Saturday, April 5, 2014

Say Hey Dave

With David Letterman's announcement that he's retiring it make OMG a little nostalgic about the times Jake has stopped by to see Dave and Paul at Late Night


a and the best is yet to come said...

pics 2,3

Hay Tom,tell me this guy is not the same as it was in Leadville with Jake, look at the corner of his beard grows as square on the jaw, freeing the cheek just like the guy in Leadville, and we know instead Austin's beard grows free over the entire length of his cheek as evidenced by the photos of his twitter profile, look at the neck and shoulders as they are identical and comparable to those of the guy in Leadville, and finally see if the ears are not the same.

oh yes, they look alike.It's awesome right?
pics 8 and 9

Florida Tom said...

Ted looks great. I always thought he may have taken a lump sum of money or a healthy stipend of money to keep his mouth shut. Unless he is doing something else. Cause he definitely does not look unemployed or drugged out like some would want us to think.

destiny said...

If Jake was filming something with Harrison Ford it'll be interesting to see what his beard was like and see if it does match up to the recent photos.

Florida Tom said...

No go. It is actually funny that anyone would think that was the guy in Leadville. We know who the guy in Leadville was.

prairiegirl said...

"Sorry, the page you were looking for in this blog does not exist."


You know what? Don't Waste My Time

I'm not going to be accused of turning a blind eye. I'm going to check out if someone is earnest and says they have something.

But that is squat up there; just like I was sure there wasn't going to be anything for the very reasons I have already stated.

So, that's it. I was certain when I blew that picture up back in October of '10 and that certainty hasn't changed. That is Austin Nichols with Jake Gyllenhaal. Together in Leadville. In 2010.

prairiegirl said...

Ted looks great. I always thought he may have taken a lump sum of money or a healthy stipend of money to keep his mouth shut.

I concur. I bet Ted got a heckuva "severence" package to be quiet.

Ted was becoming a real thorn in the side of the Old HW Thinkers Society with his blinds. In fact, I'm surprised Ted lasted as long as he did.

Mgmnts didn't like the Toothy blind. And now that I've started reading some old blinds on Jared & Jensen who were widely believed to be Judas Jackoff and Dashed DingleDream. Ted started leaning pretty heavy on Jared and Jensen, to the point of engaging in "double dare ya" exchanges with one of the beards.

So I think in the Old HW Guard's eyes, Ted needed to be silenced, just like you said, Tom. Ted's living it up, always traveling, showing no signs of working. He looks and sounds like he's on a perpetual vacation.