moment Jake is a regular guy’s guy, hanging out with “The Dude,” bestowing golden mantlers, testosterone swirling everywhere. Yet, Jake still makes sure to wear that pinky ring amid all the grunts and alpha male posturing. Then, in stark contrast, (to show Jake’s versatility or maybe his chameleon like ability to shape shift), we get cultured Jake in a perfectly tailored tux on Sunday, hobnobbing with Broadway’s elite, pinky ring still on prominent display, but still no one on his arm, just like always. Except, out of nowhere certain posts began to appear on Twitter, FB and Data Lounge the moment Jake was shown on national TV. To the innocent viewer, nothing was happening at all, just Jake Gyllenhaal sitting in an aisle seat next to some unknown male audience member. Yet, questions and observations start appearing with a certain gay theme in mind:

• “Jake Gyllenhaal has a male date for the Tony Awards”
• “Is Jake Gyllenhaal sitting with his boyfriend?”
• “Is that Jake Gyllenhaal’s boyfriend sitting next to him in the audience?”
• “Who’s the BEAR sitting with Jake Gyllenhaal?”
• “But WHOOOOOOOO is that Big Queen sitting next to him smacking gum?”
• Wait. Who’s Jake Gyllenhaal’s date sitting next to him?”
• Who’s the hottie beside Jake Gyllenhaal?”
• Who is Jake Gyllenhaal’s bro-date to the Tonys”
• Jake is with a guy. Is that his date/boyfriend?
• At least Jake brings a hot date with him instead of his mom!
• Who is Jake's date? Please, I must know!!
• So Jake was there with a guy? Who was it?
• Was that Jake Gyllenhaal sitting with a man?? #tonyawards
• Who is the bearded guy that jake gyllenhal is with at the Tony's tonight (inquiring minds...)
• Jake Gyllenhaal looks good and is sitting next to a cute bearded guy. :-)
• But really, there's this guy he share's his clothes with because they end up wearing the same items in different photos, and I think that's him sitting next to Jake.
• Is it his old boyfriend, Chris?
• #BigMuscleBears Bearded guy next to Jake Gyllenhaal?
• So who's the lucky date?
• OK- So am I the last to know that the handsome man Jake Gyllenhaal was sitting with at the TONY's last night is his boyfriend? Did I know he was gay and forget? Or is this news?

Soooooo a camera shot that lasted mere seconds of Jake pretty much doing nothing more than sitting in a theater seat clapping his hands next to some random guy who is also clapping his hands, engendered all of this sudden homoerotic ecstasy and jumping to conclusion remarks about Jake having a boyfriend/date with him. Yet, amid all of this growing consensus among people who want readers to believe that they are in the know regarding Jake’s love life, why no mention of Austin? In January, when another fake story of Jake hooking up with Katie Holmes appeared, several of the posters mentioned Austin Nichols by name. Now, I know WME wants OMGers to believe that Jake has moved on and to be brokenhearted, but really a new lover does not a pinky ring make. Try again.

stranger in the night said...

What I see in all this, is how do all these people make the same assumption that this stranger is Jake's new boyfriend? That's a lot of people all coming to the same conclusions at the same time. That is odd. Particularly, when Jake is just sitting next to the guy. Huh.

prairiegirl said...

And just to provide that last little “oompf” for those close followers whom it was felt would be watching, a video was posted where Mr. Hottie could be seen and verified to have accompanied Jake into the Radio City Music Hall, the bearded ‘stud’ pausing just long enough behind his date so he could be seen and captured for possible freeze frames.

a tux is not a coral shirt

This was the beginning of the bro-date with the evening being capped by one lasting impressive exit. Here is one of two tweet pictures that were posted of Jake leaving the Tony’s. Another tweet informs everyone that Jake even rolled down the limo window to smile and wave. Poor girl. She didn’t realize that what he was doing was allowing the camera lens in to get a shot of what looks to be a male sitting beside him in that car seat, perhaps on the way to their own post-Tony’s toast. A male who (tsk, tsk!!) was not the Tony presenter’s husband, Austin Nichols.


Nicla Harrington ♍ ‏@nicla15 9 Jun saw jake gyllenhaal leaving the tony awards at radio city �� he rolled down his window to wave at us
11:19 PM - 9 Jun 13 • Details

Methodical Muser said...

Maybe because it wasn't a lot of people posting, but only a few operatives who were tasked with selling the idea of Jake with this guy. Seems like Jake can be with other guys, but his people just don't want him with Austin after all these years. The Day After Tomorrow was a long time ago.

Austin=Children. Austin=Marriage/Long-Term Relationship.
Austin=Toothy & Goose

stranger in the night said...

I would LOVE to see Jake and Mr. Hottie maybe take in an NBA game, courtside? The Miami Heat/Spurs championship is still going on, maybe they could get WME to spring for some tickets so that we can get some great Jumbo-Tron kiss cam pics.

Now that would be awesome.

That would be funny.

prairiegirl said...
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prairiegirl said...

I agree, stranger in the night.

I wonder if the kids would find it as funny?

It's okay now for Jake to be known on the internet as gay. They're not fighting that a whole lot anymore. What is not okay, as M&M noted at 23:23, is for a gay man to be in a committed relationship with shared children.

And this is the main reason why OMG has become a hyper focus of Jake's Team because OMG is the one solid site which openly talks about Jake and Austin's long-term relationship and has documented about their children. This is what WME, Jake and Austin do not want.

They want OMG'ers to give up on their beliefs. They want OMG'ers to grow dispirited. They want this blog to die - because we are poking sticks into the spokes of their bikes.

Well. This whole hairbrained charade which occurred Sunday night only solidified my stance that I'm not going anywhere. What a ship of fools.

shrugs said...

I think this blog could quite easily morph into an All Austin All The Time blog without much notice. Seems like Austin tongue bathing has been perfected on OMG. The days of Jake tongue bathing are long gone here.