Monday, April 21, 2014

Jake Sprung out

It must be spring

Jake's pulled out his spring palate of color

April 2014

May 2011

Oh yes the tan trousers that Jake loves so much are back

Along shades of grey - hey....hmmmm... who's all about Shades of Grey...

Jake was seen out with sister Maggie at Georgio Baldi's in Santa Monica on Saturday night.

Would that be called Goose grey?

And then out to see Arcade Fire this week.

Going retro his jacket look like what would happen if a 70's satin jacket and 80's parachute pants had a baby -

And you can't forget the accessories.

Is that Jake's black diamond "engagement" ring?

And of course his "my little pony"

Just a moment

So proud of my Boston.

 You took back what was ours and showed the world what happens when people come together for good.

To the 36,000 runners, 4,000 officers, to the countless volunteers and medical staff , the million spectators and all of us who love that dirty water.



Jake and Austin not the only ones capable of hiding major details in their personal life said...

Matt Bomer's Big Reveal: I've Been Married to My Husband...for Three Years!

Matt Bomer may have publicly come out as gay two years ago, but the actor now reveals he and his husband actually married a year earlier.

In the new issue of Details magazine, the star of the upcoming The Normal Heart confirms he and Hollywood power publicist Simon Halls got hitched in 2011.

The two are parents to three sons: six-year-old twins and an eight-year-old.

Secret Husband

Bomer and Jake have a lot in common said...

"Our impulse is violence." I think I speak for myself as a married man that there are things that come in what you want to do, what you feel like you should do, and what you should do."

-Jake Gyllenhaal (December 2009)

Jake, as a Married Man

Confidential Marriages said...

That's interesting about Bomer. Wed for 3 years and we find out about it now. I know that people have said here before that Austin and Jake can be married in California because they have Confidential Marriages there. That tells me Jake never moved to NY.

Special K said...

For confidential marriages in CA - you don't even have to do the filing yourself. There are people who will take care of all the paper work and come to you to have you sign the license and paperwork.

The only way the public would know that you are married is if you disclose it (like Bomer) or file to dissolve the marriage (like Emmy Rossum and Adam Durwitz of Counting Crows). By filing the broke the confidentiality. No one knew they were even married until she filed for divorce.

Special K said...

OT: But fabulous!

Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinsky have been added to Kentucky Derby Coverage on NBC.

Austin get that pink hat out, Johnny will love it on you.

Confidential Marriages said...

Really? That is fascinating. Not even a trace of the nuptials. Perfect for secretive Jake.

prairiegirl said...

Again, Not one peice of evidence exist that they have children together. Nothing! No pictures no one talking! If there were, believe me PG would have posted it.

Copyright to M & M

• Jim Sheridan’s interview from November 11, 2009 about Jake being up with the “kid” while filming Brothers in November/December, 2007.

Jake's approach which is very unique in my experience. He just thinks he's in real life -- and he's up on the screen. Jake is just the same now as on the thing, up with the kid, up with his sister's kid. He keeps joking even when I get serious and all, don't you?
The Boston Herald Nov 29 2009

• Ava running over to touch baby of a woman walking just in front of Reese and Jake, when they were in Paris in mid-June, 2008. Woman does not respond. Nor does Reese.

• Woman in Paris with stroller and baby looks like one of Jake’s blond personal assistants.

• Picture of Jake in Montreal on March 7, 2010 going to Alice in Wonderland premiere that has a preview of PoP. Looks like he’s with a child and the same blond woman from Paris is alongside him.

• Pictures of Jake in England at a children’s park behind a pirate ship from June 16, 2009. Jake makes sure the person stays on the other side and doesn’t come any closer.

• Jake with a baby’s coat on a banquette next to Robert Downey Jr. at a restaurant in England in November 2008.

• Sightings of Reeke with another family while they were in London in 2008.

• Sighting of Reese and Jake with Paul Rudd and two kids in Washington, D.C., June 22, 2009 (Paul only had one child at the time and Reese’s kids were in LA with Ryan). Jake is photographed angrily trying to prevent someone from taking a picture inside the car

prairiegirl said...


• Luis Guzman tweets Austin and calls him “Papa” in October 2010. (From @IamLuis Guzman to @AUS10NICHOLS @AUS10NICHOLS papa you giving me some great ideas right now. 8:18 AM Oct 3rd, 2010 via web in reply to AUS10NICHOLS )
[Note: Luis co-starred with Austin on John From Cincinnati and joined Twitter on 8/15/10. If you look at other tweets from Luis, he regularly calls men with children—natural, foster, men who raise their siblings or who are otherwise deeply involved in children’s causes --, “papa.” Also, Guzman is very much a family man. He has five children.]

• Tweet at Getty on 2/14/10: Craig Edwards ‏ @SuperTallCraig “At the Getty Center with my folks. Jake Gyllenhaal is here with his kid. #fb “ 11:02 AM - 14 Feb 10 via Twitterrific • Embed this Tweet

• When Jake returned from Montreal on April 22 after filming Source Code, the very next morning he was seen at breakfast with a couple and described as having fun with a little girl.

