Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Mod Mod Mod

Is Jake to Mod for his own good?

 Now where could he find the suit?


Florida Tom said...

The statement from Tyler Green was very good.

Got to agree with Destiny. HW only cares only about the Gay. Everyone sees HW as so Liberal. Well on this they sure are not.

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha ha, Mod Hair Ken. That's hilarious. He's like something right out of Love, American Style. And that suit. Oh man. How retro.

Mod Hair. Those dolls are eerily just like Jake, aren't they? Too bad one of them didn't come with a huge guitar case, lol. Then add a little blue visa book, big pieces of paper, a jacket, and put them over his head. Ahh takes me back to my doll playing days, Special!!

prairiegirl said...

HW only cares only about the Gay

But the bf or gf are part of that deal, aren't they? If there wasn't an Austin that Jake wasn't running home to, if there wasn't a Jensen Ackles too close to Jared Padalecki, or a Harry Styles even within a mile radius for Louis to get too close to, then why can't Jake go bike riding with Austin anymore?

Why can't they go to a Lakers game together and sit next to one another?

If HW didn't care about Jake's personal life and the people in his life, we would see Jake out & about with Austin and there would not be Oh Pfshaw, Look, Austin Is in Texas while Oh Look, Jake is So Obviously in London!

And if Hollywood doesn't care about personal lives, then why does Jake have to keep repeating his mantra about having no kids every time he does an interview now? Why does he have to keep saying he moved to NYC to be near his nieces? Why not just have Jake go on and on about moving to NYC because he loves all the restaurants and he loves riding subway trains?

I don't know, but I think I have to strongly disagree on that one, guys. The evidence is overwhelming.
: )

prairiegirl said...

I have to say that Jared Padalecki has to be about the most beautiful creature to walk this earth.

But then he starts typing on his twitter and dangit. lol.

Otherwise, he is just killing me with his beauty. Holy smokes.

Florida Tom said...

I agree with what you say PG but in the end it all comes to hiding the Gay.. Jake and Austin's relationship point to them being Gay. In HW you might be able to have 6 wives 23 kids and 23 baby mamas but you can't be Gay.

prairiegirl said...

Okay, put that way, for sure.

I think it's all entertwined at this point. Jake still can't be seen with Austin so his personal life is still off limits because his personal life includes Austin. I think the original statement was about HW not caring about personal lives and these guys hide their personal lives.

Jared and Jensen are eating up my Search time. This is becoming a huge issue. The material on these two guys is infinite.

Florida Tom said...

Jared and Jensen must breed. So hot together :-)

the real m said...

I'm late to the party as usual these days, but wanted to say how much I enjoyed Sunday's spotlight. They are always so interesting.

Anyone here watching Shameless? I know the characters are fictional, but this past Sunday they did a terrific job with the spectacular coming out of Mickey that's been brewing all season. If you have not followed the show all seasons, no point just watching the episode as they characters development will not be known. But he did it all for love and while the scene was extremely violent, the undercurrent was so sweet since he did it for love. Again, I know he is fictional, but I believe that there are some out there who will watch and say to themselves that if Mickey can come out, anyone can.

prairiegirl said...

Hey m, I don't watch that but it sounds kind of interesting. What channel is Shameless on?

I tell you what. I'm falling all over myself with Jared & Jensen (or J2 as they are known in the fandom). I always thought Jensen was nice looking, classically so.

But Jared - holy smokes. This guy is absolutely gorgeous - where has he been? He's got the biggest dimples I've ever seen and his smile is incredible.

Sounds like maybe they were together for awhile - I'm not sure if they still are. I'm going back and reading some of the Judas Jack-Off and Dashed Dingle-Dream's Blind items to see if they are indeed those two BV's. What utter tragedy if they are indeed them because of course, they both got married and verrrrry close in time at that.

And they are too hot to touch, Tom. Too hot. Jared & Jensen together are blowing my mind.

prairiegirl said...

Oh stuff it, Jack.

If Jared Padalecki is straight, then I'm Whistler's mother.

prairiegirl said...

Good to see the paid visitor keeping the whole WME line of thinking about suppression consistent, though.

since nothing happens in Jake and Austin fanfiction

I don't need to be talking up Jake and Austin because obviously they are living their life right now as evidenced by both their routine "So long, farewell's" and subsequent disappearance.

I'm not going with anybody you peddle. If I like Jared & Jensen, that's who I like. There is something hugely suspicious about their whole story and how it mirrors Jake and Austin.

The only difference I bet is that Jared & Jensen chose to go the marriage route. If they have legal marriages at all. Both their marriages happened around the same time and awfully fast. I can see their people panicking because people were seeing their chemistry and then Ted's blind probably made them very nervous.

