Friday, July 18, 2014

Hood... winked


Austy,  hoodies and hats can help hide the adorable features that make you recognizable and make you a bit incognito (both on screen and off)

But when you wear one that is a college from the Pittsburgh area around the time they are filming there

you are as effective as this guy


help said...

What good does it do for Jake & Austin to be married in real life and have wedding bands when they spit on those very wedding bands by pretending to be with other men (Tony's hottie, Hugh, Marcus, Brian O'Byrne, Denis etc)

PG, can you help me understand that? "Pretending to be with other men". How was Jake pretending to be "with" them? In the biblical sense? Because I never heard or saw any evidence of that. Isn't it more than likely he was just hanging out with friends and work colleagues?

PR 101 said...

Seems pretty clear to me that PR has been trying to push Jake with OTHER men to support that last Blind of Ted's a few years back. WME knows that plenty of people think Jake is gay. So these stories/pairings are meant to separate him for Austin in their eyes. Get those individuals (and there are lots of them) to believe that Jake has moved on from Grey Goose. Separate him from the having babies with another man rumors.

You also can't ignore all the homoerotic stuff with Jake's directors since 2010 like when he did that stunt with Ed Zwick (supposedly both men naked for the poster of Love and Other Drugs) and the drinking wine alone in a hotel room with Denis. Then there's the trolls who come here and elsewhere pushing Jake with other men. I remember the night of the Tony's, it was real time too, someone was on Data Lounge and other websites pushing Jake with the hot guy almost immediately. Like they were commissioned to go online and push the intimate association between the hottie and Jake. That's what tells me PR is pushing him with other men on purpose. Including, that Mumford and Sons guy too.

Naked Ed Zwick Photoshopped out of Love and Other Drugs Poster

No surprise. It's a common approach to the gay question. Jake can be hinted at being with other men to try to persuade the gay fans that he's not with the guy he was supposed to have had kids with. Which means he probably never had kids in the first place. Jake just can't be seen to be with Austin. And, that's because that is the man he is actually with.

correction said...

"Jake can be hinted at being with other men to try to persuade the gay fans that he's not with the guy he was supposed to have had kids with."

There are fans who know that Jake is gay, but don't believe that he has kids. Or is (still) with Austin.

There are people who think Jake is gay, but would never think that he has kids. Or is (still) with Austin.

'Jake and Austin and kids' exist ONLY on this blog. Nowhere else.

Methodical Muser said...

'Jake and Austin and kids' exist ONLY on this blog. Nowhere else.

I'm going to give just one recent example because this tiresome argument has been debunked so many times, it is amazing that someone continues to try to continue to still push it.

As recent as one month ago on twitter:

Savannah Rice ‏@MEEUQ
Pls retweet my Jake Gyllenhaal tweet everyone needs to know he is daddy
8:05 AM - 15 Jun 2014

Savannah Rice ‏@MEEUQ 1h
Happy Father's Day

Anonymous said...
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Jake himself said...

There's also the direct quote from Jake in that online interview about the film Brothers where he said he was speaking "as a married man." Not much ambiguity there.

I'm sick of these PR trolls said...

There's this tweet too:

Craig Edwards ‏@SuperTallCraig

At the Getty Center with my folks. Jake Gyllenhaal is here with his kid. #fb

11:02 AM - 14 Feb 2010

Another said...

“I think Jake Gyllenhaal and his lover Austin should continue to focus on their new daughter, as they have been doing. He is extremely talented, and a year or two hiatus will not diminish him whatsoever. He is a respected actor for a reason (because he is exceptional, should anyone need reminding). I look forward to his acting choices in future. I would not dare giving him advice, especially in areas where I am not qualified.” January 12, 2012 | John The Film Experience

YUCK!!!!!!!!!!!! said...
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Methodical Muser said...

LOL! Thanks whoever is posting. Good to know others are still here and refusing to let WME erase the truth.

