Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Add Another Punch

A little more star power punch has been added to Southpaw.

Oscar winner Forrest Whitaker is in talks to join the cast.

Whitaker is in talks to play the other lead of the movie,  Titus ‘Tick’ Willis, a former fighter who was forced to retire after losing an eye and now trains amateur fighters.

Jake is set to play Billy “The Great” Hope, a left-handed prizefighter who wins a title but suffers a tragedy soon after and must put his life back together to earn the respect of his young daughter.

While the movie is about a boxer, “the heart of the movie is about a man learning to be a father.”

And it looks like Jake has started the months of hard work to become the welterweight winner.  He was spotted out doing some ring work in New York this week. 


prairiegirl said...

Well crap, I had to look it up on urban dictionary. People make up a foul reason for every single word in the English language, don't they? It can't just mean American Beauty pasta with, can it?

Again, I repeat: We don't jump when people say jump.

I'm not giving anymore attention to threats and dares. It's been 4 years - that is too long. Should've come up with the big pic four years ago.

I'm done with it.

fact checking said...

you brought the topic leadville again 4 years later, not me

So the argument "It's been 4 years - that is too long." is not valid

Special K said...

Enough Fact Checker - time to say good bye

fact checking said...

fear I guess