Friday, July 11, 2014

On a Half Shell

We know that Austin has had some Turtle love before and spent time discussing which Ninja turtle he would be with Adam:

Adam to:

@AUS10NICHOLS it still doesn't even feel real. Drink some red bull and drive like a ninja...

VERY IMPORTANT QUESTION: If you were a ninja turtle...which one would you be?

If I'm honest with myself..I'm michaelangelo. But the brooding soulfulness of raphael is undeniable. Plus he has the coolest weapons.
I spelled Michelangelo wrong. Oops.

Austin to: @adamlevine I drank so much red bull and I am a ninja. I would be Splinter or Shredder. about

@AUS10NICHOLS duuuuude. You can't just BE splinter! That's the unattainable! you are Leo or Don.

@adamlevine ok you're right you have to earn splinter status. I'm leonardo. Who's our Donatello?

Leonardo is depicted as the eldest brother and (along with Donatello) the calmest of the four. He is the one to usually take charge of the turtles when Master Splinter is not present. He is often at odds with his more hot-headed brother, Raphael.

Leonardo is said outright to be the leader of the TMNT; his orders are usually followed, and he is a very serious do-gooder who hardly ever makes wise cracks.

With the new TMNT's movie coming out, Pizza Hut has created a pizza for each of the terrapin crime fighting quartet.

Kicking off July 7th ,  the Hut created a way to online order your favorite turtle’s pizza creation.

There's :

Donatello’s pie (chicken, mushroom, green pepper and tomatoes)

Leonardo’s pizza (onions, black olives, green pepper and mushrooms),

Michelangelo’s creation (pepperoni, ham, pineapple and jalapeƱo)

 Raphael’s favorite (pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon and beef).

Looking at it from a pizza perspective Austy - you might rethink your turtle, and go  Michelangelo for the kick of spice.  You've always know to like it hot.

And baby ... this ain't no Chicago Deep Dish - that's just twitter food


destiny said...

I didn't realize Ryan G. had dated some of those women. Hmmmmm.

Special K said...

It was pretty scandalous back in 2002 when he was dating Sandra Bullock.

Check this out from Buzzfeed

prairiegirl said...

Yesterday, as a treat we all got pizza for lunch and boy, there were all kinds. And there were a couple of pizzas that I had to look twice at because I'd not seen anything like it. They had these HUGE strips of bacon draped across the whole pie. LOL. Big ol' honkin' bacon strips on pizza. I mean, lol...geez!! I didn't try them because that just doesn't seem right, bacon on pizza. And which were the pizzas, despite all the different kinds, that alot of people still gravitated towards? CHEESE!!!!! And one of our leadership team members bypassed one, muttering "Too much cheese."


No, never! There is never too much cheese!

We had a crazy day yesterday, moving officially into our new digs and on Monday, I will begin a new phase of my job life. I racked up over 11,000 steps yesterday just from walking back & forth all day from the old to the new, carting the boxes and things that I could, while the rest will be moved this weekend by movers. We were all sweating like pigs and I was so tired, I did absolutely nothing last night. Me and the dogs just sat and I stared at Seinfeld on the tv.

I look forward to going back on Monday and seeing what it's going to be like. It is going to be so different and it really is a big, new step for all of us. We're all in it together.

In the meantime, I'm dogsitting this weekend - Peterman and Mulva. Peterman is a big white dog (he sort of looks like a white lab) and Mulva is a 1 1/2 yr old black Lab. Their daddy is the guy who had Nikki and Puddy, both now gone.

Oh my dog. Mulva is all over the place. I have watched more black labs than anything else. Let me tell you, like Maycee the Wanaromer (sp), young black labs are so all over the place - jumping on you and leaping everywhere. They think they weigh 5 lbs. and they're constantly laying all over you and sitting on you and climbing into your lap like they're a poodle. Mulva & Peterman are both jumpers and Peterman has to be chained constantly because he's a runner. They destroy their toys; everything is shredded and ripped, lol. They shed and Peterman literally leaps over the sofa, I'm not kidding.

But they're both sweet as all get out and I have to say, they've both already warmed their way into my heart.

prairiegirl said...

I didn't realize Ryan G. had dated some of those women. Hmmmmm.

I didn't either, Dest until I started investigating his dating history.

I mean, Sandra Bullock alone. And Olivia Wilde. She's a serial beard much like Renee Z.

Hey Mikey said...

I had to smile at "Mike Gyllenhaal" from yesterday's comments.

didn't know that said...

And Olivia Wilde. She's a serial beard

So you're saying Jason Sudeikis is gay?

Sydney Morning Herald said...

After years of dismissing speculation about his sexuality, Ian Thorpe has revealed he is gay.

Thorpe made the admission in a tell-all interview with Sir Michael Parkinson, News Corp reports.
Back in the spotlight: Ian Thorpe.

The interview, which will air on Sunday night on Channel Ten, has been described by Sir Michael as one he had wanted to do for a long time.

“Ian Thorpe has always been near the top of my list to interview. The reasons are obvious. Not many athletes can claim to be the best of all time. Ian can."

