Monday, July 7, 2014

Holidazed Again

The weekend must've been somethin'  because Austin wanted make sure

He shared

Arthur   - AUS10
(video link)


Explosions  - AUS10
(video link)


wonder why


prairiegirl said...

BWAH!! Red arrow.

You know, I look at that picture again and that is sooooo Austin.

Ha ha ha ha ha.

Methodical Muser said...

So given all those bruises on Austin's knuckles I would say he either is beating up on his "girlfriend" or he's been acting as a sparring partner for his lifelong partner, Jakey. Looks like Southpaw's production company is trying to save money by hiring Jake's husband to help him with his workouts.

Austin’s Southpaw paws

prairiegirl said...

his lifelong partner, Jakey

Well.....we hope he's going to be lifelong. ; )


Man, what in the heck is going on with Austin's knuckles in that picture? Are those 2 crazy kids that oblivious?

I can totally see Austin wanting to try out some boxing gloves and help get Jake some practice in.

Oh yes, I can. Hey, Austin should have taken that picture with the tea party dog in front of a big b/w picture of Muhammad Ali or Joe Frazier since he's so big on taking pictures in front of icons, huh? Would be a nice compliment to the JFK/Reagan pic.


Florida Tom said...

That us is funny those knuckles are a mess.

prairiegirl said...

Hey check it out.

I think Austin was sending another shoutout to his hubby.

Who does Austin and the tea party dog remind you of now?

#SouthpawKnuckles. #ATripBackToBrokebackMountain

prairiegirl said...

Or were those two crazy kids so absolutely clueless that they didn't even realize what they were doing?

Were they having a 6 pack when they did that picture?

LOL!!! I mean, this picture is soooo bad...I'm dumbfounded by the double gaffe.

Special K said...

The other thing about the picture of Austin and Arthur, is the background. This is the same or an extremely background for a previous picture that popped up on Chloe's instagram of Austin and an elevator.

prairiegirl said...

I just realized we are privy to the twirly coat picture again. Wow, that seems like 20 years ago, doesn't it? lol. Jake wouldn't be caught dead in twirly coat right now nor shiny shoes for that matter.

Another thing I notice too is that Austin has really lost muscle mass. I had noticed it in those Miami boat pictures, that his biceps are very ordinary looking now - quite undefined. But now in the tea party dog picture, he has even lost his chest.

See, you can tell right away who is being the primary caregiver of the children. They don't have time to be working out.

And so you have to ask yourself, what? Why, Austin has nothing but time, doesn't he? He's not working. He's traveling around the world, he's going to Upfronts, boat trips, supposedly Chicago **wink**, he's lounging in chairs eating Cheetos and watching Wimbledon and World Cup.

I wonder.

Nah. In actuality, he's the chauffer of a station wagon full of kids. There's no time for bench pressing anymore. No more time for surfing either, apparently. He's very lean. But he doesn't have muscle mass anymore. #SoccerDad

prairiegirl said...

This is a very interesting picture tweet. Right now, the 1D girls are trending #FetusLouisDay

They're posting all kinds of old pics of Louis Tomlinson and reminiscing back to the early days and getting all kinds of "feels" and emotions. It's really very sweet and I've enjoyed seeing some of the pictures because many are when Louis was yet untainted by the effects of the HW closet.

Please take a look at this twit pic and see what has happened to this young man. This is what the closet has done to Louis Tomlinson. May God get these boys away from Modest Management and get them back on their own feet soon because this before and after scares me to death.

It is so like Jake, it isn't funny. And it's not funny. It's very serious, frightening stuff.

I follow back bc ily ‏@NarryMyDream 1h

IM CRYING #FetusLouisDay
I know he's older now but there's no reason for this

Daily Mail said...

Children with same-sex parents are happier and healthier than those from traditional families.

Daily Mail

Florida Tom said...

Wow that kid has got to be on some kind of drug. Looks like a coke or crackhead. No lie. What a shame

destiny said...

Wow, what a horrible picture of Louis. Is this how he looks all the time now?

And while we're on the topic of looking awful, can I just say how tired I am of people who cover themselves with giant tattoos. I keep hoping this fad will pass, but instead it just seems like I seem more and more of them.

destiny said...

Seeing Austin and the beard at it have me humming Donna Summer's "She Works Hard for the Money". I wonder why. ;)

Methodical Muser said...

