Thursday, April 3, 2014

Thanks for the Han

Kudos sweet Austy!

For what?

Well, a couple of days ago Austy shared the whole Chewie thing and OMG asked about the Wooly Wookie that is Jake

But who knew you were giving us a Han?

 Harrison ford and jake gyllenhaal are filming outside my work!!! -laur - Source

For what?  Not sure.

Could it be part of Everest?  A secret project? A Japanese noodle commercial?  A cameo for a Raiders 5?!?!

Or comparing notes on living with a Squatchi kind of guy (on screen and off)

Whatever it could be - it does mean one thing - gold stars for Austy - you big sneaky clever hinter you.


prairiegirl said...

Ahhhh interesting take on that, Special. In any case, maybe no Woobie-holding after all, but rather a psst!

Ha ha, that's funny. Could you see Austin shaking his head at the wrong interpretation and crying out "No one is holding onto their Woobie! No Woobie holding!"

I like it!

Florida Tom said...

If you have some kind of proof that it is not Austin in Leadville Jack you can put it up next store or somewhere else. You got squat. That was Austin.

Florida Tom said...

Jack you get very little attention from me but when you make urself look like the fool u are it is fun to respond :-)

prairiegirl said...

If he had something, he'd just post it instead of lipping about it, as well as waiting nearly 4 years to do it.

destiny said...

Very interesting re Jake and Ford and Austin's tweet.

Florida Tom said...

Just watched James Franco admit on Kelly and Michael that he was trying to hook up with a 17 yo female via instagram. The girl apparently went public with this. 17 is the age of consent in NY. Embarrassing for him though. Austin should be careful. people can be set up.

Special K said...

I think I shared the Honey Maid campaign "Wholesome" with all different kinds of families, including a gay family.

If not here it is:

This is Wholesome Campaign

Honey Maid got hit with tons of responses. This is what Honey Maid created in response.

Honey Maid responds to their critics

prairiegirl said...

I encourage everyone to watch that HoneyMaid video. Their answer is awesome.

I saw this from one of my Twitter followings this morning and was so inspired by it.Makes you want to shout from a mountain top.

Thanks for posting that, Special.

prairiegirl said...
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Florida Tom said...

Kelly actually brought it up. He said he wanted to get it out in the open. Many are saying this is all a promo since his new movie is about a teacher getting involved with a underage school female athlete.

Florida Tom said...

Of course this girl is 17 or he would not be talking about it at all.. His butt might be in jail. In the Instagram conversation he asked her if she was 18 and she said she turned 18 in May. James is a bit crazy but he is not at all dumb. I think it is PR which is crazy if they took it this far.

creepy pedo said...

The film is based on a book written by Franco, who is apparently autobiographical, it seems he has a habit of hitting underage girls and everybody knew

destiny said...

I saw that HoneyMaid video, it's amazing, and so beautiful.

So strange about Franco, never heard that about him and underage girls before now. Can't help but be suspicious and it and the new movie, and the timing of it all.

the real m said...

Honey maid crackers are going on the top of my shopping list. What a wonderful ad and an even better response to the crabs that did not like it.

The bit about Franco sounds like PR at work. Didn't he have a girlfriend for a long time. Possibly a beard. I think they broke up a while ago. The man keeps so busy, hard to believe he has time for anyone.