• Comment appears at a website discussing how to save Jake Gyllenhaal’s career: “I think Jake Gyllenhaal and his lover Austin should continue to focus on their new daughter, as they have been doing. He is extremely talented, and a year or two hiatus will not diminish him whatsoever. He is a respected actor for a reason (because he is exceptional, should anyone need reminding). I look forward to his acting choices in future. I would not dare giving him advice, especially in areas where I am not qualified.” January 12, 2012 | John

• A tweet from January 28, 2012 appears from an Adam Lambert fan that lives in Pittsburg, PA. She doesn’t even seem to know much about Jake Gyllenhaal and none of her friends even respond to her casual statement: Bethany S.‏@Pebbles430 just found out Jake gyllenhaal's daughter was at the daycare center I work at during the summer because he was filming a movie here. Dam 8:08 PM - 28 Jan 12via web • Embed this Tweet (the movie was LaOD).

• Mathew Katz-Frost cryptically tweets Austin at the end of August 2010 saying that he misses Austin’s ass and that he [Austin] has too many [asses] already.

• On January 17, 2012 someone tweets the following: “Exchanged greetings with fellow stroller-pusher Jake Gyllenhaal this AM. More rugged looking in person, but blends into Bk Hts. Friendly guy” 17 Jan via Twitter for iPhone (9:32 a.m.) @mjwbknyMichael J Whidden Michael J Whidden (@mjwbkny)
1/17/12 8:32 AM

• Sundance Film Festival Jake Gyllenhaal Hangs With ‘Very Good Girls’ at Sundance
By Matt Donnelly | omg! – Wed, Jan 23, 2013 Jake Gyllenhaal was spotted out at the Sundance Film Festival this week, shaking hands and literally kissing babies….But back to the family affair: Not only was Gyllenhaal's godmother, Jamie Lee Curtis, in attendance, the actor also spent a "large portion" of the evening cradling and playing with a baby that was rolling with the group.

prairiegirl said...

Final Installment. Once again, Copyright to M & M. Thanks, M & M for your hard work.

• Tweets on May 31, 2013 place Maggie Gyllenhaal in NY with her baby, Gloria : Ann Ajana @AnnAjana2 Maggie Gyllenhaal playing paddycake on my subway this morning with her daughter-everyone knows her but no one bothers them-NYC is so cool 8:31 AM - 31 May 13. And then there is another Brooklyn tweet from earlier in the week on May 26, 2013 where the picture looks like Ramona is standing next to her: Chris Clark ‏@chrisclark93 26 May Just stood in line for food with Maggie Gyllenhaal at Smorgasburg. She's beautiful. #ILoveNewYork @… 1:10 PM - 26 May 13 from New York, NY • Details
However, on May 31, 2013 Jake is seen with his “niece” in Los Angeles. Deven ‏@DevenGrey @DevenGrey: is my mum for real?! ���� just chilling with Jake Gyllenhaal !! #sojealous #takemetoLA 11:45 AM - 31 May 13

Someone asks if Deven has any details we learn that Jake was with his “niece,” Jack twist
@Jacktwistt 31 May @DevenGrey did you learn any breakfast details :-)??

@Jacktwistt "apparently he's heading to universal studios and his niece liked my moms shoes! haha! ��✨ #nothingjuicy #nogossip !" 3:07 PM - 31 May 13.

The question is how could Jake be with his niece when both nieces were in NY with Maggie?

• Kristi Mahé (@KristiMahe)
8/14/13, 12:36

@AUS10NICHOLS --Sorry I was awkward yesterday at Ralph's when you were beside me, but was that adorable kid your son? Nice to see ya.Cheers

prairiegirl said...

And that goes without saying about the little blond child in the Prince of Persia crew picture:

Little blond boy with his back to the camera

And then there was this photo by Austin. Who was that little boy on the ground?

Who is Jake looking at?

Special K said...

Thanks for reposting all of that info PG. A good refresher for some and a great resource for those who are new. And thanks again M&M for putting it all together.

destiny said...

Great post today, very funny.

I also enjoy seeing the roundup of baby evidence after the troll keeps whining about the lack of any evidence.

I wonder why Matt waited until now to reveal the marriage, although I know that this new interview with Out is the first time he's really talked in detail about his personal life. But if it's only been three years, would he have been able to get married in California? Wasn't Prop 8 passed in 2008?

Thanks said...

I can't describe how I felt in the days leading up to the Marathon - a little angry, annoyed, irritated - but as I watched the magnificent race this year on television and how well people are doing and their resiliency - a family from Switzerland whose son was running, turned to the camera and said "Boston Strong!", then I lost it and got teary-eyed. A young man from California who was running was very eloquent in his support of us too. Oh boy. :')