Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Poor Lords Rich Us

Austin's got a new project and it's with an old friend of John's

Austin is slated as part of the cast for Poor Lords.  And it's JFC's doctor
Garrett Delahunt confirmed as part of the cast too.

And the tag for this story:

When a wayward stripper and an overprotective sailor find themselves on the run together, they quickly discover that their past secrets have a way of catching up with them.

 Poor Lords is a modern myth about two outcast lovers and the ethereal journey they take in search of a home they never had. Having strayed far from her strict religious upbringing, Ruth finds herself living a life she never intended as a low-class stripper, among other unmentionable things. Glenn is a Navy deserter in hiding, barely making ends meet as a custodian. When Glenn violently defends Ruth’s honor against a grabby patron, he loses his job and Ruth makes the impulse decision to run away with him. Troubles quickly mount as the marooned couple struggles to navigate their volatile relationship and fugitive status. Complicating things further is the scorned strip club manager - Jim - who won't let go of Ruth easily. A confluence of misadventures and narrow escapes leads them to a local river with mysterious power. Despite the young lovers’ deep affection, each must learn to trust the other through heartbreak, triumph, and the questionably random fates that befall us all.

Can't they just rewrite it and make Austin's the wayward stripper. Ruth works - Babe Ruth.  Now that's a stripper name.

Who wouldn't love a stripper with a big - bat -ehm swing!

And you know he believes in Sparkle Motion.

 And you want bet he knows how to work a pole?


the real m said...

Austin as the stripper sounds great. I wish he would be considered for Magic Mike 2. Mediocre movie, but so much eye candy MM1 rated high in my book. Lords sounds like an interesting movie. Do we know how big Austin's part will be yet?

destiny said...

Darn, I was hoping it was a new series. I suspect that with a movie it's a small role.

prairiegirl said...

I don't know, Austin is listed second. It's a ways from coming to fruition though because this news came from a site which was advertising for an exec. producer and financial backing.

Looking for Cast & Crew (Executive Producer, Editor, & Production Designer) · Financing (Equity, Pre-Sales, Grants, & Tax Incentive)


The cast is partially listed. It's an interesting web page and they actually tweeted about this.

Slated (@sl8d)
4/1/14, 14:10

Slated Deal Alert: Poor Lords, Starring Garret Dillahunt and Austin Nichols. UTA's Bec Smith selling. - http://sl8d.co/1jVc5mR

huh. Austin and Garret ought to get Austin's hubby to put up the money as exec producer, shouldn't they?
; )