Thursday, April 17, 2014

Bearded Peaks

It's official it is scientifically proven that beards are out.

Wait wait - don't mix this beard with out.

Yes researchers at the University of New South Wales have recently shown that beards have hit their peak.

The study showed that men who sport facial hair become less attractive to women as beards become more fashionable.

The study asked "1,453 heterosexual or bisexual women to respond to 36 photos of men’s faces. They found that, when women saw hairy face after hairy face, they began to prefer clean-shaven men."

So the more beards out there the less attractive bearded men appear to women.

Jake is there a method to your madness?  Beard recruitment to make women less attractive to you? The more hipsters beard up, the less you have to deal with women?

Especially since Jakey was used as an example in not one but two article that appeared about this study.

Jake was the lead picture in an article from
Telegraph:  Jake "not as attractive when surrounded by other bearded men, apparently"

and his beard bun combo used as an example in New York Magazine's The Cut  who said put the study this way:

"Peak Beard. Peak Beard. It’s the Day After Tomorrow of facial hair!"

They captioned Jake's picture "Man-Bun Adjacent beard"

While the study said heterosexual and bisexual women didn't like them, they didn't say anything about bear loving fellas.

Hmmm... so that's your angle Jake?

In 3, 2, 1.... management runs to get clippers/hedge trimmers/scissors/an emergency all day appointment at The Art of The Shave for Jake.

Happy Passover!


the real m said...

I've never been a fan of beards, mustaches or any facial hair. Especially when they are unkempt like Jake's. Food traps. But he does look nice with some stubble and tolerable with a trimmed beard.

Has anyone seen the allegations re Bryan Singer? I think I have his name right. Whether it's true or not, some photos of wild parties at his home and at Roland Emmerich's have popped up on the web. Which of course makes me think it must have been a grand time during the filming of Day After. Back in the day Jake made reference to some wild Halloween parties he had attended, but would not discuss the details.

Special K said...

For all the advances that have happened there is still work to be done.

Lesbian Police Chief with 20 years experience fired by new anti-gay mayor, said 'he'd rather have an alcoholic near his child'

Variety said...

The crew working on location for the Cross Creek Pictures and Walden Media film “Everest” is safe from its position at base camp after a deadly avalanche swept down a climbing route on the Nepalese mountain.

The nine members of the second-unit crew, which consists of professional hikers and cameramen, will remain on schedule to continue acclimating, with plans to summit the mountain early next month. May is peak climbing season, when weather conditions are at their most favorable.

“We just got word that everyone is fine,” Tyler Thompson, a co-founder of Cross Creek, told Variety, “and we are looking to set up some kind of donation to help out some of the affected (Nepalese) families.”

The avalanche killed 12 Nepalese guides around 6:30 a.m. local time and has left four missing in the deadliest disaster on the world’s highest peak. Several more people sustained injuries.

Previously, the worst recorded disaster on Everest was a fierce blizzard on May 11, 1996, which caused the deaths of eight climbers, including famous mountaineer Rob Hall, who was later memorialized in the Jon Krakauer book “Into Thin Air.”

“Everest,” which will be released by Universal on Sept. 18, 2015, details that disaster and stars Jake Gyllenhaal, John Hawkes, Emily Watson and Josh Brolin. Working Title is also co-producing with Baltasar Kormakur directing. Jason Clarke, Clive Standen and Martin Henderson also star.

Principal photography on “Everest” is still on schedule in London. The majority of the mountain scenes have already been shot in the Alps, but Cross Creek and Walden had set aside $1 million from the $65 million production budget for a team to shoot additional summit and location shots on the actual mountain.

Florida Tom said...

65 million. Wow!!! Into Thin Air better be good. The book was OK but the movie could be spectacular.

the real m said...

I'm surprised at that budget. Sounds awfully high and may make it hard for the film to be successful. I saw the last Everest movie, though I can't recall much about it. I think it was just IMAX footage that David Brashears had filmed during the ill fated expedition. But it was an immersive experience and the closest ill ever get to the top of that mountain.

too cute! said...

Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 Apr 15
Going to Thailand next week. Can you tell I'm excited?

So Austin Nichols decided to celebrate his birthday with Chloe and nowhere near his "family". Makes sense!