Saturday, July 12, 2014

That's Twisted

RT @CVTSoftServe: I put Austin Nichols to work today but he kept eating all the profit. Fired!  - AUS10

 We could have to told them that.  Austin + cream and A Twist  always leads to trouble.  

Austy, maybe they'd let you back if you put a little twirl in your curl.

 Now who could do that?
 Now who's talking twisted


destiny said...

I think some beards end up marrying someone gay, maybe they get tired of "dating", or they find someone they really like spending time with and feel close to and decide, why not, rather than an endless parade of guys they might not even like.

Then I think there are others who finally find someone they really love and want to settle down with, and "retire".

prairiegirl said...


lol. Yeah, I would think this is the case, Destiny. Time to hang 'em up. Because the beards have to hide their real life as well; for gosh sakes, you would get tired of doing that as well.

For the life of me, I don't get how these people are willing to beard. And I include the men because there are meards.

I'm sure Misha Collins meards because it means work for him. He gets a high profile role on Supernatural, gets to go to the Cons and travel for free. And heck, if he is indeed bisexual, he gets to act Alpha to who has to be about the handsomest man on television, Jensen Ackles. So an extra big perk for him.

I wonder if Misha Collins does get any kind of financial reward for his mearding duties.

There has to be something in it for these men - and I'm talking about the Tony's hottie guy. What was in it for that guy? He wasn't a celebrity - no one recognized him, knew his name.

So unless he got some kind of work in the industry, there had to be some kind of financial reward. I doubt he did it as a favor.

AUS10 said...

Season 2 of Ray Donovan starts tomorrow night on Showtime. Get on it. AN

AUS10 said...

Ray Donovan. Tonight. Season 2. Showtime. Get on my train.

AUS10 said...