Saturday, April 19, 2014

On the Road Again

A couple of weeks ago OMG was on the road and posting from multiple locations.

After a visit to the prairie to see family and friends - Hello PG!

OMG went on with an impromptu Westward Ho!

And got to visit some more OMG'ers


Or two

Or maybe three

Or more?

 And those who were there - I'll let you share - first.

The best part of the blog is meeting the people who come here.  It has been wonderful to meet so many great friends in person. I really hope I can meet more of you.

You never know where OMG will be!

Happy Passover!!

and for all those waiting

May the Easter Bunny bring you a big basket full!

 Happy Easter!!


prairiegirl said...

Ha ha haha, it's been torture waiting for this post to go up, having to suffer through those beard pictures, lol.

BWAH! And I love the orange flowers in the vase. In front of the brick wall, obscuring my view of just who exactly was at that table, you guys. HA HA HA HA !!!!

And were you really there, Special? Or are you really there maybe right now, hmmmmmm? Could this photo op be a "look over here" to throw us off your scent?

Whose birthday is it? This was a cover, wasn't it? Marcus Mumford wasn't available to hop aboard a train with so you had to resort to this sighting?

Ha ha ha ha, you guys should have added a book reading! BWAH!!! At the breakfast bar. With your napkins on your lap.

Methodical Muser said...

Looks a lot like Rome to me. LOLLLLL!

prairiegirl said...

It was very nice to see Special. We had several great visits and one in particular at a muy delicio Mexicano restaurant. It was an incredible meal.

I think those pictures are awesome, just hilarious. I wish I wasn't on my IPad, otherwise I would whip out my brick wall avatar in a show of solidarity.

Real m, I have to say that I spent several hours this afternoon totally immersed in a Jared/Jensen RPS fanfic. Oh my dog, one of the best things I ever read. I was drowning in the beauty of it all. My afternoon went to pot. She/he did an incredible job with it and it was so exciting to get into a fanfic again, especially with two guys as fascinating and hot as J2.

Their fandom is so large and enthusiastic, it really is a refreshing experience. I'm on a wild train right now and it came out of just me checking out the Dingle Dash/judas Jack Off blind. All of a sudden, I found myself hooked.

But it will not affect things here. Hopefully, I can take what I've learned here and see if I can see any signs of Jensen and Jared still being together. That would be so awesome.

the real m said...

pg, someone posted a terrific photo of a young Jensen. Ridiculously handsome and sexy and I am wracking my brain to remember where I saw it. I think it was on new plaid pants in the last couple of days, so check it out.

Glad I can reveal that I had the great honor of meeting Special K and visiting again with M&M, whom I met before, here in CA. We had a great lunch and even better conversation. One of the best parts of this blog is that a number of us - PG, Destiny, Tom, Roma, M&M, & now Special K and a few significant others have become friends and have seen each other face to face. Makes for a close bond. Unbreakable, I think.

I can't wait for Ray Donovan as it is, and now Ann Margaret to boot. They will have a gold mine of plots to choose from. I suggest Tommy attend one of the twink parties, nude. Austin has been nude in Six Feet Under and other films, so should be a no brainer to do it again. And yes, both he and Jake would have fit the bill in their early 20s. I'd bet real money they have been to several of those parties. Wasn't Jake seen kissing an older man by a valet once? He would have been that age.

slash fantasy said...

Wasn't Jake seen kissing an older man by a valet once?


prairiegirl said...

Yes, he was seen kissing an older man. The story hails from Toweleroad. (sp?) although I think I have seen it on DL as well.
; )

prairiegirl said...

pg, someone posted a terrific photo of a young Jensen. Ridiculously handsome and sexy and I am wracking my brain to remember where I saw it. I think it was on new plaid pants in the last couple of days, so check it out.

Oh, believe me, m, I have seen quite a few pictures now. LOL. I can't decide which one turns my wheels more - Jared or Jensen. They're both just incredible. I think Jensen is 35 now and Jared is 30 because there is 5 yrs between them. I have a great video of them I'll share later, all in the name of research, of course. Their story is eerily quite similar to Jake and Austin's.

prairiegirl said...