Here's another example of what happens when performers fight back and when savvy, supportive fans call PR out on their BS. For those who may not know, Simon Jones is the head of HJPR, the team responsible for closeting Harry and Louis:

PR meltdown

Poor Simon Jones

Popcorn please said...

Troll is having a fit. Fun to see.

Another Jake with child tweet said...

Bethany S.‏@Pebbles430 just found out Jake gyllenhaal's daughter was at the daycare center I work at during the summer because he was filming a movie here. Dam 8:08 PM - 28 Jan 12via web

Jake has kids! Deal with it! said...

You can always tell by the number of "L's" at the end of trolls "LOLs" to know how close to the truth you are. There must have been 70 L's in the last post that was understandably deleted. Don't give these liars a platform.

I love the meltdown of Simon Jones. I think that's partly to do with Louis answering a recent question about whether or not he was engaged to his beard. I guess he was supposed to be coy. Instead, he said, "NO, no, no." Not much to leave to the imagination. Thank you, Louis!

Special K said...

There was also sightings of Jake pushing a baby in a stroller in Brooklyn months before niece G-L-O-R-I-A (sorry when you name a kid Gloria - you get Patti Smith'd) was born.

There was the little kid with Jake at the Toronto movie theater.

The pictures of little kids coat in the seat next to Jake when he was out to eat with RDJ in London that were sent to OMG directly.

How about Jake seen with an extra bag getting off the train between London and Paris.

Don't forget Ava and the lady pushing the baby stroller in the Parisian garden.

How about Jake hanging out on the children's Pirate ship in the London park.

And how about the little boy in the cast picture of POP who's the only turned away from the picture.

Special K said...

Oh and let's not forget the mention on Datalounge of Jake and Austin in their backyard with a baby.

Methodical Muser said...

And, the time Jake went to Sundance in January 2013 to support Mommie Dearest. Where he was walking around with a baby.

But back to the family affair: Not only was Gyllenhaal's godmother, Jamie Lee Curtis, in attendance, the actor also spent a "large portion" of the evening cradling and playing with a baby that was rolling with the group.

Special K said...

And remember Jake was seen up at that kid restaurant/play place in Upper Manhattan but Maggie's kids weren't anywhere around.

prairiegirl said...

Oh, and let's not forget that hole-in-one sighting of Jake with his "niece" at the Ritz Carlton Club Lounge in L.A. when Maggie and her girls were still back in NYC. What a fantastic coup that was. It was indeed a hole-in-one and caused the first of two fake Jake arriving-at-L.A. photo ops that I'm still shaking my head over.

How was Jake pretending to be "with" them? In the biblical sense? Because I never heard or saw any evidence of that.

Are you even serious? I repeat, are you even serious? Oh. My. Dog.

I will never forget that night of the Tony's. There's never been another night like it. Sounds like somebody else up above also watched that happen in real time. I distinctly remember Special, M&M and I were emailing/on the phone together during that entire thing and it was unbelievable. Twitter and Facebook went up in flames with tweets/comments of "posters" asking who was that 'hottie' Jake was with. In fact, I think I still have all of those on a Word document somewhere.

And let's not forget the audience camera shots, the red carpet arrival "glimpse" of said hottie and that stupid film clip with Jake driving away when the Tony's were over and the window rolled down so that we could see he was sitting inside with another man, to make us think he and his hottie were on their way to a hot night together. BWAHAHAH!!! You have got to be kidding me with that ridiculous act of not knowing what I was talking about.

That whole charade was all for us. Wasted money, wasted time, EPIC FAIL.

It was an epic fail. We never heard who that guy was. We've never seen Jake with him again. No one ever knew his name.

What an incredible failure that was by PR. I look back on that whole night and I have absolutely not one single doubt that night was for our benefit. And look - we're all still here, debunking everything Jake, Austin and Jake's Mgmnt have tried to push at us.