Monday, July 28, 2014

Courtside without the (Brooklyn) Nets

Both Jake and Austin took it to the courts. Some traveling involved.

For Jake he shot several scenes for Southpaw at the Washington County (PA)Courthouse.

According to unit publicist Scott Levine, the movie includes several “important” courtroom scenes and Washington County President Judge Debbie O’Dell Seneca permitted the film crew to use her courtroom, two jury deliberation rooms and the downstairs jury lounge to serve as the location for  the New York courts where Billy finds himself after the death of his wife and the downward spiral of his career.  It is thought that these courtroom scene are about the welfare of Billy's daughter, Leila.

 Despite all that comes with filming on location, cast, crew, equipment and security, the daily court proceedings went on without any interruptions.

Actor and Washington, PA native Charles Hoyes was cast in the role of Jake's lawyer. While he couldn’t provide additional details Hoyes gushed about working with Jake.

" 'He’s a fantastic actor to work with,' the Thousand Oaks, Calif., actor said. 'I’m just playing off of him.'

Hoyes said he auditioned for the role a while back but learned only Wednesday that he got the part.

'I wasn’t sure if they were going to change the role or not,' he said."

The chief clerk for the Washington County commissioners, said the they were contacted this summer about using the courthouse and were more than happy to show off their building and courts. The production company was charged only $1,000 to use the space,  with the money earmarked toward a future building restoration project.

While not many pictures have appeared of Jake and crew in action for Southpaw , a couple of pictures from the courthouse did pop up.

Jake wasn't the only hitting the courts, so was Austin via his twitter.

My kind of gal - AUS10

 What kind of gal is that Austy?

The plastic variety?

The one that can pull off wearing a hoop?

Or maybe you just like the mythological ones that don't exist in real life.... ;) 

And while  he may not be The Man in the Yellow Hat,  Austin will be in his yellow suit in the short We Can't Help You  which is now available to watch on


Special K said...

Hasn't anyone else got a chance to watch We Can't Help You?

Austin like you've never heard him before.

AUS10 said...

We Can't Help You. Available today on
Go check it out.

AUS10 said...

Go to to see this film. Opens today. WE CAN'T HELP YOU