Thursday, July 3, 2014

Nailed Down? and Dapped up!

A few more pictures (including official ones from the set) from Jake's never released movie Nailed came forth today.

Plagued with financial problems, Nailed's fate has been in limbo for a while, and after the passage of the Affordable Care Act,  it seemed like the movie might have lost it's relevancy.  But maybe with the recent ruling, it might find a place in the conversation.

One thing for sure the producers who bought out the rights and took the film over are looking for every opportunity they can use to publicized the movie and try to get it off the shelves and on the screen.

With Jake looking like he's on the hunt for award shows next spring and Tracy Morgan recently in the news, it looks like they are  throwing crumbs out to create some interest as they float that this might  (finally?) be  the year the release gets Nailed down.

The cast of Nailed

But for now just check out Jake and his nifty Dapper Dan hairdo from the movie

In the past OMG has talked about Austin and Dapper Dan too, but there is a difference.

Austin's Dapper Dan Moments

Jake's Dapper Dan Moments


the real m said...

Wow. Kennywood Park. That brings back some childhood memories. I think I was there a few times when I was in grade school.

I cant imagine Jake would be happy to have Nailed released now, given how hard he is trying for acting credibility. Sacrificing his whole personal life for it. But I am sure the producers want to try to recoup some money. But it's not likely they would get any box office returns by releasing it. Jessica Biel is pretty much a joke now, despite her husband's fame. I would think his management would try to surpress it even more than the gay.

I watched another good movie. Test. Written up in the SF chronicle. Terrific dance scenes. Worth watching just for that alone.

Florida Tom said...

I heard about this German movie they are call the German Brokeback. It is called Free Fall. I watched the trailer and it looks pretty good and the guys are hot. Not sure if it is out on Netflex yet or not.

Seems to me Jake needs a movie soon that is actually award worthy. He has has some good movies like End of Watch and Prisoners but in actually he has had more clunkers than critically acclaimed roles. After Enemy I am sure his management company would not be thrilled at all about Nailed being released. We will see what happens with Southpaw. Jake is working but has never reached the fame that he got from Brokeback. He still is hanging on the the old if I keep the gay away I will be a star someday dream. He better start producing some really good stuff or his career will be short lived. I am convinced of that now.

Happy 4th everybody and belated Canada Day.

prairiegirl said...

Happy 4th of July! Has to be one of my favorite holidays. I just love the red, white & blue colors, fireworks, BBQ and the patriotic music. Can't get enough of that Sis-Boom-Bah!

I have the fondest childhood memories of doing snakes on our driveway and backdoor concrete step. Sparklers. Dad did the fountains. We kids did some Black Cats but I never really liked doing those. I loved going to the firework tents and buying fireworks because I liked the wrappings and the crinkly red paper that the Black Cats came in. LOL. smh.

Special K said...

M, I forgot that you had some Pittsburgh/Western PA roots. My grandparents moved out to that area when I was really little before moving back to Philly. I have a lot friends from the 'burgh and many still are in the area. I've been to Kennywood, but it's been a while.

Special K said...

Happy 4th everyone!!

No fireworks here in MA, can't buy them and not supposed to use more than sparklers. Now New Hampshire, that's where everyone goes to by their "sparklers".

Growing up my brothers devised all kinds of things to shoot off fireworks. And found ways to torment their little sister. They found ways of shooting bottle rockets like surface to air missiles or as mobile rocket launchers. (half a pringles can and the peculator stem "borrowed" from mom's coffee pot; and the hollow metal leg from one the chairs in the basement)

Of course tying up a whole string of fireworks to my swing set and lighting them up was fun to them too.

I stuck to black snakes (which I think PG are the same thing as black cats) and sparklers. My only firework injury was getting burnt by a punk square in the middle of my forehead by my brother. I looked like I had a bindi for months.

This year's going to be a wash out for us here in Boston, some places are trying to squeeze a short parade in this morning, or moving them to tomorrow.

We did get to have our spectacular fireworks in Boston last night before they had to evacuate for a thunderstorm that came in as pre-Arthur weather amuse bouche.

prairiegirl said...

Were your snakes the ones that looked like little black nubs and you lit them on the sidewalk. They started sizzling and they sort of expanded and grew, I think. They didn't do anything - didn't go pow! or go anywhere, they just sort of sizzled on the sidewalk and made big black marks, lol. But you were "doing fireworks" so you felt like you were really doing something. LOL!

Our Black Cats were the little firecrackers that came all strung together and you lit them. Now those went POW! You lit it and you RAN. lol. That's what I hated about them - they were too dangerous and scary.

You know, us kids in the neighborhood - we had the best of times. Putting cards in the spokes of our bikes and we rode our bikes all the time everywhere. We were in the backyard constantly, had a little blow up pool, and we had the little metal pretend dishes and acted like we were really baking and cooking things with mud. We had a little sandbox and a swing set and we didn't want for anything. Mom and Dad didn't make much but we had that stuff and we were outside in the summer from sunrise to sunset, playing with the fireflies, riding our bikes to the pool and buying big Chick-O-Stix or frozen Zero bars, and getting bit by mosquitoes. Half the fun was scratching the heck out of those things because it felt so good after the itch. BWAH! Skeeter bites are a rite of summer.

Great times. Special, your brothers cracked me up. Talk about tormenters. You were but a helpless babe.

Special K said...

Looks like the Black Cats were what they tied to my swing set, the black snakes were what I got to play with and left marks all over the patio much to the frustration of my mother who was probably hunting for that percolator stem all day.

Seaweed said...

Tom, I came across the German Free Fall last week on youtube and watched it in it's entirety. Great movie, but in my humble opinion it was no Brokeback Mountain. Great performances and very believable characters. I'll try and find a link for you in case you're impatient to see it. Often the links to movies like this result in stuff that's been removed due to copy write infringement.

Florida Tom said...

Seaweed I would love that. I could not find the movie in its entirety. I only saw the trailer.

the real m said...

Tom, I mentioned Free Fall a couple of weeks ago. I thought it was very good, but part of that was I found one of the men extremely sexy. I watched it about 3 times just to see him. The blond character named Kai. The movie is available on Amazon prime and I think a 3 day rental is under $5.00. In some ways the script is an almost total knock off of Brokeback. Different names and occupations, but the same plot points. More realistic sex. Still, I enjoyed it. Another good flick is Test, which I just watched on Netflix. Filmed in San Francisco and of a time when I was living in the area so it had special meaning for me. Great dance scenes worth viewing on their own.

Happy 4th to everyone. Too hot to go outside today. Maybe after dark.