No, Louis does not look like that all the time. Without a doubt, both he and Harry have had a rough two years. And yes, there have been some rumors dating back to 2013 that Louis may have been involved with cocaine use last year. But, he seems to have bounced back, stronger than ever. In fact, there's a huge battle being waged behind the scenes between Modest and 1D right now. Yesterday, Modest took over Harry’s twitter account and favorited a masturbating NSFW female porn star’s photo then promptly made sure it stayed up for eight hours before it was finally taken down. Their PR team, however, made sure that Gossip Cop, New York Magazine, MTV, eonline, etc., etc., etc., all ran stories to splash the news about how dirty and horny for women, Harry is. In retaliation, Harry wears yellow nail polish on stage, says he would do Niall if he were a woman, yells, “Happy Pride,” and takes great pains to acknowledge those in the audience who wave the rainbow flags. The group even has an unofficial mascot that they call Rainbow Bondage Bear that is displayed prominently at every concert.

Rainbow Bondage Bear

Louis #1
Louis #2
Louis #3
Louis #4

prairiegirl said...

So M&M, are those first 3 pictures from this year then?

When do you think that other picture was taken?

Methodical Muser said...

The first pic is from August 23, 2013 on the Today Show and the others are from this year, including the video.

Methodical Muser said...

When do you think that other picture was taken?

Louis was wearing that t-shirt at the boy’s Where We Are book signing in London (18th November 2013)

Other pics from that day

these boys are lovely said...

Yesterday, Modest took over Harry’s twitter account and favorited a masturbating NSFW female porn star’s photo then promptly made sure it stayed up for eight hours before it was finally taken down. Their PR team, however, made sure that Gossip Cop, New York Magazine, MTV, eonline, etc., etc., etc.

I saw that. It's hard to believe, but when closeted performers don't play ball, it doesn't matter if the PR firm represents them or not. They will actually go after their own clients. I've never seen anything like it before. But, then I never seen people like Louis and Harry fight back the way that they have. There's little wonder that they have a huge LGBTQ following. Harry actually is an absolute delight in that regard.

Methodical Muser said...

Oops! I just realized that #3 pic is from November 24, 2013 when 1D was at the AMAs.

Methodical Muser said...

I agree that One Direction has fought their closeting, in a variety of subtle and explicit ways, like no celebrities I've ever seen. To combat their rebelliousness, however, Modest and HJPR have treated Harry and Louis (as well as the rest of the boys - Zayn's Muslim heritage and his "engagement" to Perrie Edwards of Little Mix for instance)pretty shabbily and with an iron fist.

In fact, when I saw what happened to Harry's twitter yesterday, it did remind me of those lascivious and salacious tweets to underaged girls that were sent out from Austin's twitter account for over a year. Austin didn't fight back, but it's another example of how PR has complete control over their client's image.

Methodical Muser said...

I think Austin was sending another shoutout to his hubby.

You're so right, PG. That recreation with the "sheep" dog does remind me of that iconic scene from Brokeback with Jack Twist in the role of the shepherd carrying the lamb across the water.

It also reminds me of that naughty photo of Jake in drag with his shapely legs wrapped around Austin's neck. Ha! That tall Texan sure seems to like dabbling with the wild side of life. :-)

question said...

Who is HJPR?

Methodical Muser said...

^^ Here's a Tumblr post that addresses your question:

Modest Management and HJPR

Florida Tom said...

Watching the soccer video shows that both guys are pretty good athletes.

Thanks! said...

Ah, I got it now. So these are the roles that their Management team sells to the public. I see the two gay boys are put in the worse light. Although, because Zayne is Muslim they seem to like to make him into a villain as well. Very telling. Homophobic and Anti-Islamic. Typical.

In essence, Modest made Harry a womanizing manwhore, Zayn a cheating asshole, Niall a fun-loving foodaholic, Liam the responsible boy next door, and Louis a homophobic, sexist douchebag. HJPR just made sure the world knew about it.

Methodical Muser said...

That's correct. Liam and Niall are, for the most part, considered straight and they are Christian and White.

Methodical Muser said...

Watching the soccer video shows that both guys are pretty good athletes.

They are, Tom. Louis is quite the footballer. In fact, he just went into part ownership of the Doncaster Rovers...his hometown team. Niall is pretty good as well, but he has a bum knee that he finally had surgery on this past January. He tends to be a bit more reticent when he's on the pitch as a result.

destiny said...

Wow again about the Harry and Louis stuff. So depressing too, although I'm glad they fight back as much as they can.

A gay male friend of mine saw 1D a few years back in concert, he went with a friend who had those VIP tickets that get you back stage. Harry was wearing a rainbow rubber bracelet that he gave to my friend.

Florida Tom said...

That is an awesome story Destiny. I love the Rainbow Bear :-)

prairiegirl said...

Ha ha ha ha ha, I love finding old comment threads on sites re: Jake because you never know what you'll find.

These several comments were on a Huffington Post thread from just last year called: Jake Gyllenhaal On Gay Rumors, 'Brokeback Mountain' On 'Inside The Actors Studio'

The Huffington Post
No matter what WME does they just can't erase these little gold nuggets

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Toothy tile

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He can weave around the subject all he wants, but it is commonly believed by many that Jake is the infamous Toothy Tile.

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