Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bronx Cheer

Southpaw has moved on to filming in the southside Pittsburgh neighborhood of Carrick.  But it needed a little help to make it look more like the Bronx.

Check out how you fake graffiti for film.

It's so close that Jake won't feel out of place wearing a Yankees hat in the neighborhood.

Filming is expected to take place around the Brownsville and Maytide streets in Carrick through the beginning of next week.

And just to make sure the neighborhood knows that this is not New York, the production company made sure to let them know what's going on.

There have been many in the neighborhood tweeting of seeing Jake and the crew along with the trailer park that pops up at every  film site.  There are still lots of sightings of Rachel McAdams who plays Jake's wife who dies.  Not sure how that all fits in the whole story, maybe flashbacks?  or will it be Ghost meets Rocky?

A little Bronx bonus :  The letterhead gives a sneak peek at what the Southpaw logo looks like. 


prairiegirl said...


Complete with brick wall.

Yup, ol' Jake-aroni knows all about those. He parks himself in front of those things like they're a Fodor's guide to NYC watermark.

prairiegirl said...

I am beat and pulvarized this week. Work was the pits today and I never want to see ice cream again forever.

But tomorrow is...........

Jared's birthday!!!! Jared Padalecki turns 32 years old, the lil' young whippersnapper.

I hope he trends. I'll miss alot of the online action tomorrow, but I can't help but wish him the biggest of happy birthdays.

Hot off the press - the boys from the TCA's today. They look so wonderful together. I love them so much.

Florida Tom said...

You proclaim your love for your new friends PG. Well at least our old friends have not gone and actually got married. Of course the reason for that is that they are already married :))))))))

prairiegirl said...

Hi Tom :)

Well, here's my spiel on that. One, I'm not ruling out that Jared & Jensen are not really married in real life. Jared got married at a lodge in Idaho. Jensen got married at the Crescent Hotel in Texas.

So neither man was married in a church nor even a court of law. For them, it was a lodge and a hotel. And Jensen comes from a strictly religious family. Why on earth did he not get married in a church? And in Texas, no less? That is the Bible-belt of structured religion.

There's no way of knowing if their marriages are real - they were both married in 2010.

Jake and Austin went into the closet in 2007. So other closeted celebrities have had 9 years to perfect their route and decide if the way Jake & Austin did it is the way they want to go. I think some of these HW marriages now are fake. What's up with Marcus & Carey M. getting married in a barn? Do we know the legitimacy of the people performing the ceremonies? Are they accredited & legal? We don't know that. What about Anne Hathaway getting married on someone's private property? No one gets married in a church anymore. Why is that? It's not because of trying to save money. My point is, maybe people see what has happened to Jake & Austin and they don't want to go that route. Their route is the way not to go. And so they're doing fake bearding marriages so that they can be seen in public with their real SO but yet have the protection of the beard.

Yes, that is still all kinds of twisted. People are going to get hurt when the contracts end.

But you know what?

I will take Jared & Jensen the way they are. They don't even live with their beards. And I get to see Jensen & Jared together and they can talk to each other and hug/touch each other and share stories about each other to their fans. Jensen gets to see Jared's children - I don't know how much Jared gets to see Jensen's.

What good does it do for Jake & Austin to be married in real life and have wedding bands when they spit on those very wedding bands by pretending to be with other men (Tony's hottie, Hugh, Marcus, Brian O'Byrne, Denis etc) or bearding themselves or denying their kids in the press? How many times are they going to deny they have children?

"When I have my own children some day"
"I'm not a father myself"
And let's not forget how Ramona & Gloria are the only family Jake has, not his own.

Both he and Austin have lied in the press, lied on television, about being with each other and having children.

That's as bad to me as Jared & Jensen being married to their beards. There's no difference.

I'd rather have Jared & Jensen have no life with their beards other than the obligatory mentions and photo ops but yet be able to be seen in public together and with their children than Jake and Austin performing their constant charades & lies and hiding those children out of sight.

observer said...

And they may have a wife,or a husband and children by then.

A REAL wife or husband with real children by then. Not wishful fantasy marriage and wishful elusive children.

prairiegirl said...

Neither scenario is good. I'm not condoning marrying the beards. Jared & Jensen are dinosaurs now as well like Jake & Austin.

But Jared & Jensen are still fun. They're nice to their fans and they smile for real and they laugh and they're incredible together. And their fans can actually see them together.

Jake scowls and growls, he hides in hoodies & behind a beard and he cannot stand his fans anymore. He treats his sister like a real date at the Met Ball and nobody finds that all kinds of screwed up? Hell, she even dyed her hair blond just the way he likes his beards and leading ladies. If he's not with Maggie, he's hanging with his mother. He's 33 years old, I mean what the hell?

Austin hangs with a beard who does nothing but talk about farting and pooping.

Somebody please tell me that somewhere in both of these guys' outer shells that there is still some kind of tiny resemblance of who we all thought we saw back in 2006-2007.

Somebody please tell me. Because I just don't see anything anymore.

I know people are disappointed in me. I know I'm not around much anymore. I always thought it would be J & A forever, but I accidentally stumbled upon J2 and it was really just an accident, but it was a wonderful accident.

We're all still here though. I know I ain't going anywhere.

Jack, you can spin & spit all you want, buddy, but we know the truth. And the truth is what you aren't pushing.

The troll is wasting his breath.