Thursday, April 24, 2014

Happy Birthday Austin!

34... wow

Seems like it was just yesterday you started your dirty thirties

and now you've had more birthdays than Jesus

And while we say it every year, it seems it's true you just keep getting better with age, (despite the nouveau faux)





So here's a toast to you Austy - May you have another wonderful year at home, work and play, and continue to share it with those you truly love.

Oh we couldn't forget the cake big guy.  Enjoy!


Special K said...

Happy Birthday Austy!!

Seaweed said...

Just want to add my best wishes to a great guy, hoping you get all you need in the next year. Thanks to Special for putting it all together in such a spiffy package.

Happy BiRtHdAy Austin !

the real m said...

Happy birthday, Austin. You are looking so sexy, especially in that red hued photo. Hope you and Jake celebrated in grand style.

Florida Tom said...

Happy birthday Austin. 34 yo. You would think some gorgeous girl would have nabbed him by now. Wonder why not?

Cheerio said...

I think Jake and Austin are in England right now.

destiny said...

Happy Birthday Austin.

Methodical Muser said...

^ Ditto. I'm trying to do the bare minimum like Austin. :-)


Spent my birthday climbing a very steep Great Wall Of China. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

prairiegirl said...

Hey I thought Austin was going dark until he got to Beijing? I thought "he" said China didn't have Twitter?

How come Bennet isn't in his twitpic? And don't tell me it's because she has to be the one taking the picture because "someone" was more than glad to do the other times.

How come the keeper of the pics AustinFromTexas removed Austin's name from the tags of her pictures last night? How come then the pictures only had hash tags of #ChloeBennet, #AgentsOfShield and #China? Then when I pointed all of this out on Tumblr, he/she reinserted his name into the hash tags?

Jake is in London.

This is hilarious to keep yanking Jake and Austin's chains. I think I would call that Great Wall picture a premature flush.
; )

Florida Tom said...

Business trip without a doubt. These two are getting paid for this trip. Bout time Austy got a job :-)

Florida Tom said...

Kevin Spacey said recently he reveals very little about his personal life so that we can all believe he is the person he is portraying in the movies.
Such BS. HW thinks all moviegoers are stupid and are not capable of separating movies from reality.

prairiegirl said...

Can't disagree with that, Tom. Austin is cashing his checks but they're not coming from Showtime right now.

Florida Tom said...

The mentality of the movie industry is sick. The only thing they don;t want the public to know is who is gay and who is not. Shame on the actors who put up with this BS. So crazy that most of the people in HW who makes these decisions are gay. I am so happy that I don't support the industry like I used to.

Thanks Chloe! said...

Spent my birthday climbing a very steep Great Wall Of China. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

So lovely to see Austin happy!!!

prairiegirl said...

I apologize to all lurkers and watchers of this show, lol. Don't worry, I am off to work in a second.

All I can say is for anyone who still at this point doesn't believe that Jake's people and Austin's whoever people don't look at OMG on a daily basis, here's your proof right here.

My big question is why they are using Tumblr all of a sudden. I have been watching Austin on Tumblr for a good while now and I can tell you that Austin gets no action on Tumblr. He might get 1, maybe two mentions a day on Tumblr? And it's 95% of the time to do with OTH.

All of a sudden now, Bennet's people are using Tumblr and this "trip" is being pushed 98% on Tumblr. Why? Because the paid troll is watching me on Tumblr. That's not being vain, it's just speaking the plain truth and I've got to call it the way it is.

Jake's Mgmnt knows at least a couple of us are looking at Tumblr. W/o any doubt in my mind, @blastobutter is stalked and you have to ask why is that? This birthday of Austin's was very important to have him far apart from Jake. So important they are knocking themselves out with this dog & pony show. Jake's people were totally hacked about M & M's revelation about Marcus Mumford's tie in for the last 3 years.

This has been hilarious this morning. Truly a Cheers vs. Gary's Tavern moment.

Off to work!

Methodical Muser said...

Spent my birthday climbing a very steep Great Wall Of China. Thank you all for the birthday wishes.

This is hilarious. Austin even turned on his GPS on his twitter to indicate he's in China. LOLLLLL!

And, how could Austin spend his Birthday at the Great Wall of China, when we had tons of photos of Austin consuming 1500 birthday cakes yesterday? There was even a cheesecake and he supposedly accompanied Chloe to a TV event and a restaurant.

Love it.

destiny said...

How convenient that Austin all of a sudden remembered to turn on his GPS while in China.

And how odd that Austin's name was removed--and then added back on those pictures.

destiny said...

Agree that is ridiculous about Spacey. There are plenty of actors who don't want their lives to be well-known because they think it'll hurt their work, but you still know they have wives, kids, see them once in a while, etc., even if they try to shun the spotlight.

Not to mention, if you're that concerned about what viewers will think, you don't go cruising in a London park in the wee hours of the morning where you then get mugged.

new photos said...

