Thursday, July 24, 2014

Perfectly Balanced

Austin tweeted this today :
 -willem dafoe   -  AUS10

Think it's something related to this?

It's one thing to post it which could be taxing enough for some, but then to put it upside down,  Austy it's enough to confused some poor girl to stop following you.


the real m said...

One of the downfalls of an iPad. You can't turn it over to make it easier to read upside down text. But I persevered and read the text.

I think Austin was at the wedding. He's not working now and is close friends with Matt Frost and Adam. It would not be weird to go alone if Jake had to work. In fact it would make sense that he would represent their family at the wedding.

Agree, way too early for awards talk. The movie looks intriguing but you can only tell so much from a brief clip.

Jake and Austin said...

Austin could have been in Cabo. Then again maybe not. All we know is that Matthew Frost wanted people to think they were there. Why? Could be to sell the idea that Austin and Jake are no longer together. You don't even see Jake with this old crowd anymore. Like he has a whole new life. A PR created one.

The comment about Seth Meyers is an interesting one. The media told us he was there, but there was never one photo placing him at the event. It was also floated via Twitter that Jake was at what people guessed might have been David Modigliani's wedding last year. Even though not one pic of him being there, ever surfaced. So weddings can remain private. Funny how people easily accepted that's where Jake was, pretty much without question.

About the filming schedule in Pennsylvania, Jake can get time off, especially for an event like a good friend's wedding so I don't buy that he was working so he couldn't go argument. Austin could have been at this wedding without anyone knowing it. So whoever is coordinating his public appearances wanted those silly homoerotic photos out there and Frost was tasked with the set up. Maybe to, once again, remind us that Jake has moved on. Has a new life and Austin is not apart of it. Who knows. But, those set up pics of Austin with Matt Frost and his friends haven't sold me on anything. Frost and company live in New York. Some tweets suggested that Jake was in NY last weekend. Could be that everyone was in NY. If you know what I mean.

Florida Tom said...

It would be crazy for Jake and Austin both not to be at that wedding. No way both were not there.
They are very very close friends. Jake would have had a lot of notice and would have easily been able to get away.

Florida Tom said...

Rumors of a relationship between Zac Efron and James Franco's brother are floating with pics. James Franco actually posted on fb about it. It came off as mocking it but James Franco is crazy.

the real m said...

I think everything Franco does is tongue in cheek so I am guessing that is a joke, even though Efron is known to be gay.