Friday, April 18, 2014

Tommy (Tempting) Trouble Spots

Tommy is going to have a lot more people to bump into in the second season of Ray Donovan.

And that has the potential for Tommy to be a trouble spot.

A character like Tommy can bump around in the story and fit anywhere.

The biggest star to join on this season is Ann-Margret who is cast for a recurring guest spot on the upcoming second season. Per Deadline, she will play June Wilson, a major star back in her day who has a past with Ray’s boss Ezra Goldman

Some of the other castings include:

Vinessa Shaw (Vegas), who will play Kate, a Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist for The Boston Globe who is writing a book on Sully (James Woods’ character from last season) and comes to L.A. to investigate his death.

Hank Azaria has been cast for the major role of James Cochran, an FBI bigshot who becomes a thorn in Ray’s side. Sherilyn Fenn (Twin Peaks) will play his frumpy wife, Holly.

Kip Pardue is set to play fellow FBI agent Volcheck with Andrea Bogart (General Hospital) cast to play his wife Megan.

So Tommy could be the go-to boy for June to be seen with out on the town. [Can't you see Tommy telling her that he loves her movies and despite his reputation around town she knows he's  Rock "safe" date from the start]

He could say something dumb to the Globe reporter. We know that Tommy's not the sharpest pencil in the box. It might not have anything to do with Sully's death, but it creates another mess for Ray.

And who can't imagine what the FBI could find out about Tommy, when looking into Ray's clients.

You can catch up and catch all of Tommy from Season 1 starting June 10th when Ray Donovan comes out on DVD, and on digital download.


we'll see said...

I can't wait for the new season of Ray to start. Then we'll be able to see which of your Tommy scenarios come to fruition. My guess is...none. Shame you're not writing for the show.

Special K said...

Can't you just see an aging diva (Ann Margaret) coming on to Tommy and him saying I loved you in "Glamazons" and her instantly knowing that All-American Action Star Tommy Wheeler was just like some of the fellas she used to go out with on "studio dates". And saying to him don't worry dear while working out how she can make him play the boytoy to her cougar and her assistant speed dialing US Magazine.

Special K said...

M, mention the Bryan Singer and Roland Emmerich parties, and it would make a great storyline for Ray Donovan. Definitely something that would create situations for a cleaner like Ray. And a vehicle to explain how Tommy became a star.

destiny said...

Those Singer and Emmerich parties have been gossiped about for years. I always kind of wondered if Austin wasn't at some of those parties and that's how he ended up in TDAT.

Special K said...

He was quite the twink back then wasn't he Dest?

Remember that one photo of Austin with the 70's curls and skin tight white jeans?