Happy Easter to those who observe!

Florida Tom said...

Happy Easter and Happy Passover everyone :-)

Error 404 said...

PG, there's nothing at the link you posted.

Methodical Muser said...

Your link didn't go anywhere, PG. Sort of like these pointless "family" photo ops. Boy, these folks sure seem overjoyed to be out and about together, don't they?:

This family is so predictable sometimes like the hands of a clock"

Special K said...

Happy Easter!!

A busy busy Easter morning. Cupcakes made, blueberry bread made. Call to Dad made. Now just need frost the cupcakes before off to church where I am the reader for Easter. (And have coffee hour - hence the fresh baked goods)

AUS10 said...

Going dark. Twitter ain't allowed in China. I will hit you from Thailand. Bye!

2:02 PM - 20 Apr 2014

;) said...

Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 3 h

Heading to Shanghai today! Then off to Beijing later this week! Very excited to head back to my old stomping grounds.

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww said...

So nice of Austin to spend Easter and his birthday with Chloe, and nowhere near Jake.

Austin on-board said...

Chloe Bennet ‏@ChloeBennet4 30m
It's his 5th time reading 50 shades of grey. He just loves great literature!

♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ said...

Beautiful Chloe and her hot boyfriend ♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡♡

Austin said...

Well James Baldwin it's not my cup of tea

Special K said...

Interesting that they choose to connect a guy known as Grey Goose to 50 shades of Grey. #PRFailOMGgrins

Anonymous said...
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prairiegirl said...

I daresay, it could be a shoutout to #GreyGoose. You just might be onto something there, Special!


#ToothyTileGreyGooseForever ♥♥♥

Special K said...

Bye Bye Jack. No need for your rotten eggs on Easter.

prairiegirl said...

You know what I think is so neat?

That some of my favorite people finally got to meet each other.

m got to finally meet Special after how many years of speaking on the blog and sharing some emails?

And M & M and Special got to meet after how many 3-way calls and emails for the past several years.

I was so excited for all of them. There's nothing like finally being able to meet and m, you are right. By most of us having met or at least shared emails and phone calls together, we have formed a bond that is unbreakable.

Seaweed is the only one of us that we haven't been able to physically share the same sq. footage but we have emailed and chatted on the phone with him so that is as close as you can get. Ties have been established.

It's very exciting for this to have happened and OMG has now spread coast to coast.

Congrats to Special, Real M and M&M on their excellently executed photo op. ;D

Oh boy said...
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kids will be kids said...

I love how PR creates "stories" about closeted clients like Austin and compensated beards like Chloe and then try to sell them as spontaneous events. I saw a photo somewhere the other day and I swear Austin looked like her father and the kids that were with them looked like they were on a field trip from school. All that was missing was the waffle cone and cotton candy. Maybe a Slurpee® or two.

So obvious said...
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don't be naive said...

Because C. Bennet is not hot, smart or funny. She's an ambitious woman who has a barely there amount of talent. By bearding she'll get preferential treatment for other "opportunities." That's how Hollywood and the Industry in general works. You really don't think people get ahead based on talent, do you. lol.

beards are rewarded with work said...

Sounds like Sophia Bush. She's a mediocre actress at best, yet was able to get not one, but two TV roles since OTH went off the air in 2012. How many have Austin had since the shows demised? The answer is a few brief appearances on Ray Donovan. That's it.

Special K said...

Jack - run along - and go talk to yourself somewhere else.

Bye Bye!

Special K said...

I had a wonderful time meeting M&M and M on this recent trip.

Everyone I have met from OMG have been wonderful and become wonderful friends.

Look out OMG'ers you never know when the travel bug will hit again. :D

FYI said...

FYI, Ted notted Jared and Jensen as Judas Jack Off/Dash right before he left E. Ted did sometimes post about Jared and Jensen under their real names, but thought you should know that according to Ted himself, they were not the Judas/Dash blind.