Friday, July 25, 2014

No longer in the picture

 Now that certain things are out of the picture

Some would like to think he's like this over it.

Yeah.... right ..... it's more likely this:

Happy Austin Friday indeed.


Methodical Muser said...

WSJ Tweet Between Colleagues About Jake Gyllenhaal

What stands out about these two comments between a journalist and photographer is that they recently collaborated on an article and photo shoot with Willem Dafoe that was published today in the WSJ today. Trent is the photographer. Ronnie Weil is one of the journalists. Dafoe was in NY. And, now we find out that Weil just happens to be sitting next to Jake for brunch today and Trent chimes in to say he knows what that’s like.

Photographer's response to Weil's Soho sighting of Jake

Interestingly enough, Austin just happened to suddenly tweet a quote from Willem Dafoe on Thursday. Just another one of those crazy coincidences, huh?

Another NY connection said...

Since we are looking for meaning in Austin's tweets, did everyone notice that the group he was promoting on July 22, 2014 is from Brooklyn?:


Wakey!Wakey! Salvation New album available now. Pick it up on iTunes. My friend Grubbs is scary talented.

Special K said...

Two great catches! Thanks guys for the contributions.