These days, who knows how many of these rash weddings are even the real thing.

destiny said...

Yeah, I think something was up with Jared Jensen, don't know if that is still the case, but I suspect it hasn't survived all the nonsense. I remember Ted pushing what's her name from OTH about the marriage because he didn't think it would happen.

Only a few slash fans were pushing Pinto, there were no serious rumors about them the way there was with the Supernatural guys. Not to mention that during much of that time there were plenty of rumors about the guys that Quinto was actually dating.

prairiegirl said...

I've just recently fallen Timber! over these 2 guys J2. I know, I'm a day late and a dollar short. I'm not sure whether to start watching their show - I think I'm going to start but that means restarting my Netflix.

It sounds like they are very much on the downlow. Would be interesting to see if there are any signs or any chatter of them still being together. According to Ted, if they are indeed JJO and DDD, they were going to get married but Jared got talked out of it by his people and he dumped Jensen, then got engaged/married.

Geeeeeeeeee...imagine that.

nope said...

Only a few slash fans were pushing Pinto, there were no serious rumors about them the way there was with the Supernatural guys. Not to mention that during much of that time there were plenty of rumors about the guys that Quinto was actually dating.

It is not true Pinto shippers were many and fierce, their theory is that Quinto has fake boyfriends in order to remove any suspicion from Captain Fine, since he is the A lister

the real m said...

Agree with you, PG. J2 are truly gorgeous. I watched their show for a couple of years and then lost interest. Lots of rumors about them at one time, especially that they were pretty open on the set.

beyond pathetic said...

Jake still can't be seen with Austin

Now you pretend that Berlin didn't happen?!? LOL

prairiegirl said...

I don't think the boys planned on Austin being seen over in Germany. But Dana Delaney spotted Austin at Heathrow and so what will be, will be.

Like that shot on the red carpeted stairs is a real up close Glamour Shot, Jack? And like that video was in HD?

You know you're up the creek w/o a paddle with your ridiculous argument, don't you? The number of times we've caught Jake in Austin's neck of the woods is off the charts.

And do you really want me to review the two times, count 'em two times Jake was caught in LA in 2013 while Austin was there, when Mgmnt was trying to sell him in NYC? And both times Mgmnt sent him out of the house to LAX and sent him around on a baggage carousel roundabout ride in an empty terminal to make it look like he was just arriving?

Shall we go back and revisit both of those instances because I can dig it up. I believe one of the times was after the "niece" brunch at the Ritz Carlton and the other time was after the fish taco stand debaucle, if my memory serves me right.

The second time could have been after the peachkelli_pop sighting in Silverlake. Wouldn't take long to discover for sure which one it was because all you have to do is go to IHJ and find the whole sorry slide show.

prairiegirl said...

Don't even. Don't even come sniffing around here trying to sell me on Jake G. and Austin N. no longer being together because you're not even going to reach the sidewalk, let alone the front door.

The evidence has been overwhelming for the last several years and a lot of the social media assistance started with Leadville.

We caught Austin with Jake at Leadville in 2010, courtesy of Mr. Brandon Fuller, and those 2 little tyrannosauruses have been going through all kinds of gyrations dodging OMG's eyes ever since.

prairiegirl said...

I know I can be brash to the point of arrogance, but that's how sure I am. That's how confident I am of what I believe in and have seen for myself from the time spent online watching these 2 guys.

I have no doubt.

fact checking said...

Come on PG, analyze everything with me, point by point, and see if I can not unmount your house of cards, tell me about it and we have fun...a lot

fact checking said...

and the sushi lunch with Levine then? and the stroll in NY with the Iranian girl, and Austin at the Prisoners premiere in LA?

fact checking said...

We caught Austin with Jake at Leadville in 2010,

Nope was D. Modigliani,I'm ready to show it when you want

Special K said...

Run along Jack. No one is buying the crap you're selling.

Florida Tom said...

Show it.

Florida Tom said...
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Florida Tom said...

Jake and Austin can't get married to girls like other guys for a good reason. Chloe will be so sad. HAHAHAHAHAHA

Florida Tom said...

Show it. If it isn't nasty towards posters here I doubt SK would delete it. Of course that will be your excuse for not putting it up.

fact checking said...

is fine Tom, although as you can see my previous post was deleted, but if I make the effort to show what I have and then is deleted then you are cowards

close the deal?

the real m said...

Tom called his bluff and he ran like the coward he is.

fact checking said...

I'm still waiting

close the deal?


fact checking said...

I'm right here, real m, ready to answer any questions and to put on the table what I have

but since I'm a decent person, I ask permission but no one answers me, who is the coward?