Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Big old softie

Thanks Austy for the Adam Wainwright's pitch to Jeter at the All-Star game softball of a tweet

Sex Education Class. Sign me up - AUS10

The Top Ten Reasons Austin would Sign up For Class

10. It's the only way  he could truthfully say he seen "lady bits and bobs" lately

9. With all the girls in the class no one can hear his giggle when they say penis.

8. Get some new tips to take home to the hubs.

7. Management said he needed to be seen with more women.

6. Caught having "inspired moments" tweets about Whole Food and the hardware store - was sent to class for reeducation.

5. The Fauxs got tired of explaining how first second and third base were when pretending to date girls.

4. With all these ladies there was no chance of anything suddenly popping up in class.

3. He wanted to see what they said about boys in the film the girls in the class got shown.

2.  Found this isn't all about bees like Jake been telling him all these years.

And the number one reason...

To find out that there are other ways to make babies besides making a swirly shake in a cup.


AUS10 said...

Me and pa cut down this tree. Ma sure was proud.

Special K said...

Woo Hoo Tom!!!

"Today, July 17, a judge in state court struck down Florida’s ban on marriage for same-sex couples, marking the 25th consecutive ruling in favor of the freedom to marry (with no rulings against) since June 2013. See all of the marriage wins in court here.

Chief Circuit Judge Luis Garcia ordered the Monroe County Clerk to stop enforcing Florida's anti-marriage constitutional amendment, saying that marriage licenses should begin being issued in Monroe County on July 22. For now, the ruling only applies to Monroe County. The ruling does not require the state of Florida to respect the marriages of same-sex couples legally performed in other states."

Florida Tom said...

I just heard about this Seaweed. What I see it is just one county down in the Keys. Not sure yet.

Special K said...

I know our names both start with S, we enjoy cute guys and we follow hockey in the winter, but Mr. Seaweed and Ms. Special have one big difference there Tommy Boy. :D

Methodical Muser said...

This was my favorite. Sounds just like Austin.

9. With all the girls in the class no one can hear his giggle when they say penis.

Methodical Muser said...

"Me and pa cut down this tree. Ma sure was proud."

I see Austin is taking the female voice in his whosay post. A little gender bending from the tall Texan.

prairiegirl said...

Coming to you Liiiiiiiive from our new lunchroom and I have internet connection, wooohooo!!!! This rocks. Now I don't have to put up my little homemade "Lunchin' " sign on my desk.

Despite my homemade sign and I had my earbuds in AND I was on my IPad with non-work stuff on it, I would always get "Oh! I'm sorry, are you at lunch?! I see you're at lunch. I'll come back." And I would say, "Oh no, that's okay." And then "Okay. Can I, blah blah".

Maybe I should put on a hoodie, wear the same clothes every day and glare at everyone like Jake and people will leave me alone. BWAHAH!!!

lol. Nah I don't have the heart to send my co-workers away.

Man oh man, this week has been HELL!!!! hell. Why do I sign up for stuff. I stress myself out. Now it's the company picnic that is driving me nuts. Too tired to tweet, too tired to tumblr, too tired to blog, too tired to do anything by the time I get home. I'm worn out. No strength or energy except to read some J2 fanfic, lol.

What's going on with these guys anyway, I have no idea.

Jake & Austin still in the closet? Still lying? Still bearding?

Yup. Status quo. Okay, see ya. lol. I'm off to see what J2 are doing.

Florida Tom said...

Sorry about that SK :-)

Oklahoma Woo Hoooooo :))))))

the real m said...

Really cute post. I am always amazed at how clever you are, Special.

Terrible news about the plane shot down. Whoever did it should turns themselves in on the spot.