Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Little Boy Blue (Shorts)

While Jake has his  green trousers,  Austin has his blue shorts

It's the Austinhood of Traveling Short Pants.

His latest twitpic he had them on beachside

And how versatile they're good for girls lunch out
 Or a bike ride

 Or shopping

At festivals
 or meeting fans.

And to accessorize - just change out belt and you're good to go.


norwegian girl said...

can jake even know life without feeling tormented? he has a family that i believe controll most of what he says and does. he has been a celebrity for many years now, he does not know another life. sorry to be mean, but of course i think jake is absolutely controlled by his family. the boy is too dumb, too naive and too childish to take care of that of his own. ..and no, naomi cant do that for him.

prairiegirl said...

Maybe the term might be too "protected" instead of naive, NG. He's been protected all of his life, bailed out, looked out for, his friends and family alike cover for him. I think of naive as someone who's pretty young or untouched by life's experiences. Jake is way too old now to use that card.

Well tonight was spent driving around trying to use up the last of my birthday discount coupons from my birthday, you know the 40% off and all that stuff you get when you register your birthday. Last day of the month!! Gotta use them. lol. I don't know why I waited so long. I had plenty of time at one point and all of a sudden, it was the 30th.