Austin and Chloe looking very happy together

prairiegirl said...

The way I understand it, there was a lot of hullabulloo on the Dave Cullen Forum back when some people wanted to talk about the rumors around Jake and his personal life. Those types of discussions were promptly shut down. It's a funny practice you'll see elsewhere with regards to Jake. The policy will be a strict "no topics discussed about his private life" but yet they have no problem discussing Alyssa, Kiki, or Reese. But try to bring up Austin? Your hands get slapped. Well, there's not one single bit of difference. The double standard is eye popping to say the least in this new day and age.

Check this out:

4/20/14, 16:02

Going dark. Twitter ain't allowed in China. I will hit you from Thailand. Bye!

Chloe Bennet (@ChloeBennet4)
4/20/14, 17:30

Alright friends! Twitter is a no no is China, so I will tweet you from Thailand in a week! I hope you love the show on Tuesday! X

I meant to say earlier this morning that Austin was going to be silent until Thailand, not Beijing. Well, there those crazy kids are in China and Austin is pulling a big no-no. I guess he was just so excited about the Wall, he had to go on the black market for a Twitter connection. Couldn't wait to let us know!

And like M&M said, there they were eating birthday cake yesterday followed by a romantic little dinner with more birthday cake and somehow those crazy kids managed to squeeze in some tourist walking of the Great Wall!!! Boy, our young people of today. Their energy is just impressive, isn't it?

I love it. Why we haven't seen this much of Austin probably for the whole of 2014 thus far. And he's just on a real map laser pointer display since he started this trip. It's like watching the Santa Claus tracker.

Gotta agree, the GPS locator was a real nice touch, too. So considerate for some of those who might not know the Great Wall if they saw it. Somehow I hope Austin knows how much it's appreciated.

FYI said...

I guess he was just so excited about the Wall, he had to go on the black market for a Twitter connection. Couldn't wait to let us know!

Twitter in China is not completely forbidden, but is severely limited and controlled by the regime to prevent the spread of uncomfortable truths and the free flow of information

destiny said...

They look more like siblings, and even that is a stretch. There is just something tentative about the way they interact, like cousins who've rarely seen each other thrown together and told to act like family, but they're kind of at a loss because they just don't know each other very well.

the real m said...

Well that expalins why Jake had to be back in CA to pull daddy duty. They do trade off working/non working repsonsibilities on a regular schedule.

Waiting to go to the airport for a long trip - my longest time away from hubby ever. Work + visiting family in equal portions.

destiny said...

Don't click on the link above, and you should delete it Special.

My statement still stands. Nothing a closeted gay man does with his beard will make him straight. Bearding just makes you a liar when you're old enough, and secure enough economically, to know better.

prairiegirl said...

Safe travels, m!!!

wow. I feel like we OMG'ers should be sitting in throne chairs and clapping our hands for the 3 Village Idiots to perform their next act for us.

I'm going to say one thing.

If the two village idiots Jake and Austin think that this whole week is going to shake us? Is going to make us go crying to our beds like Marcia Brady? Is going to send us to the pharmacy for a renewable prescription of Prozac? Is going to make us board up the windows of OMG and sell off our blogger names to the lowest bidder? Is going to shut us up? Is in any way deterring us?


They don't know us very well, do they?

Austin & Bennet? **clap, clap!** Entertain us. Please.

Someone please pass me the box of Cheez Its.

prairiegirl said...

I would suggest to anyone to not click on any hyperlink brought to OMG unless it is from a regular you know.

And even at that, if one of us regulars posts a hyperlink? Before you click on the link, click on our avatar picture and if you get our Blogger page, you should have a valid account. If you click on the link and you get an error page of some kind, then that's not one of us. The paid troll knows how to hijack a blogger account and impersonate.

It's a shame that Austin and Jake are paying for the likes of Jack the paid troll. Their salaries are helping to pay for the livelihood of a human who calls people vulgar names and tries to send viruses into people's computers.

So just a word of caution to everyone and I'm no longer clicking on any hyperlinks unless it's one of our regulars.

That's it.

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha ha ha. Crying Marcia Brady. I couldn't resist.

lol. Boy, nobody could cry and make a face doing it like Marcia Brady. And she would say something like "Oh, Mother!" and then go throw herself on the bed. LOLLLL. Just awesome stuff.
Like it was the end of the world.

That show was classic.

Methodical Muser said...

Twitter in China is not completely forbidden

Bottom line is, Austin said he was going dark. However, it really is amusing how reactive all these court jesters are. Amazing what happens when cowardice combines with full scale greed.

I have to admit that I'm truly enjoying this free admission sideshow. The script is flimsy and full of holes. The acting shoddy. The production values worthy of first graders. But, no one can deny these guys are nothing short of being shameless schlemiels. Finally, something they are good at.