Monday, April 7, 2014

Getting to the root of it

Jake was the co-honorary chair for the Edible Schoolyards event, but was here there?  Or were his roots somewhere else.

Jake's been a long time supporter of the charity and one of it's ambassadors. 

There is more chatter about Jake in Vancouver and working with Harrrison Ford.  (Tweet , Tweet)

With Jake still sporting the wild and woolie look in the most recent pictures out, could this work with Ford be part of Everest?  And it would seem that work would be a reason he would have missed the event.

So where do you think Jake was laying down roots last night?


Jake is back in London said...

Lilit Sarkissian ‏@lilitsarkissian 6 apr

On a flight with Jake Gyllenhaal...#underwhelming #wineriot

She's from Montrose Scotland

Ev Bev ♡ ‏@EvelinaKristina 4 h

So Jake Gyllenhaal is filming a movie up my road 😳

Contemplating walking past the movie set a couple times ..

Special K said...

Two answer your quiz Tom

Sally Field and Tom Hanks.

And they both starred in Forrest Gump too.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, look at that. lol

Lilit Sarkissian just happened to hashtag "wineriot", which conveniently places her on the East Coast in the United States. Even though WineRiot has absolutely nothing to do with tweeting about seeing Jake. Lilit hardly even tweets, there's days in between her tweets.

You know, when you are given map push pins to help perfectly track Jake's line of travel, lol......

What a bunch of bull. I don't believe it for a minute. This is the magical month of April so I'm going to expect all kinds of Doplar trackings of Jake all over the place.

And that goes without saying that whatever a certain someone comes pedaling? I'm going to steer the other way.

I'm leaning towards Vancouver. For whatever reason, we get these fairly frequent sightings of the GHaals and P. Sarsgaard in the Vancouver area, that upper Northwest vicinity. Remember that time Jake was seen at the airport in Seattle, I think it was? And we knew that Peter was up near Vancouver and wondered if there was some kind of baton hand-off going on? Of course, Peter is no longer filming The Killing, but it's still interesting all the same.

Hmmmm....just chalk it up to interesting. May have to purchase a little package of push pins for the Santa Track-O-Meter. BWAH!! Just having some fun.

prairiegirl said...

And why would Jake be wandering around NYC at the ol' Colombo coffee, Buvett, and doing the planes trains and automobiles thing if he was just going to go back to finish filming? It's the filming that will never end. Ever notice that with Jake? It's like several weeks later, someone says "Oh! Hey, can everyone come back? We forgot a scene." Or "Hey everybody, the green paint came in for the Spring grass scene, you can come back now. That's the last time we'll order from Sherwin Williams again. Let's finish shooting. Break's over!!" C'mon, c'mon...come back, Little Sheba."

And why go through that big Production of a send off of him leaving London? They did everything but throw him a Going Away party. He read a book, he wandered around Convent Garden all day, shaking hands and kissing babies. Oh, and here he was on the plane. Look everyone, Jake is leaving. Got the guitar on his back, his passport, he is leaving. Filming is over. Say goodbye to Jake! Bye, Jake!!

And he wanders around NYC drinking coffee and riding trains and reading books (probably that book he's going to talk about on May 1). But then he takes off just before he's supposed to be at the Edible Garden benefit that they announced back around March 5. Gee, you would've thought they might've known then that Jake couldn't commit to his presence due to filming obligations.

What a mess. It's a big convoluted mess of contradicting information and dates and fuzziness and hmmmm's. Typical JakeWorld stuff.

prairiegirl said...

hee hee, aren't you glad I have lunch hours again? BWAHAH!! I should be writing. And so I just finished my Pepperjax shrimp bowl leftovers and here came our HR guy to tell us that there is leftover BBQ !!!!!! Aw man, that stinks. Visitors = free leftovers!!!!!! We get to be the benefactors a lot of times. The leftovers are thrown on the lunchroom table and the coyotes pounce on it, and it is every man and woman for themselves. Dog eat dog.

Ok, I'll leave y'all alone now, done my yakking damage.

destiny said...

Interesting thoughts about the movie I Saw the Movie. I do think his lectures are important to the plot.

I also saw the movie said...

Destiny I thought the last scene of the movie was the most frightening thing I've seen in ages, I was breathless with fear, I almost screamed

I do not remember the last time I was so terrified by a movie, maybe Twin Peaks with the black lodge

destiny said...

Well, I did kind of scream a few times at the movie, lol. But I think it was the element of surprise as much as anything. Very effective.

Congratulations Tom Ford!! said...

Tom Ford Reveals he secretly married his longtime partner Richard Buckley

US Magazine

Florida Tom said...

Jake looks amazing in that picture with the candles. Wow!!!!

the real m said...

Well, I'm glad someone enjoyed Enemy because I sure did not. Maybe not the target age group. Ponderous, off the mark and did not work about the nicest things I can say for it. Still, I'm glad you enjoyed it Destiny.

What good news about Tom Ford and his partner. Great that they can make it legal after all these years. They make a good looking couple.

prairiegirl said...

Nah m, believe me when I say there were plenty of young people who expressed the same reaction as you. And there are those who liked it as all kinds of movies appeal to everyone differently.

I liked Prince of Persia, after all. I think I was the only one around here who didn't trash it. But I'll tell you what. The negative reaction to PoP wasn't near as blatantly nasty as what I saw to Enemy. It made reaction to PoP look almost glowing, lol.

Anyway, boy I have to say that digging into the Supernatural fandom is proving to be very, very interesting. I'm putting on my armor and shield because I tell you another thing, you think there's homophobia when it comes to Jake and Austin and WME? You haven't seen the raging homophobia in the world of that show and Jared and Jensen. Wow.

And what a total shame because they have such a huge fanbase and they have the chance to be such a positive influence to so many of our young people.

It's a chore to have to weed through so many gorgeous pictures, gifs, interviews and videos to check their world out, but hey. It's all part of the job. LOL!!