Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Creepy Crawly

We had a tease of Jake as Louis Bloom in Nightcrawler and today is the official trailer of the thriller.

This is definitely a different turn.

Definitely the anti-hero, Louis comes off as  off-beat, slightly sleazy, intense, opportunistic and frankly a little creepy.

It is a risk for an actor to take a role that the audience may not like.  But it can be the opportunity to show actor's talent of transformation.  Creating feelings and reaction from the audience, even that of dislike and rejection, shows that audience had completely bought into the actor's performance forgetting them as the performer, and only seeing the performance itself. That's when they strive for and what defines success for an actor.

 Jake is taking that chance  with Nightcrawler. Not a safe choice if you want to be a box office leading man, but bold choice as a performer.

Nightcrawler is definitely an intense ride among the dark side of LA.


;) said...

(: CHLOVER :) ‏@JustChloeB 8h
WOW!!! Chloe doesn't follow Austin anymore... But Austin is still following Chloe.... Mmhhhh.... :3

Buh-bye said...

Looks like poopie is kapoot!

Florida Tom said...

That video is so obviously staged. Chloe looks around to take her instructions and the reporter is not the center of attention. Austin and Chloe are so conveniently passed in the filming. Kinda obvious.

Florida Tom said...

Passed should be placed.

beard said...

Zandria ‏@zandria_zankaj 9h
@JustChloeB well you now know who she was talking about when she said me were stupid the other day.
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(: CHLOVER :) ‏@JustChloeB 9h
@zandria_zankaj men*

Apparently poopie (that's the best name lol) deleted a post about men being stupid. Maybe she found out Austin isn't interested in women or probably just more of the same performance by the beard.

Special K said...

Does anyone else hear Jake's Jimmy from Bubbleboy's voice in Louis? It is that kind of odd and tense voice he goes to.

A lot of people have mentioned Nightcrawler is one of the best scripts they've read in a while. And there are some good mentions about the script and the film on industry sites. And a jog to the memory, Jake is co-producing Nightcrawler with Dan Gilroy.

Frenetic said...

I love the look in Louis' eyes when he turns to his passenger as he's driving. Hee!

prairiegirl said...

Color me as not convinced that Austin even went to that wedding in Mexico.

I don't care that he's got a garter on his head. He could have gone to Party City and he could have plunked down a $20 and bought a garter, stuck it on his head. Get a little bouquet of flowers & baby's breath at Michael's Craft Store and you're good to go.

Shall we revisit those pictures again?

Where are the other guests?

Look - Austin and his buds could be Al Roker standing in front of the blue screen for all we know. They could have taken these pictures in NYC a week ago. Buy the garter, the little bouquet, get a few six packs, get a little happy, unbutton their shirts on a Friday night and get out the cell phone. **click click** **download** **Instagram**

We have no idea these pictures were taken at Adam's wedding. Where are the other guests? Cake? Little pastel mints? Mixed nuts?

lol. I would not be surprised if Austin stayed up in the States with Jake and the kids and they tried to make it look like he went to Adam's wedding. If Levine's wedding was the real deal, you don't think Jake would have been there?

Nope. Color me highly skeptical that Austin even went to Mexico. These guys need to do a lot better on these pictures now because I just have a hard time believing about anything I see from them now.

Seaweed said...

You have to have the money to buy a ticket, You have to have the MONEY TO BUY A TICKET. YOU HAVE TO HAVE THE MONEY TO BUY A TICKET!

A rising crescendo perhaps, not unlike: 500 dollar, 500 DOLlar.... 500 DOLLAR !!!!!

I'm hearing a similarity in part there Special.

Intense and kinda spooky trailer there I'd say. Should be interesting.

Special K said...

It's the timber, the tone and the cadence of it as well. If you notice Jake's voice sounds like a higher tenor than in some of his other movies. His voice is tight and tense. His speech is rapid and punchy.

Methodical Muser said...

Don't forget that Austin met Adam Levine and Matt Frost through Jake. Yet, somehow, we are to believe that Austin went to Cabo to celebrate this "wedding", with Jake nowhere in sight.

On the other hand, we are to believe that Jake supposedly was in attendance at Seth Meyers' wedding on MV back in September. Someone who has never been associated with Jake in any meaningful way.

On a sidenote: Does Levine want everyone to think that only gay men were invited to his "wedding?" Because that's the impression one gets by looking at all those Matthew Frost uploads. Who knows. Perhaps Jake was behind the camera giving directions on how to pose shirtless and for Austin to wear that garter belt like a headband. Sounds like a fun time for just a bunch of dudes hanging out on a Saturday.

destiny said...

I think Austin was at the wedding, there's no reason he wouldn't have gone as he seems to be pretty good friends with Levine. Not sure about Jake, if he wasn't there I would think it was due to work.

I'll have to listen to the trailer again. I am a bit more intrigued about Nightcrawler than I was before. But I'm going to take any awards talk as just that, talk. It goes on with far too many movies that never even have a chance, it's all just PR.