Monday, April 28, 2014

Topped Out

Call it a top knot, man bun or a "my little pony" it's know all the trend in the city for summer.

In 2012, the NY Times predicted the coming of the top knot, and it looks like summer of 2014 will be the summer of the fun bun.
Then last fall the NY Daily News popped a little celebrity gossip about Jake's top knot at Soul Cycle.

And like the other hipster hair thing (big beards) - Jake gets another mention.  

So is Jake a head of the trend again?  (Kale, kombucha, juicing, Soul Cycle, beards)

And does that mean once it gets too mainstream, he'll move on again?

 Hey Jake now that George has dragged the faux further into the press to overkill, that means you're moving on too, right?
So this wasn't awkward, was it?


Thailand photos said...

I'm sure you are so happy to see Austin having great time with Chloe :)

Thailand ----------------->

Jake back home said... ‏@JustJared 1h
Jake Gyllenhaal is Back in NYC & Still Sporting His Scruffy Beard

Special K said...

Wow! that took you what 5 minutes tops to post it.

You subtly is amazing.

You've earn your check today guess it's off to the bank to cash it, huh.

destiny said...

Subtle indeed Special.

The comments for yesterday's post have disappeared.

;) said...

Soooo PG

No London for Jake!

Special K said...

Dest - the comments are back up.

And winky - you keeping winking like that you're gonna get wrinkles.

destiny said...

Thanks, wanted to be sure I didn't miss any comments.

Why in the world is Just Jared mentioning Nailed and saying Jake recently filmed it when it's been years?

prairiegirl said...

No London for Jake!

You know, there's nothing in those pictures that say they were taken yesterday or today. He looks the same as he has for the last several months.
Not convinced, sorry! Try again.

All I can see is that he was flushed out.

;) said...

Not convinced, sorry! Try again.

and what about the dozen sightings of him in NY in the last 2 days?

prairiegirl said...

Yet it took 48 hours to get a picture out of a "dozen" sightings.

What about the several sightings and mentions of him being in London?

Sorry, no sale. At all. My money is on the UK.

And you know what else I think? I wouldn't be surprised if Austin and FauxChloe left even earlier for China than they advertised. They left ahead of their tweets, they did their photo ops, and I bet Austin left from Thailand to the UK where he's likely going to watch the children while Jake goes to NYC to do his book talk.

That's what I think. Yes, Austin & FauxChloe went to China. But they weren't there when they said they were.

How do you like those apples.

;) said...

two days seems like a reasonable time to get pictures

Chloe has commitments very accurate In China, I doubt they can falsify dates

And said...

Maggie has been seen in England far too much lately. Far more than Brooklyn. She is purposely taking roles that place her in the UK.

Simple fact said...

Austin is a liar. And, we know beards lie. So there you go.

rest of the world said...

Austin is a liar. And, we know beards lie. So there you go.

I do not think you have in mind what really Chinese regime is, and how things work in that country

Simple fact said...

I do not think you have in mind what really Chinese regime is, and how things work in that country

Huh? Give me a break. This whole trip was planned and orchestrated. Who cares how the Chinese government runs. That has no bearing on the points being made which you are so conveniently ignoring.

sick of the troll said...

Of course, they are ignoring the point being made. That's what trolls do. Continual arguing, regardless of the topic.

Special K said...

9:30 Bedtime for the troll.

Bye Bye! Off you go!

sick of the troll said...

Thanks, Special.

I think Jake is in England too.

prairiegirl said...

There have been several tweets placing Jake in England in the last couple of weeks, the boxing guy was only one of them.

I mean, what was that? He said he was working out with Jake. Plus he called him "Big G" (no matter how silly that is, lol). What's the difference between that and the tweet placing Jake in Vegas several days ago?

We have posted a tweet a year or so ago where a girl said Jake had a home in England. I believe it.

There have been way too many sightings of him over there in the past year and a half and what is with Maggie being over there so often as well? Plus she took the role of Honorable Woman and Frank, both roles which took her over to the UK. The GHaals are like this tight compound now and I bet Maggie helps to take care of those kids when Jake and/or Austin have to "be seen" somewhere.

Maybe they're able to get away from paps' cameras too more so over there, I don't know.

I also would not be surprised at all if Jake and Austin are home schooling their kids now.

Another Jake in the UK sighting said...

Jennifer O'Rourke ‏@lrishLife

near death experience on da motorway thanks to fucking jake gyllenhaal

9:31 AM - 23 Apr 2014

prairiegirl said...

UK Refresher:

Jamie Robson Academy ‏@RobsonAcademy

Mornings W/O Pull Ups, Dips, Chin Ups, Pistols x failure, training with my man Jake Gyllenhaal AKA Big G. Breakfast before Morning Class.
4:23 AM - 28 Apr 2014 · Details

Jamie Robson Academy ‏@RobsonAcademy

Iron sharpens iron.Nice punching bag
4:01 PM - 26 Apr 2014

prairiegirl said...

Keira Knightley was in England at this time.

sab. ‏@sabah_RK 4m

Outside my cousins house they are filming and she told me Keira Knightley is there and Jake Gyllenhaal aswell!!

3:39 PM - 24 Apr 2014 · Details

prairiegirl said...

That's it. I'm done, Jack.
Deal with it.

Good night.