Friday, April 25, 2014

(So not) Digging their way in China

Yup there's Austin  (and FauxChlo) - so if you don't want to see it - look away now, but really it's like  a school trip and they were the last to on the list and got paired up)

So from that perspective look at it as a giant field trip

Day 1

When the hoods up it's the sign for no more chatting.  This is going to be a long trip.   Maybe I could get another plane.

Who's got the best set of curves? Me!  Yes Shakira, Shakira .  Theses hips don't lie.

This is going to be a long trip.  Maybe a hipcheck and I can bump her into another travel group.

Day 2
Is she really singing about dumplings?  I'll just ignore her and maybe she'll stop.
This is going to be a long trip.  Maybe I can get on the other bus.

Day 3
Look who got the sassy pink candle - Me!
 While I'm  all cute and coy.   She's being that loud girl no one wants to sits next to on the tour bus.   Still looking to switch to the B bus.

Day 4
This is when a five-head comes in handy you can squeeze everyone else out of the picture.

Yeah me!!

Day 5 (well it seems like 5 or maybe Day 45)
No you're not even close being Toothy.

And no I'm not tell you that you have seaweed and sesame seeds between your teeth.

 It's not just these pants that are uncomfortable and ill fitting.

The picture trip chaperones made us take for the safety sheets.
 Eww girl cooties!  I hear there's a seat on the other bus if I am willing to sit next to the onboard bathroom and with no leg room.

Onward to the other bus!  YES!

While we can make fun and say it's a school field trip, it seriously looks more like a promotional trip for FauxChlo. 

Really, who's traveling with them taking these pictures?  And who's releasing them?  Because only 2 of the pack were on FauxChlo's instagram. 
Ahhh yes - that would be the publicist's job.


Special K said...

After all the "girlfriends" that never lasted Clooney is said to be engaged to the latest gf.

He had to mix it up it was becoming too obvious, but will he actually go through with it and marry her, or will they have Oprah/Stedman thing for the next 10 yrs?

Florida Tom said...

Wow for Clooney to be engaged is a change. Maybe he is afraid that people are catching on. You can bet there will be a legal contract if he does marry. Probably a Cruise/Holmes kind of deal.

Still see no real PDA going on with these two Austy and Chloe. They are obviously not alone on a romantic trip. Someone is there to film it for them. Sure looks like a friends on a business trip type of thing. I am sure they will like for people to think they are doing the bang bang at night if they want to think that. Me think no bang bang.

Let me tell you for 34 Austin looks awesome. He gets cuter with age and his body is still trim and sexy :-)

prairiegirl said...

Well, we're supposed to have crazy storms today and the sky is getting a little weird colored out there now, plus getting a little darker, so here we go. lol. Should be interesting.

I have got to give a recommendation for a moment. I know there has got to be people out there who love a good slash story and have I got one for you. Oh yeah, baby. I have got an awesome story. This chick could write. Doesn't look like she's writing anymore, or at least not under this LJ name. I am a huge fan of Zero At the Bone, TLIYL, Shades of Grey, you know the classics. THE classics in BBM fanfic. This gal's writing and ability to build and build to a crescendo, I rank right up there.

And this story doesn't have a big action plot. It's not about kidnapping, conspiracy, or anything like that. It's about a relationship and it's just about living together, sharing a meal, working and visiting families and attending parties, co-workers, just all the every day, usual goings on. And this writer had me actually crying a few times, or at least watering up, she had me laugh out loud, she had me gasping out loud. It's one of those kinds of stories where I just kept reading and reading and I couldn't put the darn thing down. I woke up so early this morning, probably because subconsciously I wanted to pick up where I left off.

I've not watched one show of Supernatural, that's what's so funny. Anyway, here's the title of the fanfic and I'll give a link to her LJ page. Remember, click on my avatar and it will take you to my journal page. That's how you know it's me. Hello! lol

The Courtship of Jensen's Co-Star
by qblackheart. She even has it in pdf form already.
The Courtship of Jensen's Co-Star"

This story is wonderful. I'm in love with it.