Before he retired for the first time at the age of 24, Thorpe broke 22 world records and won five gold and three silver medals and one bronze medal at the Olympic Games.

But despite his success in the pool, Thorpe's career has been plagued with persistent rumours about his sexuality.

In his 2012 autobiography, This is Me, Thorpe confronted the speculation head-on: ''For the record, I am not gay and all my sexual experiences have been straight. I'm attracted to women, I love children and aspire to have a family one day … I know what it's like to grow up and be told what your sexuality is, then realising that it's not the full reality. I was accused of being gay before I knew who I was.''

Earlier this year, Thorpe was admitted to a rehabilitation facility to receive treatment for his ongoing battle with depression.

He discussed his battle with the illness in his autobiography, revealing that at times it had become so severe that he had considered suicide and had planned specific places and ways to kill himself.

the real m said...

Well I guess that proves that you can still come out even after years of countless denials and it will still be OK. People will understand and move on.

Special K said...

I think everyone wishes Ian a happy life and knows that this is the first step for him to find it.

prairiegirl said...

So you're saying Jason Sudeikis is gay?

Well, I suppose Jason Sudeikis could be the straight end of her dating road, right?

Look at her history of rumored hook ups and splashy 'are they or aren't they's":

Justin Timberlake
Bradley Cooper
Chris Pine

oh, and let's not forget the one who's always open to a "are they or aren't they?" Jake Gyllenhaal


whoops said...

Look at her history of rumored hook ups and splashy 'are they or aren't they's":

Justin Timberlake
Bradley Cooper
Chris Pine

I think you have Olivia Wilde mixed up with Olivia Munn

^^ said...


RT @CVTSoftServe: I put Austin Nichols to work today but he kept eating all the profit. Fired!

prairiegirl said...

I think you have Olivia Wilde mixed up with Olivia Munn

No, I don't. Don' tell me who I'm talking about. I full well meant what I said.

Google it. I'm done arguing with you. It is what it is. Accept it.

prairiegirl said...

Maybe the troll de Management should suggest to his employers that they should shop for beards with different, distinguishable names.

Then he wouldn't get so confused.


"Management" does not waste his time with you said...

Maybe the troll de Management should suggest to his employers that they should shop for beards with different, distinguishable names.

What are you talking about idiot?

prairiegirl said...


Hark, I believe I hear the sound of the paid troll being flushed out.

Methodical Muser said...

Given that Olivia Wilde had "flings" with Ryan Reynolds, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Ryan Gosling, I'm pretty sure that Jason Sudeikis could very well be gay. Their ridiculous PDA and constant descriptive details about their love life might be the big tip off.

The other big giveaway was that in 2011, Wilde kept being linked to Jake all the way up to late November until the Daily Mail published an article in May 2012 that backdated how long she had been dating Jason Sudeikis. Interestingly enough it neatly coincided with the last stories about her and Jake hooking up. Sounds eerily similar to Austin Nichols and Sophia Bush when in May 2010, we suddenly learned that had been dating "on/off" since 2006. That provided Austin with an alibi for those crucial years from 2004-2009, when he had not been officially dating anyone, although he had been consistently rumored to be with Jake. Part of PR's role is to fill-in uncomfortable gaps in their client's dating history.

whoops said...

Google it. I'm done arguing with you. It is what it is. Accept it.

Holy mackerel! Dial it down a skosh. I did google before commenting. Munn, not Wilde, had rumored hook ups with Timberlake, Pine and Cooper.

Frankly said...

Olivia Wilde and Olivia Munn are both beards.

prairiegirl said...

And Ryan Reynolds? Man, that bearding pit of Olivia Wilde's just keeps getting deeper and deeper.

Methodical Muser said...

Aaron Rodgers anyone? Ryan Reynolds? Jake Gyllenhaal? Sounds like the two Olivias are classic beard material to me.

prairiegirl said...

I did google before commenting. Munn

This is the last I'm saying on it.

This isn't about Munn.

This is about Olivia Wilde and my suspicions on her "dating" Ryan Gosling.

I could care less about Olivia Munn - forget Olivia Munn.

This is so like the troll - trying to refocus on something else other than the original topic. The smart aleck name of "whoops" tells me it's a troll, not to mention the namecalling.

I'm sure some neighborhood suspicions about Rachel McAdams isn't helping matters, hence the hanging around.

Methodical Muser said...

Rachel McAdams and Carey Mulligan have a lot in common, I would say.

Methodical Muser said...

And, Jake is associated with both of them. I wonder what the thread could be that ties this all together in a neat little pink bow?

prairiegirl said...

So I wonder if Jake will be filming a movie soon with Carey Mulligan? Could be a possibility.

imdb said...

Carey had a small part in Brothers

prairiegirl said...

Well, as a romantic co-lead I guess is what I'm referring to.

Florida Tom said...

My radar goes bing bing bing with both Ryan Reynolds and Chris Pine. Not sure about Ryan Gosling. I remember some kind of tweet that Austin put out about Gosling when he made the movie with Michele Williams that was pretty seductive. I am sure who is Gay knows who is Gay in HW.