Tuesday, July 15, 2014

We Can't Help....

But notice this tease

NoBudge.com is a online platform to showcase independent film making with new films each month.  NoBudge comes from no budget which many of the films made were made out on no or a very very limited budget.  This is filmmaking made for the love of film not for making big box offices.

And it's there that's the online premiere "We Can't Help You" July 29th on Nobudge.com.

 "After making a careless mistake a young vagrant is guided by his boozing and charismatic mentor to carry out a vicious act. Inspired by the American folk story, We Can't Help You is set against the foothills and back roads of the American South, where each character is burdened by their psychic landscape and the obligations of survival."

The film directed by Brad Land, was shot in February of 2010, down in Wilmington while Austin was playing Julian on OTH.  For "We Can't Help You" Austin is playing the big boss man.  Suit up!

 Yup we've seen that yellow corduroy before.

 Mark your calendar and check it out!

Which of Austin's other short films and projects do you still want to check out?

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Special K said...

Dana Hawley a photographer based in Wilmington and LA worked on We Can't Help You as well.

Check out her pictures of Austin on her site.

Dana Hawley Film & TV Production

Make sure to scroll across the top there are several pictures of Austin from the project.