Florida Tom said...

This year it is apparently Austin turn to work on his birthday.

Methodical Muser said...

Where’ hubby Mumford?

Funny how since that over the top Jake Gyllenhaal-Marcus Mumford photo op in April and May from last year (around Austin's birthday), the happy heterosexual couple of Mulligan and Mumford, have not been together much.

Even when they both performed on the same stage at an Inside Llewyn Davis concert in late September 2013, they didn't get photographed together, and they performed separately on stage.

Now, we get a Just Jared post yesterday and, once again, Mulligan is not seen with Mumford. Very interesting that after the splashy bromance with Jake at her premiere of The Great Gatsby, we don't see the lovin', whirlwind, so much in love "spouses" any longer.

Florida Tom said...

So easy to see why HW insists on the male/female bearding thing. Over 90% of the world is Heterosexual and woman love romance. Plus a huge majority of heterosexual men would not be caught dead going to a movie whose star is a gay man and will not watch a tv series that has a star who is gay. Ex: the show that Wentworth Miller starred in when it was a big hit. Just reality. Sometimes I feel HW underestimates the acceptance that folks have but then I think nope HW has it right.

disagree said...

I don't think Hollywood has it right. Society has changed. That is what the industry is so afraid of in my estimation. It's Hollywood that's obsessed with the gay.

prairiegirl said...

I don't know, Tom.

Because let me say that when I have seen Neil Patrick Harris or Rock Hudson on a screen or Lance Bass on the dance floor, for those moments, I haven't been thinking about their sexuality. If people have chemistry, they have chemistry.

But when I see Mel Gibson now? I'm not going to be able to get out of my mind what has been revealed that he's said. I used to love "Forever" by Chris Brown, wore that song out I played it so much. But I can't listen to it anymore, why? Because Chris Brown beat up his girlfriend. Because that guy is prison material.

And it's that kind of stuff that makes me not watch or listen to a celebrity any longer. It's not if they're gay.

another thought said...

As long as the entertainment industry can force popular, charismatic gay performers to remain in the closet (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson being maybe the most prominent representations of their generation), people won't get to show just how open-minded they are. Without successful examples of out performers, the homophobic execs can continue to make the argument that being out will destroy you career. The walls will come tumbling down someday. It's just a matter of when.

If you can be a philanderer and still be able to sell a part as a monogamous loving husband in a film, there is absolutely no reason why being gay should prevent anyone from enjoying a great performance, where a character they may be playing happens to be straight. If enough performers come out, the audience will accept the situation just like they have everything else. That's what Hollywood is afraid of. Like so many things that are political and social, regular folk are ready for change much sooner that the money changers would have you believe. Capitalism by it's very nature is conservative and risk adverse.

Methodical Muser said...

As long as the entertainment industry can force popular, charismatic gay performers to remain in the closet (Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson being maybe the most prominent representations of their generation), people won't get to show just how open-minded they are.

Agree, completely. Well said.

prairiegirl said...

Now sometimes, some people just aren't natural at something. They can't fake it. I have a friend who is very much hetero, but she can't stand to wear a dress. She's not natural in a dress. That's just the way it is. Put her in a dress and the discomfort and/or unnaturalness just shows. So don't put her in or make her wear a dress. Probably it's because of her discomfort in wearing a dress, that makes it not work on the "outside".

And some gay actors can't fake hetero attraction in a movie. Some can.

But isn't that how life is? We all can't be super people, able to do everything. Know your challenges, know your talents, likes and dislikes. I don't pretend to be a scholar or movie/political knowledgeable. I'm not; plain and simple. Suppose I could become a great study of politics or movies but I don't care to, so I don't. Neither topic is one of my treasures.

And some things just aren't even teachable or forceable, know what I mean? Accept it and move on. There are plenty of others who are talented in that way so let them shine. We can all shine in our own individual ways. There's plenty of stage for everyone to shine in their own way. It's called teamwork.